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contracultura punk
28 nov 2014
Apunts per un manifest punk
Filosofia punk (Anarquismo, Veganismo, StraigEdge)

Punk economics

Manual Haztelo tu mismo

David McWilliams

Punk literature (also called punk lit and, rarely, punklit) is literature related to the punk subculture. The attitude and ideologies of punk rock gave rise to distinctive characteristics in the writing it manifested. It has influenced the transgressional fiction literary genre, the cyberpunk genre and their derivatives.

Poética de la Contracultura

Punk cinema
The punk subculture has either spawned or inspired films, and even the film genre of No Wave Cinema. These films range from coming of age dramas to teen comedies, documentaries and even avant-garde cinema. Hence defining "punk film" as a genre is difficult due to the vague nature of the term. These are films that either came from the punk subculture, were inspired by, or share themes common to it. For example, some of these films were made using the DIY ethic.

Hiperrealismo punk
Tres pintores punk del siglo pasado

Alguns recursos gràfics

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Re: contracultura punk
28 nov 2014
Sindicat Terrassa