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My Half Century Of Discovery: The Corruption of Murderous USA
15 gen 2015
See my summary of a half century of discoveries regarding the decadence of the murderous United States of America.
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From the time that I entered the United States Army and continuing today for about a half century I have learned from personal experience, as a soldier, fbi agent and civilian, that the United States government is the most ruthless, murderous, torturous nation that exists today on the planet.

Furthermore, the fbi and the cia have ruined and overthrown this government and the cowards on the courts (including the United States Supreme Court) and in congress are totally subdued and controlled, as is the general population, by the traitorous intelligence community. In short the homicidal psychopaths of the fbi, cia, dod, nsa, etc., rule and the frightened or otherwise subjugated employees of government and the civilian population accept without question the horrendous state of affairs that I describe in my reports.

One example of the crimes ongoing by the fbi is described as follows: The fbi targets whistleblowers, or activists/dissidents for torture 24/7, for life, and forces many of them to commit suicide even as the fbi watches the event. When the fbi fails in its near demonic purpose, the thugs of fbi and DOJ use a hidden program to drive the Target insane and into prison:


GERAL W. SOSBEE Private, US Army Ft. Polk, Louisiana 1966

Today, the fbi continues to torture me and continues attempts on my life; all branches of government permit the crimes that I have outlined in my affidavits and in my websites. The irony of this nation is that the most noble and brave young men and women of the United States often go to war to defend the most corrupt, cowardly, and evil group of men and women in the world as represented by the thugs and cowards of the United States of America.

This notice is submitted for the record.

GERAL SOSBEE, January 9, 2015,2003.html

Corruption of Murderous USA
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