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Noborder action in Bari- Italy
28 jul 2003
Noborder action at the detention centre in Bari- Italy
27.07.03 NoBorder Camp - Bari Palese - h 17:45 - Migrant citizens detained
in the centre of Bari Palese escape from the centre during the initiatives
of the activists of the noborder camp.

A delegation of activists who have partecipated to the antiracist camp has
entered into the military airport of Bari Palese where there is a detention
center for migrant citizens that was born during the Kosovo war. This non
place can "host" untill 2500 people: at the moment 70 people, all refugees
asking for asylum, are here detained waiting for being transferred in other
detention centers or to be deported thorough mass deportations. In this non
place, violations of the fundamental rights are daily. Activists have
entered into the airport and have recorded the voices and the images of the
migrants inside. Outside other activists with banners have blockaded the
street outside the airport .
During the initiative a number of migrants have managed to escape form the
Fifteen activists entered into the centre as a delegation have been kept by
police, people outside were still demonstrating on the street in the
meantime rapresentatives of istitutions and lawyers have been called to ask
for the immediate release of the 15 activists. Police asked for the videos
made by the activists to be released, saying it's illegal to make videos of
military places, the 15 activist refused to give them the videos but they
had to erase the images regarding the military structure on them.
Finally at about 23.00 the fifteen have been relased without any denounce.
Great satisfaction from the activists outiside and inside the centre for the
success of the action that have given the migrants the possibility to
Today we managed to free the bodies of the people who are closed in these
places. The success of today is also important for the european dimension of
the initiative, it's in fact necessary that the closing of the detention
centres and struggles for the citizenship rights have a european dimension
as a space of construction of the political programme of a Europe built from

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