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Germany Hambacher updates
30 nov 2014

27. November 2014
in Generally

12 vehicles of the fire brigade are moving towards the prefield of the mine. There, on the edge of the clearcut, one activist is occupying a tree to prevent it from the cutting. After calling all nearby fire brigades, no official seems to know anything about the opperation – at least they say so.
In the morning we already got a call, that 8 police cars (one century) are on the highway A4 going from Aachen towards our dirrection.

Neuland is surrounded
25. November 2014
in Repressions

The tree occupation Neuland has been surrounded with a fence today. It has a distance from 40 to 100 meters from the tree. Durimg the day four generators have been placed around the fence for electricity for light during the night. 6 security guards stand around the fence partly armed with sticks.
They placed a basket with food below the tree, probably to lure people on the tree down.
The used techice is the same for the tree occupation Kelsterbach 2009. The fence has been a good opportunity to talk with the guards and to get to know how bad their contracts and fees are (impressions from the occupation in Kelsterbach). Also for Stuttgart 21 a legendary fence has been used for an art project.

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Re: Germany Hambacher updates
30 nov 2014
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Re: Germany Hambacher updates
30 nov 2014
Lo comprendo, no te preocupes.
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