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08 jul 2003
RTF Direct Action Network

1. We want freedom. We want self-organized communities in which the land, produce, and machinery of production will be owned by the community, and the power of the political and class state abolished. We support the initiative for revolutionary unionizing. Workers should control the means of production to insure equal distribution within the community.

2. We want direct democracy, the right of every individual to participate in the organization of their own community and their own lives.

3. We are dedicated to revolutionary working class struggle against the system of white supremacy, capitalism, sexism, state, and any other forms of social or political oppression. A revolutionary initiative is defined by a course of direct action, meaning we believe taking matters into our own hands is the only way to effectively achieve social change rather than relying on a system that is repeatedly failing us.

4. We seek to rid our planet from the exploitation and degradation of our natural environment. We want a safe and clean ecological environment for all living things to grow in.

5. We want self-defense. We cannot rely on the system to protect us from it's own brutality, racism, murder and repression of our communities. We must rely on our communities to defend themselves by any means necessary at any given time.

The purpose of this network is to build a revolutionary initiative equipped with the capacity of being able to organize internationally as well as locally within our communities. As the network grows so does our organizational strength and our ability to utilize the network as a tool for direct action. We are anti-authoritarians (anarchists), however we work with any persons or groups willing to respect our principles. We encourage other groups and organizations to join this network by either getting involved with an existing chapter, or starting/adding your existing affinity group or organization to the network as a chapter. Our goal is to get chapters set up around the world, in every city, every ghetto, in every face of these corrupt politicians, oppressive government agencies, and multinational corporate vultures. Together we can make it happen. Together the ants can conquer the elephant.

If you have a group that would like to join the RTF Direct Action Network, please email RTF ARROBA with the name of the group, city, state, country, and email contact.

You can contact all chapters by emailing RTFChapters ARROBA
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