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fbi fabricates domestic terrorists
10 jun 2013
fbi fraudulently seek to create a person of interest as domestic terrorist
The fbi and their operatives at all levels of government and in the private sector seek to fabricate a person of interest so as to falsely portray him as a domestic terrorist.

The Texas Department of Public (TDPS) and the US Postal Inspector, and others, acting on a staged crime perpetrated by the fbi, now have evidence of a criminal conspiracy by the fbi to violate my fundamental civil, human and constitutional rights. Also, after I interviewed with the two police officials , they were aware of evidence of multiple and ongoing (to date) felonious assaults on me, including aggravated assault, torture and attempted murder of my person.

The police & the postal inspector officials revealed during the discussion that someone committed a crime in the Dallas, Texas, area, and left my name (i.e., G Sosbee) at the scene of the crime; the crime may have involved a threatening letter sent to a member of congress. The fbi operative who staged the phony crime wanted the TDPS to open a domestic terrorist case against me, or to at least cause the TDPS and the postal inspector to find a way to label me in a way that might facilitate adverse legal action in the future against me.

Thus, the state and federal authorities who opened a case on me are required to file their report with congress and to further develop a case against the thugs who operate on behalf of the fbi in efforts to silence me. The personal opinion of TDPS Agent Rodriguez that my stated explanations for the fbi’s motives to terrorize me are insufficient, reflects his own ignorance, prejudice and jaded agenda. Failure of these officials to investigate the thousands of crimes that I have documented over the past almost half century constitutes a violation of public trust and cover up of the felonies that I describe in many of my articles, reports, affidavit and Writ to the US Supreme Court.

Below are some of the evidence (links) to support this report:

Fbi operative comes on line anonymously to label me as a threat to public safety; see his comment following my article at:

Here is the text of the fbi’s little criminal operative who calls himself ‘paint me doubtful’ in his efforts to stir up trouble :

"The most incompetent government agencies in the world 26.Feb.2013 13:30
paint me doubtful

Millions upon millions of dollars and man hours wasted watching this imbecile and no results. What in the world justifies spending so much time and money watching this goober? They must think that he is planning an act of terrorism, or maybe he is getting ready to shoot up a school or theater. I think it is time to find out what the fbi knows about geral, and why he is such a danger to the public. He is obviously mentally incompetent, so maybe, just maybe another mass murder will be prevented by this surveillance."

Here is a summary of the results of the visit to my home by the TDPS police and US Postal Inspector:

Here is a summary of the real fbi and those who follows their directives, all of whom I portray as madmen:

Here is the page where I explain how the fbi seeks to create criminals:

See more comments from fbi operatives here, as they seek to discredit my service to this corrupt and homicidal government:

Finally, see ‘My Story In Detail’ in twenty (20) parts for background data on the extensive assaults on me by the fbi and their operatives.

Especially see:

and false medical report:

TDPS & US Postal Inspector Cover Up crimes that I document

See my report that shows how the fbi, the TDPS & the US Postal Inspector seek a way to silence me.

Texas Workforce Commission intentionally libel and otherwise attack me:

Fraudulent UT Police BOLO on me:

UT Police engage in crimes against my person and then cover up such crimes:

UT Police change a police report that I filed on a fbi operative who assaults me repeatedly:

fbi fraudulently seek to create a person of interest as domestic terrorist

Copyright by the author. All rights reserved.

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