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Comentari :: sexualitats
The Forbidden Truths of Sex within Human Society
15 jul 2003
A Truth-based dissection of the genocidally evil methods and doctrines that human societal and governmental leaders use to define, dictate, manipulate, and control the sexual beliefs, attitudes, and practices of their citizen-slaves.
Copyright © 2003-2053 The Seer of Forbidden Truth, All Rights Reserved, unauthorized reproduction of this essay is Prohibited by Law.

Definition and initial discussion of what sex is:

We have to begin with a very basic, and yet immensely important question that will serve to set up the initial focus of this essay. This question is, What is sex? What is it, how is it defined, and is the mainstream societal definition of this term accurate or valid? If any of you feel that this is a simple question, that comes with a simple answer that you already know, I'm afraid it is almost certain that you are tragically mistaken. The mainstream, top-level dictionary as well as cultural definition of "sex" is: Sexual feelings or impulses, attraction between members of the two sexes. This is the definition that the vast majority of you creatures would apply to the word sex. You would likely use slightly different words within your definition, but this overall definition would stand and be accepted by you as being valid. This is completely ridiculous! There is absolutely no legitimate nature to the above definition, and certainly not in terms of constituting a primary, top-level, factually accurate description of the meaning of this word. The proper definition of the word sex, within a sane, Truth-based society, would be: A unique, usually pleasurable physical experience caused by the stimulation of the sexual organs. There would be absolutely no mention of "attraction between people", or of "intercourse", which is normally the second level societal definition which is attached to this word. Sex has absolutely nothing to do with people being attracted to each other, or with people having intercourse with each other. Sex is The achievement of physical pleasure and emotional excitement, via the stimulation of the sexual organ(s). Yes, some people who are "attracted" to each other can be said to have sexual feelings for each other, but in reality, what they feel is a desire to have the other person satisfy their sexual pleasure/release desires, instead of choosing to satisfy their own sexual desires on their own. In some cases they are mentally unable to satisfy their own sexual needs, a topic I will be discussing at great length in a little while. Right now, the point that needs to be made is that simply because some people who are "attracted" to each other engage in sexual stimulation of each other, in no way justifies defining the word "sex", in a primary manner, as involving "attraction" of any kind, among human beings for each other. Sex is the personal seeking and claiming of sexual pleasure/release, and there is absolutely no reason why any type of "attraction" from one human being to another, should or would be involved.
The term "having sex" is specifically used by society to define two human beings engaging in sexual intercourse with each other. Again, we have a completely invalid definition. "Having sex" can only be accurately and rationally defined as: Achieving sexual release and/or pleasure. There is no sane or logical reason for why the specific sexual act known as "intercourse" is used to define the term "having sex", when an entire spectrum of literally hundreds of thousands of different types and forms of sexual activity that bring physical pleasure and cause sexual climax, should be encompassed within the term "having sex". So, what we have here, right off the bat, are two glaring examples of completely invalid interpretations of what sex is, which are overtly promoted to you diseased creatures by your evil societies, and in turn, you diseased creatures, to a tremendously high percentage, choose to embrace and accept these completely invalid definitions. Your societies have a vested interest in coercing and brainwashing you into accepting these invalid definitions, because just like in all aspects of societal life, society desires for you to believe that you enjoy "freedom", while in reality, at the very same time, brutally oppressing you and denying you all actual freedom.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of different ways that each of you could, theoretically, "have sex", using the factually accurate definition of sex, which is the personal achievement of pleasurable feelings via the stimulation of the sexual organs. Hundreds of thousands, more likely millions, of different ways. But your evil society tells, teaches, and terrorizes you into accepting the deranged notion that there are only a tiny handful of "proper" ways to have sex, and that the proper methods need to involve "attraction between two individuals", as well as a specific sex act which has been given the defining label of "intercourse". Right there, your one million+ different methods of attaining sexual pleasure/release, all of them equally valid under any sane analysis, have been reduced to 1 method, 2 methods, perhaps 5 to 10 slightly differing methods, at most.. How is it possible that you creatures can allow this to occur? How can you fail to even realize and recognize that this glaringly obvious form of fascism is being malevolently imposed upon you. Or, if you do realize this Truth, how can you simply shrug your shoulders and still claim to enjoy the glories of "sexual freedom". Your societies have chosen to impose Sacred Family Unit mythology upon you. This mythology is manifested via the imposition of utterly fascist, emotionally, culturally, and legally terrorizing sexual restrictions upon you, and this is just as true today in a country like america, as it was 1000 years ago in some medieval nation. Your society wants you to legally enslave yourself to another person of the opposite gender, to agree to have "sex" only with this other person, and to agree to create new human life forms with this other person. That is why you are given completely insane and invalid definitions of what sex is, and told that sex involves "attraction between members of the two sexes" and a specific sexual act known as "intercourse", which is the only sex act among one million+ that can and will result in the creation of a new human life form.

There are a million different ways to "have sex", meaning to achieve sexual pleasure/release. The achieving of sexual release/pleasure is the only rational purpose, within the intellectualized minds of human beings, for human beings to "have sex". Achieving a "climax" of the sexual organs provides a unique physical sensation that most people, although certainly not all, find to be highly pleasurable, on an intellectualized, emotional/instinctual level. A desire to repeat this experience in order to recreate and enjoy again this uniquely pleasurable physical experience, is what causes people to develop an obsession with "having sex" on a daily, or at the very least frequent, basis. Societal leaders recognize this natural human desire to recreate a uniquely pleasurable experience, which is really not at all harmful or troublesome in and of itself, and proceed to attach utterly perverse rules and conditions as to exactly how and within what circumstances a person "should" have sex, and it is these utterly fascist, completely unnatural, brutally manipulative and enslaving sexual rules, which cause gigantic degrees of harm, injury, and victimization to literally billions of human beings, who are coerced, cajoled, terrorized into rejecting their natural sexual instincts, and adopting the completely unnatural, viciously restrictive rules, regarding how they should "have sex", that your evil societies impose upon you.

