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Notícies :: globalització neoliberal : corrupció i poder : pobles i cultures vs poder i estats : especulació i okupació
24 jul 2003
Jul 23 2003
McDonald's on 13th & NY Ave, Targeted for Closing Homeless Shelter
by Luke

Today at about 5:15, Mayday DC descended on the 13th and NY Ave McDonald's whose complaints closed the Franklin School shelter. A banner was hung from an adjacent roof saying "We closed Franklin Shelter" showing the golden arches, Ronald McDonald, and a homeless person.

Between the banner, the signs and chants, and a student service group joining up with us INSTEAD of going in to eat, we cost them at least 3/4 of their normal early dinner hour business. Normally, they're packed this time of day-not today. Instead they were almost empty, and we cost them hundreds in lost business. more | Vigil to Keep Shelter in DC | Previous Feature
[ Business behind park bathroom closures! | McDonald's Workers' Resistance ]

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