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Comentari :: guerra
Outlaws Are Better Men, II
07 jul 2013
See my ongoing efforts to educate the world about the inhumane methods & practices of the USA and its allies.
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Clica la imatge per una versió més gran

Clica la imatge per una versió més gran

For those who refuse to acknowledge the macabre and murderous world now forced upon the people by the enemy of mankind (i.e., the USA and its allies) I will draw a picture for you with my words, drawings and * reports; in recognition of the brave and intelligent among us who seek peace and humane government for all the world citizens, this message is in remembrance of our friends who have been Targets for assassination, imprisonment, and torture by the very authorities who represent themselves as lawmen; as we now see,

Outlaws Are Far Better Men:


The Living Dead:

What Can be Done To Stop The Killing, etc.:

* world in a box; Sosbee's case in a nutshell:


After decades of my study of the corruption of those who represent themselves as lawmen in the USA, I have determined on balance that Outlaws Are Better Men. Alt Links:





Finally, Texas Rangers and their Brethren Police serial killers:
Mira també:

Copyright by the author. All rights reserved.

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