Now, understand that procreation is a completely natural "process". It is quite true that many animal species show no indication that they derive any genuine emotional pleasure from having their sexual organs stimulated, either via self-stimulation, or via contact with another animal. On the other hand, some animal species do clearly stimulate their own sexual organs, or engage in sexual contact with other animals, not only for the purpose of procreation, but for another reason, and the only logical reason would be that the animal finds such stimulation to provide emotional/intellectual pleasure to him. Animals have a natural instinct which drives/compels them to breed, to create new members of their species. The only way they can achieve this feat is to "have sex" with each other. Animals also have intellectual and cognitive thinking skills which are less acutely developed than humans. Please note that I am not saying that animals have "inferior" intellectual and cognitive thinking skills. What I am saying is that these skills are less acutely developed than is the case with humans, and the acutely intellectualized nature of human beings is in fact not a strength, but rather a genetic weakness within the species known as humanity. Some animals are apparently unable to derive personal pleasure from the stimulation of their sexual organs. Other animals are able to derive such pleasure. In any event, most animals do have a natural, instinctual drive to procreate, and they engage in a very specific sex act, "copulation/intercourse", which offers the only method for them to achieve the instinctual procreation that they feel driven to attempt. Human beings are animals, and it is clear that in their very early evolutionary stages their sexual activity was often, possible even usually, motivated by this same instinctual compulsion to procreate. But, very early in the human evolutionary cycle, the malformed intellect and cognitive thinking patterns of humans led to a realization on the part of individuals that it was the achievement of sexual climax itself, not the "end result" of intercourse, namely procreation, which provided the primary motivation for human beings to "have sex". To achieve sexual climax provides such a unique type and powerful degree of personal pleasure to most human individuals, that they intellectually choose to override whatever instinctual motivation to procreate they have, in favor of "having sex", which is defined accurately as achieving sexual climax, purely for the emotionalized and intellectualized, personal pleasure and satisfaction that achieving sexual climax provides to them.

So, even though the main reason for why animals have sex with each other is usually rooted within an instinct for procreation, the main reason for why human beings have sex is completely different, and has to do with an intellectualized quest to achieve a unique, emotional pleasure/sensation, known as climax. In addition, the motivations which drive human beings to have sex are not genuinely instinctual in nature, while the motivations which drive all other animals to have sex are, generally and usually, although certainly not to a 100% degree, instinctual, rather than emotional or intellectualized. Whether or not human beings are better off for having turned this instinctual act into an emotionalized and intellectualized act, is an interesting question to ponder. However, it is not an extremely important issue. The profound issue at hand is clearly the fact that human beings no longer perceive or treat or undertake having sex as being an instinctual act, in any way, shape, or form. The sexual drive of human beings has lost it's instinctual nature, to a very powerful and extreme degree. At the same time, all natural instinct has not been lost, the "animal lust" which drives other animals to mate with each other for the purpose of procreation, still resides within the core consciousness of most human beings. It plays a small role in causing people to decide when to have sex, how often to have sex, whom to have sex with. But this role is not primary, or even secondary. The primary reason why people have sex is to achieve intellectual/emotional pleasure/release. The secondary reason involves embrace of certain images and ideals that their society has artificially sexualized for them, and brainwashed them into embracing. Another secondary reason involves an attempt to try to forget about and transcend the horrific reality and terrifying Truths of the person's "ordinary" life, by seeking and trying to achieve the "ultimate" in sexual pleasure/release. Yet another secondary reason involves a perverse quest by people who hate themselves at their emotional core, to feel better by convincing themselves that they are "loved" by the people that they have sex with. All of these reasons play a far more powerful, pervasive, and common role in causing people to decide whom to have sex with, when to have sex, and how often to have sex, than does the natural instinct involving procreation, which primarily motivates all other animal species to have sex.

As to the question of whether human beings are better off than animals because they have lost this natural instinct and turned sex into an intellectualized and emotionalized process, it is clear to any sane thinker that the answer is a most emphatic No. If the brain function capacity and genetic structure of the human mind were Superior in nature, it is quite possible that an argument could be made that human beings are better off, as a whole, for having developed and embraced an intellectualized method of achieving literally limitless sexual pleasure and release for themselves. But the issue is a moot one due to the fact that human brain function has proven itself to be completely inferior and perverse in nature, on thousands of different genocidal scales, throughout the entire history of humanity. Plus, the human mind has become completely and utterly malformed and diseased, on a genetic level. On top of all this, we have utterly malevolent, deranged human leaders of societies, imposing their fascist sexual ideologies upon their citizen-slaves. It is clear that the human race is in no way better off for having lost the instinctual nature of their sexual motivations, and it is also clear that while genetic malformation within the human species clearly has played the primary role in causing this loss of natural instinct, human societal and cultural leaders also have played and continue to play a major, maliciously manipulative role in deepening and enhancing the degree of sexual fascism, extreme restrictions upon sexual conduct and activity, that human beings feel compelled to embrace.

At this point, I want to go back to the issue of what "sex" is. It is the personal, individual achievement of physical/emotional pleasure, via the manipulation of the sexual organs of an individual. Yes, in some cases this "manipulation" does not have to be at all physical, it can be purely mental. Meaning, due to the intellectualized human mind, some people are able to simply think about something which sexually stimulates them, and experience not only sexual excitement, but an actual sexual climax as well, solely from their mental thoughts, with no physical manipulation of sex organs occurring. This would not qualify as "physical" manipulation, but rather mental manipulation of the sex organs. In any event, it is manipulation. Lets begin by agreeing that the current, primary purpose and goal of having sex, for most human beings, is to achieve sexual climax. Yes, it is true that some people sometimes have sex for other reasons, but achieving climax is clearly the primary, most common reason, for most people. This leaves us with the issue of methodology, the methods that are used by individuals to achieve this goal, of personal, sexual climax. How many methods are there?? An infinite number! Just as every human mind is unique, the intellectualized structure, reasons, and methods employed by each human being to try to achieve their idealized version of the "perfect" sexual climax, are utterly and completely unique. The goal of each individual is essentially the same: To achieve an extremely pleasurable sexual climax, for the purpose of providing extreme physical or emotional pleasure/release, or a combination of both physical and emotional pleasure/release. So we have trillions of human being attempting to achieve the same goal, each individual having a unique mind and unique perspective of reality, based upon the sum total of all their life experiences. Each one of the trillions of people will have a unique perspective and attitude towards the notion of sex, and of gaining sexual pleasure, shaped by the sum total of their own unique life experiences as well as the perversely coercive influence of the society into which they were born and raised and live as citizen-slaves of. Each perspective and attitude is equally valid, for each specific individual. No human being should feel culturally or societally coerced into choosing to embrace or accept any specific type of sexual ideology or restriction, or to reject any specific type of sexual ideology, because every single imaginable type of attitude and sexual path, is equally valid, based upon the unique True Reality of each individual.

