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Revolution Not!
04 set 2014
See my reports that verify the need to remove from power the murderous thugs who have overthrown the United States government.
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I see no necessity for a revolution, but one must study the manner by which the United States government has been overthrown and prosecute those responsible. The culprits I write about are the homicidal sociopaths and serial killers/torturers of the fbi,cia,dod,nsa,etc.and all who permit their continuing atrocities (like the main street media).

However, a central problem facing us is that the entire judiciary is controlled by the very thugs who have in effect overthrown the government of the United States. Thus, the trial for crimes against the people of the world by the fbi,cia,dod,nsa, etc.may need a venue somewhere other than the USA.

I have also learned that all or nearly all public officials at every level, including city, state, federal so-called leaders and functionaries (like city managers, mayors, state governors and most attorneys) are thoroughly corrupted by the fbi manipulators.
Most medical doctors are also under the influence:

Practically all police, even those with good intentions, and all universities and colleges are controlled to a large extent by the fbi and the cia. See my reports on the fools who run the University of Texas and their retarded cops (see My Story at parts 19, a,,b,c):

The fbi uses various methods to kill activists in a discreet fashion; the professional assassin (like j. Robert upton, aka ‘get real’) use chemicals, biological agents, viral infections and DEW assaults on selected Targets.

After years of felonious assaults on my person by fbi/police operatives as I have documented on many sites, I identified one such serial torturer and apparent serial killer for the fbi who goes by various names, aka: J. Robert Upton, Monique Jamal, Get Real, Get Help, etc. He is quite the lunatic psychopath.

See how this very dangerous killer expresses his filthy ideas on behalf of the fbi and states the fbi seeks to kill me:

''get real'':

Such filthy character is the fbi today.

alt link:

The need to prosecute fbi chiefs for high crimes:

Must prosecute fbi/cia murderers:

My writ:

Notice to fbi agents/operatives:

Counter Intelligence Program (high tech use by government thugs to torture, kill):

all the wars:



Eugenics and my story:


collapse of USA and causes for police brutality:

Shocks the conscience and offends the sensibilities:

fbi,police manufacture criminals:



Profile of the fbi/cia sociopath:


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