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Zapatistas on the offensive
27 jul 2003
The Zapatistas have announced some major changes and there is a lot to expect from them in the next few weeks.
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The French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guatarri once coined a term â ârecruitment through exclusionâ? â that applies to guerrilla movements and none, more mediatically speaking, than the Zapatistas.

Time and time again since the Zapatistaâs January 1, 1994, appearance, taking four City Halls in Chiapas with low-tech weapons and indigenous troops, this movement has alternated between epochs of dominating the national media and discourse, and then slipping back into the hills, silently, in the aforementioned game of ârope-a-dope,â? giving their enemies enough rope and distance with which to hang. Their presence has often been most powerful through their absence.

But now comes another wave from below, this time hitting the weakest national government to date. As we reported and translated on Tuesday of this week, Marcos and the Zapatistas speak again.

In March 2001 they said, âBrothers and Sisters: We are going. With all of those whom we are, we shall return.â?

Now, in the Summer of 2003, that promise prophesy is coming true. For those of us who understand âthe importance of keeping oneâs word,â? it was always clear that this would occur. And we stand ready to report the facts as they unfold.

In the communiqué of July 19, 2003, the Zapatistas stated, âthe EZLN has decided to totally suspend any contact with the Mexican federal government and the political parties,â? and promised a series of communiqués over the coming days not just on behalf of the Zapatista command, but also on behalf of the 20 Autonomous Towns of Chiapas, representing 1,111 villages, that have refused, for years, to accept even a peso of state or federal government monies and remain in rebellion.

The second round of communiqués, dated July 20th, appeared publicly on Wednesday of this week, with the strongest, most militant, proclamations the Zapatistas have made since their public launch in 1994:

âOne: The Zapatistas send a message to Luis Ernesto Derbez, Secretary of Foreign Releations, that his statements about ârelaunchingâ Plan Puebla-Panama could only mean tossing it into the abyss, because in rebel territories this plan will not be allowed. That is to say, the âbig Zapatistasâ count with the means and the necessary organization to impede the completion of said plan. This is not a threat, but a prophesy.â?

In addition to declaring that âPlan Puebla-Panamaâsâ? coast-to-coast superhighway (a âPanama canal of the landâ?) and accessories advocated by the Fox government and foreign business interests on the Isthmus of Tehuantapec, in Oaxaca and Veracruz states, would be a highway-non-grata, Marcos and the Zapatistas issued a bellicose warning to the paramilitary death squads that continue to operate with impunity in Chiapas:

âTwo: The General Command of the EZLN has sent a message to the paramilitary bands that infest Chiapas. The message says, more or less in these words: âAccording to Taliónâs Law itâs an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,â but weâre holding a sale and we offer, âtwo eyes for each eye and an entire jaw for each tooth,â so tell us if you like that.â?

The statement is clear: Any more Acteal-style massacres by government-backed paramilitary troops, and the Zapatistas are not going to turn the other cheek, but, rather, deliver the justice that the Fox government does not.

Marcos also mentioned that the Zapatistas will shortly begin to broadcast a short-wave radio signal around the world, including a late night program by the Subcomandante.

And, in a call to all their supporters throughout Mexico and around the world to put on our shoes and socks and get ready to speak en masse, Marcos wrote:

âIt would be good if national and international Civil Society does not make any appointments for the days of August 8, 9, and 10. We donât know why.â?

Thatâs two weeks from this coming weekend.

Many more ears are perking up over that invitation than anything the âpresident,â? Vicente Fox, has said since his partyâs July 6th electoral defeat.

So, who is leading this country, now, anyway?

The first four communiquees on


Re: Zapatistas on the offensive
28 jul 2003
you write that Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guatarri oncw coined a term "recruitment through exclusion", I think that was from "nomadologia", would you mind sourcing the term? And are you sure you are using it correctly? It seems strange to quote deleuze & guatarri in english writing about the neo-zapatistas who speak spanish on imc barcelona that reads Catalan. Are you just trying to be clever? Well you will have to be careful when trying to be clever.
BASTA! loads of people say that.
and it really is very easy to say.
PROU! is BASTA! in Catalan, and I believe though Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guatarri did not coin the term BASTA! they would be quite happy if you attributed it to them.
DOSTA! is BASTA! in Croatian.
so there feel clever and say DOSTA! BASTA! PROU!
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