But guess what, folks? Virtually every single human being on planet earth does in fact feel and is in reality not merely coerced, but outright terrorized into embracing ridiculous and completely artificial restrictions, rules, and limitations upon how they may have sex, and how they may try to achieve sexual climax. First and foremost, every single society attempts to brutally terrorize all citizen-slaves into agreeing to engage in the specific sex act known as "intercourse", and most especially in the case of young citizen-slaves, to do so only with a fertile member of the opposite sex. This specific sex act, "intercourse", is nothing more than one method, among at least a million different methods, that can be used to achieve sexual climax. The societal/cultural teaching that this method will provide the "best" sexual pleasure/climax for people, that this method is the "right" way to have sex, that a "god" creature wants people to engage in this particular sex act, etc..., are nothing more than ridiculous, blatantly transparent lies, designed to maliciously coerce citizen-slaves into embracing Sacred Family Unit mythology and choosing this particular form of "sex" over the equally valid, one million+ other forms of sex which are at their disposal. Now, it is true that other species of animals possess a natural instinct which causes most of them to choose to have sex in this very specific way, intercourse, for the instinctual purpose of procreation. But as I have already outlined above, the vast majority of human beings have lost most or all of this natural instinct. The argument that societal and cultural leaders are simply trying to "replace" this lost natural instinct by intellectually terrorizing human beings into engaging in the sex act known as intercourse, has no validity. You cannot replace a natural instinct that is supposed to dwell at the root essence of internal consciousness, with an artificial, exterior, third party, manipulative, lie and myth-based form of coercive terrorization, and claim a benevolent or justified motive. When natural instinct is lost, it is not merely lost, but also replaced. In this case the natural instinct to procreate via sex, has been replaced by an intellectual/emotional obsession with achieving sexual climax and the pleasure/release that such climax provides. Whether or not this replacement is better or worse than natural instinct is a moot point, because the natural instinct has been lost and there is no scientifically valid way to regain it. The True Reality right of genetically diseased human beings to embrace their intellectual/emotional obsession, is valid. Society has no moral or ethical right to try to artificially manipulate and coerce their citizens into rejecting their True Reality and embracing fascist, unnatural, restrictions and rules regarding their sexual pursuits and activities. Yes, the use of the word "unnatural" is appropriate here. Human beings had a natural instinct, in their early evolutionary stage, to engage in the specific sex act known as intercourse. This natural instinct has now been lost. It is unnatural for human beings today, who have lost this natural instinct, to be subjected to artificial, invalid, terroristic coercion at the hands of empowered societal/cultural leaders, which is designed to get them to believe that they have any type of a moral, ethical, cultural, humanistic, or other obligation to engage in sexual intercourse.

Sexual intercourse is a very specific and unique type of sex act. It is a mating ritual. It requires that two human beings arrange their bodies in a very specific manner, and interact their sexual organs with each other, in a very specific way. It is a very rigid way to have sex. This doesn't mean that some people don't derive great pleasure from this particular method of having sex. And for a few people, no other method of having sex is as personally pleasurable as intercourse, although this has to be seen within the context of Truth, that most of these people have never felt sexually free, have never tried out more than a handful of other types of ways to achieve sexual climax, and have felt coerced and terrorized by their society into choosing to embrace and extol the specific, societally advocated sex act known as intercourse. The fact is, even though all methods of having sex are equally valid on a uniquely individual level, intercourse is clearly one of the less effective, less enjoyable, less empowering, and less free ways of having sex. Remember, the primary goal of having sex, within human society here in the 21st century, is to derive a maximum degree of physical and emotional pleasure/release, via the process and the act of achieving sexual climax. Intercourse is one of the least effective ways to achieve this goal, because it rigidly requires that two people interact with each other sexually in a specific, ritualized manner, allowing virtually no deviation from the "standard script" of how intercourse is to occur. It is less enjoyable because it imposes such a strict limitation on exactly how the sexual climax must occur. For women especially, it is less empowering than many other ways to have sex, because it requires the female to take on a subservient role and basically just accept the domineering thrusts of the male, as part of the intercourse rules. It is one of the least free of all ways to have sex, for the reasons I have outlined above, the rigidity, extreme narrowness of allowable technique variation, and perhaps even more importantly, because it specifically requires that two human beings, not one, not three, not four+, but only two, participate in the sexual activity. One person cannot have "intercourse". Neither can three people together, or four, or five, or more. Intercourse imposes an absolute requirement that two human beings participate together, in the act of "having sex", no less, and no more than two. This is clearly one of the most brutally restrictive forms of sex imaginable, and the fact that societies choose to terroristically coerce as many citizen-slaves as possible into agreeing to choose and accept this one specific way of having sex, above all other million+ ways, is an absolute outrage and a beautiful illustration of how utterly and completely unfree and brutally fascist your societies are, in all cultural and behavioral/lifestyle venues.

