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[Manresa] Conferència: Marea Roja
16 jun 2013
[Manresa] Conferència: Marea Roja

I read an article the other day and it was full of marketing and advertising errors.

I am not perfect and have made several mistakes and errors as well. Even last year, we made a big boo boo with a huge marketing campaign. The problem was a huge marketing email blast, with each email addressed to the wrong author.. very un professional.

An additional error we created was using an incorrect moto is print media. This was very silly and we have not repeated this error again. It always pays to double check all errors twice to make sure everything runs very smoothly.

A cool webpage I would like to recommend is called More About Winning Lottery, it has everything you need to learn about lotto and online lotto, plus there are a few articles regarding marketing no-nos.

This work is in the public domain

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