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Attack against the Spanish Consulate
26 des 2014
On the night of the 22nd of December we attacked the Spanish Consulate in Amsterdam. We threw paint bombs and sabotaged their door in solidarity with the people repressed by the fascist Spanish state.
In November 2011 a new government, the conservative Partido Popular (PP), was elected in Spain and since then it controls over 50% of the parliament. The politicians of PP are cutting social rights and welfare. Specifically, in the past weeks they passed the Citizenship's security law and Internet law.

Here are some examples of actions that are now illegal and can get you a 30.000 euros fine:

Recoding the police even if they are commiting a crime.
Assemble in a public space without the consent of the authorities.
Occupying a bank or a private business.
Drinking alcohol in the street.
Demostrating in front of any goverment building.
Peacefully resisting your arrest.
Publishing non-authorized images of the police.
Organising or attending cultural activities that are banned by the authorities.

This law (commonly known as the gag-law) concerns what the police will be able to fine you for. Previously, the police could arrest you, accuse you of commiting a certain crime and then you would be obliged to follow the legal procedure. In the future, the police can simply fine you and it will be up to you to go through court.

The Spanish government is also preparing changes in the criminal law. To convince that such laws are necessary, the government launched an 'antiterrorist' operation (Operacion Pandora) during which several anarchists were detained and some of them sent to prison. These people are accused of being anarchists, against the state and therefore terrorists.

Spain is moving towards a dictatorship. It has been a cruel regime since 1939. At times it has been less agressive with its people, but nowadays the fascism that lives in its core is more powerful than ever since Franco's death.

We hope that this action will inspire you to react against authoritarian regimes and show your solidarity with the people in Spain and with others around the world fighting against their governments.

Fuck fascism everywhere!

The struggle is the only way

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