Okay, now that intercourse has been somewhat dissected and it's Forbidden Truths revealed, lets consider other ways that people have sex, and examine their relative benefits and drawbacks. But first, sticking with intercourse, we have to discuss one other reason why this particular way of having sex for the purpose of achieving personal pleasure and climax, is so very inferior and dangerous. It is the factual reality of creating offspring, and the extreme danger that creating offspring carries with it, due to insane societal law and doctrine. Most human beings who have sex are not interested in creating children. This is not the reason why they are having sex. They are having sex because they want to experience the uniquely pleasurable physical/emotional sensations that achieving a sexual climax provides. Even in cases where the individual has had children in the past, or might be thinking about having children in the future, the odds are extremely high that the person is not trying to create a child every time she/he has sex, and specifically does not want to create a child every time she/he has sex. But out of all the million+ different ways to have sex, only one, vaginal intercourse, is specifically designed in such a way as to always carry a risk/possibility of creating a child. And if a child is created, even if one or both creators stridently maintain that they did not want to create a child and do not desire to become caretakers to the child in any way, shape, or form, your utterly evil and perverse society imposes a tremendous amount of cultural, moral, and legal coercion/terrorization and outright brutalization, upon the creators, ordering and compelling them to assume the role of "parent", and embrace the 21+ years of fascist legal obligation, cultural coercion, and financial drain that is involved, even though the creators did nothing "wrong", and simply engaged in a legal sexual act, with a clear desire and intent to achieve sexual pleasure/climax, not to be subjected to the horrific, undesired burden of assuming ownership of and "raising" another human being for 21+ long years of their incredibly short, irreplaceable lives. So, even though intercourse is the single most encouraged, sanctified and specific way of having sex that your evil societies promote and coerce you creatures into engaging in, it is at the same time also the single most dangerous way of having sex imaginable, as well as one of the very least pleasurable/freeing/empowering. No other way of having sex carries with it the significant danger of "accidently" creating a child, as intercourse does. And if this "accident" should occur, the consequences that society imposes upon you pathetic, brainwashed citizen-slaves, are absolutely horrific. You lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, you become legally and culturally chained, bound, attached to a child and to your sex partner for 21+ years, you are forced to completely alter and change your lifestyle, every imaginable type of brutal, fascist enslavement is imposed upon you, for doing nothing wrong, simply for having sex in the specific, inferior manner that your society has terroristically coerced and convinced you to have sex.

Understand this: Your society wants you to create children. That is why it chooses to trumpet intercourse as being the best and only proper way to have sex. How utterly outrageous it is that for those of you who embrace intercourse, as a direct result of societal coercion, and do create children despite having had no intention or desire to do so, the exact same, utterly torturous societal punishments are imposed upon you, as is the case with a person who wanted to create a child and might want to serve as a parent. The only reason why you created the child, against your will, is because out of the million+ different ways to have sex, your society, overtly, manipulatively, and via the use of lies and false, invalid information, coerced you into choosing to engage in intercourse, by giving you pure lies, pure myths, pure falsehood, within it's coercive, deceitful campaign of intercourse promotion and imposition. You, the victim, are then subjected to a lifetime of punishment by your victimizer, society, via the insane decree that because you created a child by having sex, you somehow become immensely and completely obligated to assume custody of, care for, raise, pay for the needs of the child, for a minimum of 21 years. You are told that you have a moral, ethical, cultural, and if all these ridiculous notions are rebuffed, a legal obligation to assume these incredibly difficult, life-changing, undesired tasks and parental role, even though you did nothing wrong and it is in reality the complete fault of society, that you felt compelled to undertake this one, specific, inferior, highly dangerous form of having sex, intercourse, in the first place. How utterly outrageous!

Superior and Alternative Ways to have Sex:

We have to begin here with me repeating what sex is. Understanding the True, accurate definitions of primary societal concepts, terms, and words, is extremely important, folks. It is the key to recognizing and embracing Truth. Your societies use false, invalid, irrational, manipulative definitions of terms, concepts, and words, which serve to strip you of the ability to think rationally, to recognize Truth, and to arrive at sane, factually accurate conclusions and philosophies. When I repeat myself within these Texts, I do so because I am revealing an extremely important and profound Truth, which directly contradicts and reverses a societal lie and myth and brainwashing that the vast majority of you creatures have been subjected to and have tragically been coerced into embracing as Truth, even though it is an irrational, illogical, oftentimes insane, falsehood. In repeating myself, I hopefully manage to drive these difficult Truths into your thick, societally victimized skulls. So, with this preface, let me say again: Sex is the individual, physical and/or emotional achievement of sexual pleasure/release, via the manipulation/stimulation of your sexual organs, with a usual goal of gaining a sexual climax, which is defined as "the height of sexual excitement", and is usually followed by a release of sexual energy that many human beings find to be extremely pleasurable, as it provides a unique physical sensation. This definition is equally True and valid for both genders, male and female. Let us move on to two extremely important new points: 1: There is absolutely no intrinsic link or connection between sex and love. 2: There is absolutely no validity to the notion that sex should or needs to involve contact between two human beings in order to be appropriate, normal, or to provide ideal sexual satisfaction/pleasure.

Point #1: Having sex is an individual, and an individualistic activity. A person who has sex, unless he or she is deliberately and specifically seeking to create a child, has sex for the purpose of gaining the physical and emotional pleasure/release that experiencing sexual stimulation, excitement, and climax, provides. This is a selfish, self-centered, individualistic motivation, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, other than the perverse societal refusal to accept and acknowledge this Truth. The notion that a person should only "have sex" with another person that he "loves", is utterly and completely ludicrous and nonsensical, the only thing more ludicrous is the perverse notion that a person should only "have sex" with someone he is married to. The notion that some type of a link exists between sex and love, is equally ridiculous and truly bizarre. As I will explain further down on this page, in my dissection of love, this term only has validity when applied to oneself. Familial/friendship-based affection can only be defined accurately as "affection", not love, while romantic love is nothing more than a completely artificial construct of society. Having sex is an individualistic, self-centered act. An ideal sexual partner, assuming one chooses to have sex with a partner, would be either a person who wants to help indulge your desire to have sex, for whatever reason, to help you achieve the maximum amount of sexual pleasure possible, or a person who wants to have pleasurable sex too, and is interested in trying to maximize the sexual pleasure that both he and you can enjoy. Whether or not you feel intellectualized or emotionalized "affection" for the other person, which your society invalidly defines with the term "love", is a very minor, insignificant factor, and the notion that you are "supposed" to feel such affection for the person you engage in sexual contact with, makes no logical sense. The person who wants to have sex is simply attempting to achieve individual, personal, sexual pleasure/release. There is absolutely no reason or need for the person to feel intellectual or emotional affection towards anyone, much less towards a specific "sex partner", in order to achieve this goal. Furthermore, the claim that sex is somehow more "satisfying", richer or more intense, when you have sex with someone that you feel deep affection towards, is completely invalid as well. The degree of pleasure and satisfaction that any individual might enjoy and derive from having sex, is dependent upon the unique attitude, intellectual interests, mental/emotional obsessions, individual physical factors such as health and stamina, and the True Reality of the individual. Yes, it is true that for a few people, who have sexual contact with another person that they feel deep affection towards, the sexual pleasure they derive is extremely intense, and would be difficult for the individual to achieve on his own, or with another person that he does not feel deep affection for. However, for society to decree that all, most, or even a majority of human beings should, do, or must fit into this category, is utterly ridiculous and completely false. Perhaps one person out of 1000 would genuinely be unable to achieve an equal or greater degree of sexual pleasure/release, via any method other than sexual contact with the one person that they claim to feel the deepest amount and degree of affection for. 1 out of 1000 is a tiny minority, and on top of everything else, this tiny minority will, in most cases, be unable to achieve sexual satisfaction in other ways, only due to the lifetime of societal brainwashing and invalid mythological indoctrination, that they have been subjected to.

