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WE ARE ALL MATEO MORRAL (international call out for actions)
05 des 2013

21st of December 2013, Demo at 18:30h in Forat de la Vergonya (Barcelona)

On the 13th of November, 2013, 5 anarchist comrades were arrested in Barcelona accused of being part of a “terrorist organization” and of being the authors of an attack in Zaragoza, Spain, in which an explosive device was placed in the “Basilica del Pilar”. They were taken to the National Court (Audiencia Nacional in Madrid) (1) where after 5 days, 3 of them were released with charges and the other 2 preventively imprisoned (which can last up to 2 years under Spanish law). All of them are being charged with “belonging to a terrorist organization”, “terrorist damages” and “conspiracy to commit terrorist damages”. The comrades in jail, Francisco and Mónica are currently under FIES 2 regime (in isolation) in the Navalcarnero and Estremera prisons, both in Madrid. They are in high spirits and staying strong.

The whole “police operation” was surrounded by an immense media spectacle, in which it was heavily remarked how dangerous the arrested people are (publishing their photos even if that is forbiden by the journalist's ethical code) and that they were part of a terrorist organization with a name longer than the title of an Almodóvar movie. Also, they remarked the dangerousness and the international character of the organization, itself a poor imitator of Al-Qaeda (2). The press was clearly publishing what the police were telling them to. Playing their role, they were trying to create an atmosphere of fear and alarm within a population who are not worried about the fate of a church or dying in an anarchist attack but rather the daily consequences of an unrelenting capitalist dispossession and the aggressions of the state.

If a terrorist is one who instills terror, mass media are not far behind Al-Qaeda.
What to say about these events? Only that the anarchist tradition has always been fertile in its attacks as well as in its defenses against power; both with words and actions, using bombs, sure, but also through strikes, social centers and publications. It has always tried to build a world without governors and governed, without exploitaition or opression and therefore, always tried to destroy this world of authority, misery and disgrace. Because this world has absolutely no place for freedom.

Despite what the state and the press say, despite the behaviourism and the social pacification applied through civility and other anesthetic ignominies so that the population will work, consume and shut up, the fight against domination continues by any means necessary. Which, even though it may seem hard or violent will never reach the levels of the systematic ultraviolence of the state and capitalism. They are the ones who condemn millions and millions of people to exploitation, starvation and death.

What to say about the Catholic church? Author of thousands of deaths, of indoctrinating and terrorising millions of minds since their childhood, of dictating aberrant ideas over millions of bodies, of doing business with poverty and suffering. A hierarchic organization of terror and repression like the church (of any type), doesn´t deserve any pity when it´s attacked.

What to say about monarchy? A parasitical organization that lives, like the church, at our expense, and that unites the state and the military (3), both apparatuses of repression and authority. The misfortunes of the Royal House will not make us burst into tears.

What to say about banks, companies and politicians...? We could only take their destruction with a smile.

But the unjust and cruel side inherent to our enemies is never mentioned. As it could not be otherwise, the order has been mantained and the causes of disorder have been isolated and battled. Nothing less to be expected from the state, capitalism and their lackeys. It´s their duty. Our self-imposed duty, on the other hand, is to support our comrades and continue fighting until no stone will be left standing in the towers of authority, until not a single prison remains, until there isn't a single person telling another one what to do.

All our solidarity with the arrested comrades in Barcelona, as well as with all the comrades chased, imprisoned and repressed throughout the length and breadth of the world.

Death to the state and long live Anarchy

If you want to write our comrades:

Mónica Andrea Caballero Sepúlveda
CP Madrid VII Estremera
Crta. M-241 km 5,750
28595 Madrid, Spain

Francisco Javier Solar Domínguez
CP Madrid IV Navalcarnero
Crta. N-V km 27,7
28600 Madrid, Spain

Anarchists of Barcelona

(1) The Audiencia Nacional is a tribunal which is the direct heir of Franco's Tribunal de Orden Público and the anti-terrorist tribunal par excellence.
(2) An article in the well-known newspaper “El País” declared that the anarchists had copied Al-Qaeda's way of organizing and acting.
(3) In the Spanish state, the king is both the head of state and the highest military rank.

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