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Anunci :: criminalització i repressió
fbi, police are hereby indicted
17 abr 2013
See my reports that serve de facto to indict the fbi and police for their crime spree as I have documented.
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See my documentations which de facto indict the law enforcement community in USA. Then see comment on terror.

For twenty years I have documented harassment, torture, attempted murder of my person in an unterrupted crime spree by the fbi and their police operatives continuing to date;

the objective of the fbi is to silence or to kill me in order to prevent my full report on the high crimes committed by the fbi.

my reports and documentations also reflect the plight of many persons wrongfully accused and illegally provoked by the very authorities charged with the duty to protect and to defend the human, civil, and constitutional rights of all of us; in many instances disturbing mind games are played against the Target by the criminals within the law enforcement community; see these links and others set forth below:

the objective of such psychological and physical assaults on the person of the Target is to force an unacceptable response so that the Target can be imprisoned; indeed, the fbi is aware that many persons are trained by this government to respond in kind to violent attacks, so the anticipated response is often realized and the Target is ruined or is murdered as a result of illegal police operations; in one instance police thugs, informants, operatives and provocateurs engaged in illegal and immoral maneuvers as I have documented at 19, 19a, 19b, and 19c of ‘My Story’ , as set forth in the links shown below:

Fraudulent criminal investigation:

Criminal assault and battery covered up by the perpetrators: the police and the fbi :

Fraudulent ‘’BOLO”:

note that the attorney for the corrupt police is aware that no legitimate criminal investigation is warranted in the ‘incident report’ that she seeks to hide because the same incident report reveals total fraud by the University of Texas (UT) police and the police officers who created it. The UT attorney writes,

"Certain details of the case are known only by the investigationg officers and those close to the investigation",

yet the investigative officer and their informants and operatives are the very persons who are illegally creating the report in order to assist the fbi in corrupt efforts to imprison this target; thus all such officials should be prosecuted for the crimes that I have outlined; I have asked the Texas Attorney General (AG) to order the release of the hidden report against me because I know that the report is a fraud, that I have not committed any infraction, that the true criminals and the operatives, including the one prosecuted by me (ie Alonzo Yanes) would be revealed when the police release the full report, including the fraudulent “BOLO”; but the AG refuses to get involved, as do the distrct attorneys in the respective jurisdictions; finally, a suspect medical report adds the finishing touch on the efforts by the fbi to discredit the victim of their atrocities:

all persons who engage in criminal assaults on me and others, in the name of law enforcement or other organizations, are the lowes form of human being and do not deserve to walk among us; they are the Living Dead:

Comment On Terror:

USA is *war & terror ag/people of the world. This nation kills, tortures, imprisons at will to show superiority & to subjugate; some of us resist the macabre onslaught ag/humanity by fbi/cia/dod etc., yet all who live in denial of the threat to human life posed by the assassins of usa are most vulnerable because they trust this God forsaken government beyond all reason, and because they benefit from the carnage perpetrated in their name.

See my reports for data that indicts the law enforcement community in usa.


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