Your societies have created a mythology which revolves around "romantic love", and brutally addicted all of you, male and female, into accepting this mythology as constituting valid, factual Truth. There is no such thing as romantic love. There is carnal, selfish obsession with achieving sexual pleasure, release, and climax. The issue of whether carnality and selfishness are "good" things or not, is not relevant here. The reality is that human beings are carnal and selfish and I certainly do not consider either one of these character traits to be negative. No sane and rational thinker could ever attach negative labels to the natural human character traits of selfishness and carnality. But your evil societies are determined to reign in your sexual freedom and autonomy, to coerce you into "voluntarily" agreeing to limit and narrow the types of sexual pleasure you seek out, the amount and frequency of sexual pleasure you enjoy, and the type/number of fellow human beings that you engage in sexually pleasurable activities with. This is where the mythology of romantic love, along with many other cultural, societal, and religious lies and brainwashings, are viciously imposed upon you by your societies. The invalid notion of love is used to convince you to try and find a single human being to "have sex" with, for a very long time, on the basis of both irrational exclusivity and mutual compromise, that is virtually guaranteed to limit and lessen the amount and the degree of personal sexual pleasure/release that you will achieve in your life. Once you are deluded into believing that you feel "romantic love" for someone, society sets out to enslave you to that one person. You are taught and told that you need to inhibit and restrain your sexuality with regard to any situation that does not involve physical contact with the one person that you are supposed to romantically love, then you are further coerced into moving in with that person, then you are further coerced into creating children by having intercourse with that person, then you are further coerced into agreeing to marry that person. At each step, the noose of brutal enslavement is further tightened around your neck. With each step, you dig yourself into a deeper hole, and by the time you create a child or get married, not only have you lost all of your personal freedom and autonomy on a cultural, pseudo-moral level, but the legal system is gleefully thrust upon you by your evil society, and you become legally terrorized, under the overt threat of severe punishment, including imprisonment, into agreeing to serve as a "husband", a "wife", a "parent", a "sexual partner", to one or two specific human beings, for the rest of your lifetime, or at the very least, for an extremely long period of time, such as 21+ years. I cannot imagine a more blatant and obvious demonstration of brutal fascism, being directly imposed upon you by your government and by your society. But somehow, you pathetic creatures can't seem to grasp or realize the reality of this most obvious form of fascism, and you blindly continue to labor under the delusion that you are "lucky to be free". The myth of "romantic love" existing, or playing any type of a legitimate role in shaping or dictating the sexual life choices and life path of any individual, is the very first step on this immensely harmful journey, in which you lose your freedom, you lose your autonomy, you lose your ability to make rational decisions regarding your own sexual activities.

Point #2: Having sex means individually seeking and achieving sexual please/release/climax. Unless a person is specifically having sex only because he or she desires to create a child, sex is a solo, individual activity. It is not a "couple" activity. A good analogy for this Truth would be driving a car. Driving a car is an individual activity. The driver of a car has absolutely no need to have another human being inside the car with him, as he drives. He can have another person with him, and it's possible that he might enjoy the drive more by having a person in the car with him, but there is absolutely no need for the other person to be there, the odds are higher that any person in the car will only distract him and make his driving more difficult, and the notion that he will somehow be committing a morally or culturally horrific act simply by driving the car by himself, is ludicrous. With regard to sex, your evil and lie-based societies have deluded you into thinking and believing that you really need to be together with one other person, and to have sexually intimate contact with that person, every time you wish to have sex. This is completely ludicrous! Sex is an individual act, like driving a car, going online, eating a sandwich, etc... A person having sex is trying to achieve sexual pleasure/release/climax, via the stimulation of his/her sexual organs. Stimulation of sexual organs is an individual act. It is best achieved by envisioning images, situations, or experiences that a person has sexualized within his mind, and/or physically rubbing, massaging, or creating friction upon ones sexual organs.

It is clear to any sane thinker that even though all million+ unique variations on how sex can be engaged in are equally valid, to unique individuals, there are fundamentally Superior advantages to sexual activities in which just one person sexually stimulates himself, without having any sexual contact with another person. By the way, in this essay as well as throughout these Texts, my use of the term "he" and "him" is not meant to be gender-specific. It is used solely for the sake of convenience, and you are expected to recognize that I am referring to all human beings, male and female, when I use a term such as "he", "him", or "himself". Simply substitute the word "she, her, and herself", if you wish, since all these comments, unless I overtly specify otherwise, apply with equal validity to both male and female human beings. Back to the issue at hand: The ideal, most strongly satisfying way for a solid majority of human beings to have sex, is to do so alone, in private, and via self-stimulation of their own sexual organs. This Superior activity has been labeled by society with the demonizing term of masturbation. I do not enjoy using this word, because it is a demonizing societal label, but for the sake of convenience and clarity I will use this term within this essay. Masturbation is the deliberate, self-stimulation of an individuals sexual organs, by the individual himself. Because it provides the ideal way to maximize sexual pleasure and release, while at the same time challenging all Sacred Family Unit mythology, the specific act of masturbation and it's proponents have been relentlessly and viciously demonized and condemned by virtually all human societies throughout the history of the Modern Era. Your evil societal leaders have absolutely no interest in providing you with Truth, or the ability to maximize pleasure or enjoyment in your own lives. Perversely, the exact opposite is the goal of your societal leaders, to lie to you, to manipulate you, to provide you with the false and invalid illusion that your pleasure and contentment is sought, when in reality it is your brutal oppression and victimization, that has always been the True goal of your deranged, perverse, truth-hating, malevolent human societal leaders. Back in the middle ages, up to 50 years ago in many societies, when your leaders knew you to be totally ignorant, you were terrorized with claims that if you masturbated, you would go blind, become crippled, become feeble-minded, or otherwise endure horrifically negative consequences for daring to embrace the pursuit of ultimate sexual pleasure/release via masturbation. When medical researchers/scientists finally debunked this ridiculous notion, doing so at great personal peril by the way, since societies are famous for destroying and murdering any human who dares to reveal a Truth which directly challenges societally decreed important toxic mythologies, your evil societal leaders simply redoubled their insane efforts to convince you that you have a moral, ethical, or cultural mandate to refrain from embracing masturbation, using once again, nothing but purely perverse lies and deranged claims, often seeped in religious insanity, regarding what types of sexual activities are "proper and acceptable".

Tragically, as of the year 2001, absolutely no legitimate enlightenment on any primary issue of human sexuality, has occurred within any human society. You are deluded into believing that you enjoy sexual freedom because you are no longer thrown into a lunatic asylum for masturbating, but the reality is that the exact same, utterly brutal and pervasive stigma against masturbation, which has been imposed upon you creatures for thousands of years, continues to be imposed with just as much relentless viciousness and effectiveness, today. Millions of people each year, in america, proudly and publically announce they have gotten married, invite other people to attend their wedding ceremonies, proudly declare that they intend to live with each other and engage in exclusive, romantic-based sexual activity with each other. Millions of people do this each year, because it is a societally advocated, promoted, and celebrated toxic ritual.

How many people proudly and publically announce that they intend to solely engage in masturbation, the single safest and potentially most pleasurable type of sexual activity, for the rest of their lives??? Zero!! Why is this? Why would a hundred million people each year proudly & publically announce their intention to have sex with a single, other human being for an extremely long period of time, while zero people proudly and publically announce their intention to have sex only via masturbation, for a very long time?? The answer is obvious to any sane thinker: Masturbation and it's practitioners continue to be brutally, unrelentingly demonized and condemned on all levels, by all human societies, with just as much insane intensity today, as was the case 300, 500, 1000 years ago.

Your leaders are in mortal terror of masturbation, even more so than atheism, because masturbation represents everything that your evil societies are determined to destroy and take away from you creatures. Masturbation represents and offers personal freedom, personal autonomy. Masturbation eliminates the need for people to have families, wives, live-in lovers, children, in order to enjoy ultimate sexual pleasure/release. Masturbation provides a Superior form of sexual pleasure, free of all the toxic entanglements and compromises that are a hallmark of all exclusive, two-person sexual relationships. This is why your leaders have always been, and remain today, desperately obsessed and determined to demonize masturbation, to use whatever insane lies and myths it possibly can, to convince you to choose some other form of seeking and achieving sexual pleasure, to be specific: An intercourse-based, Sacred Family Unit, terroristically exclusive and toxically enmeshed type of two-person voluntary enslavement sexual pleasure system, such as "marriage", which is literally and factually guaranteed to limit, restrict, and reduce the amount and degree of sexual pleasure/release that you achieve within your lifetime.

I am not saying that masturbation is the "only proper way" to have pleasurable/satisfying sex. I'm not even saying that masturbation would offer the most satisfying sexual pleasures to all, or even most, people. What I am saying is that it is clear, beyond all doubt, to any logical and sane thinker, that given the fact that human beings no longer have sex for the primary purpose and intention of creating children, and given the fact that the personal achievement of sexual pleasure/climax is inherently an individualized activity, most mentally healthy human beings, were they not victims of societal brainwashing and moral/cultural terrorization, would find that on a physical as well as on a mental level, masturbation provides them with a superior way to maximize their sexual pleasure, satisfaction, and release. This doesn't mean that most people would become isolated loners, because there is no valid connection between the instinctual need for human companionship, which most people still retain, and the issue of having sex. Your diseased societies have established a ridiculous claim that you need to have a "lover" in your life, a person that you feel romantic love towards, and you further need to establish a close relationship with this person, that extends far beyond just having sex. You need to have both "friends" and a "lover", a sexual lover, or else you are being greatly deprived of an extremely important, valuable, and necessary portion of life. This notion is pure poppycock! No pun intended :-) Yes, most human beings, certainly not all, but most, do benefit significantly from having ongoing, friendly relationships with other human beings. But the issue of having sex, achieving sexual pleasure and satisfaction in one's own life, need have absolutely nothing to do with having any type of a "relationship" with anyone. Because you do have an instinctual need for human "friends", your deviously malevolent society falsely convinces you that you need to choose one other human being, a "friend", and make this person your sexual partner, for life. The reality is, you do not have an instinctual need to have a sexual partner, you simply have a need to achieve sexual pleasure/climax, and for most people, the safest, easiest, most effective way to meet this need, is via masturbation.

Within any sane society, the benefits and advantages of masturbation would be constantly, openly, touted and glorified. Celebrities, politicians, sports stars, teachers, all people who enjoy a position of respect or influence within the society, would actively and publically proclaim that they consider masturbation to be an ideal way to obtain sexual pleasure and release. The Truth would be told to you creatures, by people who have influence over your life path decisions. You would be told, over and over, that masturbation is absolutely the safest way to have sex. You would be told, over and over, that you have the mental and physical ability to achieve a limitless degree of sexual pleasure and release, all by yourself, that you have no need for a "sexual partner" in order to claim this achievement for yourself. You would be told that of course masturbation is just as "valid" a way to have sex, as any other method. Of course there are no moral, ethical, physical, or other negative effects or drawbacks, of any kind, to embracing masturbation, proudly and with as much intensity and devotion as you may wish to give to this personal activity. You would be told that the only type of valid "love", on a sexual/romantic scale, is love that is directed to oneself, and that the most perfect way to display such self-love, sexually, is to embrace and indulge in the physical and emotional pleasures that masturbation offers. You would be told that you don't need anyone else, to get your own sexual needs met. It doesn't matter if you are sexually attracted to animals, to children, to violent terrorization of others, to people who would never agree to have sex with you, etc... It doesn't matter because regardless of what your sexual attraction to other living things may be, you do not need to actually have any physical contact or interaction with them, in order to enjoy and achieve the ultimate in sexual pleasure/release, for yourself. This last Truth alone, would result in an immediate, significant drop in the number of animals who are sexually abused, the number of children who are sexually abused/raped, the number of women who are raped, the number of people who are stalked and terrorized as a result of a sexual obsession/attraction that is not reciprocal in nature. Mind you, there would still be sexual abuse/rape/terrorization of animals, children, women, and men, because some violent sexual acts are motivated primarily by intense, True Reality based rage, rather than a simple desire to be loved, to build up a tortured, societally destroyed ego, or to enjoy the ultimate in sexual pleasure/release. Sexual victimization that is motivated primarily by personal rage, would still occur. But a significant percentage of all sexual victimization of other living things, is not primarily motivated by True Reality rage, but rather by an inability to love oneself, an inability to recognize that masturbation offers just as intense and pleasurable a release of sexual energy as any other type of sex act offers, or a desperate, irrational obsession with finding and obtaining something that does not exist, namely, the romantic love of another person. If the Truths regarding masturbation were openly revealed, constantly disseminated to you creatures, and publically promoted by all of your societal leaders and empowered agents, most sexual victimization that is not motivated primarily by True Reality rage, hate, and a personal quest for cathartic vengeance, would cease to occur. A person who is sexually attracted to animals, as an example, would realize that unless he overtly feels a True Reality need to hurt and harm animals, there really is no reason for him to actively seek out animals to have sex with. He will love himself, so he does not need to create and embrace the illusion that the animal romantically loves him. He will recognize and know that he can control his sexuality, he can create sexual images, scenarios, and fantasies in his mind that allow him to experience sexual pleasure and release which is just as intense as would be the case with having personal, sexual contact with an animal. He will have no misgivings, no moral or ethical or philosophical qualms regarding masturbation, because he will know the Truth, having been taught the Truth by his society. He will not labor under the perverse, toxic delusion that he "needs" to share his sexual activity/pleasure with any other living thing. These exact same profound realizations of Truth would apply to those who are sexually attracted to children, to certain classes of people who are unlikely to agree to have sex with them, etc... A majority of people who sexually assault children, do not have a primary, True Reality motivation of wanting to harm the child. Some do, but not a majority. The majority want to be loved by the child they attack, they seek the idyllic fantasy of "romantic love" that their society has brainwashed them into believing is valid and exists. They seek to recapture within themselves, the emotional innocence and openness that their evil society gradually stripped from them during the course of their own childhood. They want to enjoy the best possible sexual experience, to achieve the greatest degree of sexual pleasure/release, and their society has taught them that this requires them to have intimate, sexual contact with the living creature that they are sexually attracted to. This is often why they choose to target and sexually assault the child. You can say that it is "selfish" of them to make this choice, but this claim has no relevancy. They are laboring under completely false and invalid myths and lies regarding sex and sexual activity, that their society has malevolently imposed upon them, and compelled them to embrace. Besides which, selfishness is a perfectly appropriate, natural, non-toxic ideology to embrace in ones life path. Only selfishness that has been tainted and warped by lies, myths, and hypocrisy, causes significant harm to other living things. In a sane society, based upon Truth, a great many people would choose to "selfishly" engage in masturbation, because they would feel and recognize that it offers them the best way to achieve the ultimate in sexual pleasure/release. Nobody would be harmed by this. But in an insane society, based upon lies, a great many people "selfishly" choose to sexually impose themselves upon children, women, animals, and other living things who are not interested in having sex with them, because they are laboring under the false illusions that romantic love exists, that they need to be sexually loved by another living thing, that they need to have physical contact with the specific type of living thing that they are sexually attracted to, that sexual contact with other living things provides the best, most pleasurable sexual release, that masturbation is wrong and an inferior, unacceptable way to have sex. All of these notions are nothing more than toxic lies. And they directly cause a tremendous amount of trauma, suffering, and harm to living things, which would not occur if the toxic lies were not embraced by you citizen-slaves, as a collective group and on an individual basis.

I want to go back to the car driving analogy. Imagine if two people tried to drive the same car at the same time. Would this be easy, or difficult?? It would be difficult! One person would hit the brake earlier than the other person. One person would want to make a right turn, the other would decide to keep going straight. One person would want to drive at noon, the other person might prefer to drive at midnight, etc... Two people attempting to undertake this task, would find it more difficult, more stressful, less effective, than one person. This is because driving is an individualistic activity. The same is true for having sex. Intercourse for the specific purpose of having children, is a two-person task. But having sex is a one person task, because having sex, among 21st century human beings, involves an individual choice and desire to gain sexual pleasure/release, assuming that a very specific desire to create a child is not the primary motivation in play at the time that the decision to have sex, is made. If two people try to have sex with each other, it is clear that the chances of both people achieving the greatest degree of physical/emotional pleasure they possibly can, are extremely remote. Each person has to compromise, to adjust and modify their actions and interactions with the other person, in order for the sexual encounter to occur. Each person is expected to consider the needs and desires of the other person, and this requires modification of the person's own sexual needs and desires. Even more importantly, there is no way that any person can know exactly what the other person desires, what the other person finds most sexually pleasurable, or exactly what pace the other person is taking in their mind, as far as building up towards a sexual climax. So, what you have in a typical, two-person sexual encounter, is each person secretly wanting the other person to provide them with the ultimate in sexual pleasure/release, but each person is instinctually more interested in gaining this ultimate sexual pleasure for himself, than in giving this ultimate sexual pleasure to the other person, because sex for pleasure is an individualistic act. Even if a person might have a purely altruistic desire to give the other person the ultimate in sexual pleasure, it is virtually impossible to do, because nobody is a mind reader. Nobody can know, in real-time, second by second, what another person is thinking or feeling. You can only know what you are thinking, feeling, experiencing. This is why masturbation is certain to provide the ultimate in sexual pleasure/release, to most sane, rational, Truth-based human beings. The masturbator knows exactly what he is thinking, feeling, experiencing. The masturbator can control the pace of his sexual adventure to perfection, slowing it down, speeding it up, at will, with no need to adjust or compromise to the pace of any other person, such as is the case with all two-person sexual encounters. The masturbator does not need to worry/concern himself with satisfying another person, he only needs to worry about satisfying himself. And because sex for physical/emotional pleasure is an individualistic act, just like driving a car is, the advantages derived from doing the task personally and alone, strongly outweigh the advantages of doing the task in a "directly linked" manner, with another person, such as occurs with intercourse, and the other societally approved of and promoted types of two-person sexual activity. The fact that a person very likely enjoys having friends, enjoys having "relationships" with other people, has absolutely no bearing upon whether having sexual relationships with other people would improve their quality of life, on either a sexual or a non-sexual level. In other words, a person may derive significant benefits from having friends, and significant benefits from having ongoing, affectionate relationships with other human beings, but the notion that such a person needs or would benefit from choosing to specifically have sex with another person, is not necessarily valid or accurate.

Now, keep in mind that I am in no way making this Truth out to be universally applicable. Some human beings can't meet their own needs, they hate themselves and are obsessed with getting other human beings to engage in sex acts with them, because that is the only way they can emotionally delude themselves into feeling that they are lovable and worthy of enjoying the pleasure of sexual release/climax. Some humans are more emotionally interested in giving pleasure to other people than in giving pleasure to themselves, again due to a lack of properly narcissistic self-love. Some humans simply do not like or enjoy the physical sensations that having sex provides, others do not like or enjoy the emotions that having sex stirs up within them, often because they were sexually tortured and victimized as children, etc... What I am saying, very emphatically, is that in any sane, benevolent, genuinely free society, masturbation would be overtly promoted by all empowered leaders and agents. It would be recognized and revealed to be a perfectly valid, extremely useful and in many cases Superior way for citizens to meet their own sexual needs/desires, with the greatest possible likelihood of achieving the ultimate in sexual fulfillment. Intercourse, on the other hand, would certainly not be condemned, but the Truths concerning intercourse would be openly and publically revealed. The fact that it is an extremely dangerous way to have sex, the fact that it requires a compromise on the part of participants, that often limits the degree of sexual pleasure which is achieved by either one or both parties, the fact that it can result in the creation of an undesired child, etc... Masturbation does not carry any of these extremely significant drawbacks, and it is utterly outrageous that these facts are not publically disseminated and revealed and discussed, by your societal and cultural leaders. That masturbation continues to be demonized and condemned, while intercourse, a far more dangerous, inferior, far less effective way to have sex, continues to be sanctified and terroristically imposed upon you creatures as the only "valid" way to have sex, is even more outrageous and perverse.

I'm not going to get into a long discussion of sexually transmitted diseases, but a few points have to be made: Masturbation is not only the most effective way for most people to have sex, but it is absolutely the safest way, for all people to have sex. There is no safer method in existence, and I am not talking about avoiding the creation of children here, but rather becoming infected with a disease such as AIDS, hepatitis, herpes, etc... So, even if for some people masturbation offers somewhat less physical/emotional pleasure/release than intimate sexual contact with another person may offer, this has to be weighed against the fact that no type of intimate sexual contact can be or is as safe, as masturbation is. Given this fact, why in the world would the practice of "safe sex", via the use of condoms and the like, receive a ton of societal attention and promotion, while the safest type of sex in existence, masturbation, continues to be relentlessly condemned and demonized?? Here you have an absolutely beautiful illustration of the utterly malevolent nature of your insane, evil societies. Your societal leaders know that all types of intimate sexual contact between two or more people are dangerous, potentially fatal, and that intercourse, while not the single most dangerous type of intimate sexual contact, is without a doubt one of the most dangerous types of intimate sexual contact. Your leaders also know, as does any rational thinker, that the vast majority of all teen-age and adult citizen-slaves are intellectually and emotionally obsessed, in most cases instinctually obsessed as well, with having sex. Knowing this, you creatures are advised to still engage in intimate sexual contact with another person, but to consider trying to minimize the danger by using a condom and via other "safe sex" practices. If you creatures don't want to engage in intimate sexual contact with another person, you are simply advised to "not have sex", even though everyone knows that most people are quite obsessed with having sex. The single safest and best way to have sex, masturbation, is completely ignored, dismissed, and condemned. You are told by society that it's far better to have highly dangerous, potentially fatal sex, and far better to slightly mitigate the danger by using a condom, and far better to completely deny yourself all sexual pleasure/release, than it is to have 100% safe sex, that is Superior in nature and allows most people to achieve the ultimate in sexual pleasure, greater than intercourse provides. How utterly perverse! You are literally being ordered by society to risk your life, if you want to enjoy sexual pleasure, and that the safe way to have sex, the best way to have sex, is unacceptable! And you creatures accept this order. This situation provides a perfect illustration of core, fundamental derangement with the human fabric of consciousness. Your society, deliberately and with malice aforethought, strips you of the ability to love yourself, terroristically coercing you into embracing the insane notion that you need to find somebody else willing to have sex with you, in order to "feel loved", in order to restore just a tiny fragment of the most precious and real love of all, self-love, that it has malevolently taken away from you. How incredibly outrageous and perverse this undeniable Truth is!

A few words here on sexual abstinence and the use of condoms. Assuming that you are fertile, society wants you, first and foremost, to engage in vaginal, intercourse sexual contact with a fertile member of the opposite gender. This is what your diseased societies want and demand of you. Yes, leaders would prefer that you be enslaved to the person you engage in this form of sex with, via the insane marriage ritual. But within 21st century "civilized" societies, the primary obsession of societal leaders is to get you to breed. To create as many child-slaves as is possible, regardless of whether you are married, regardless of how old or young you may be. Your society does not want you to be sexually abstinent, even if it publically claims to be interested in promoting sexual abstinence among it's youth population. This is simply a lie, one of thousands of lies that you creatures are fed by your evil governmental and societal leaders each and every day of your lives. In order to appease the large number of adul

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