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Notícies :: amèrica llatina
ASOCHIVIDA asks respect to Fundación La Isla
04 abr 2013
Chichigalpa Association for Life (ASOCHIVIDA), the most representative organization of persons with chronic renal insufficiency (CRI) of the country, said that Fundación La Isla, an NGO that has self-proclaimed itself as defender of CRI patients, is promoting division and confrontation among members of the Association.
"ASOCHIVIDA thanks all the organizations that have the intention to help CRI patients, but it cannot accept the strategies and tactics used by Fundación La Isla”, said a statement issued by ASOCHIVIDA, which also expressed discomfort with respect to the unwanted intrusion of the above-mentioned NGO in the internal affairs of the Association.

In the statement, ASOCHIVIDA refers to some videos produced by Fundación La Isla, which it considers contain a series of falsehoods and facts taken out of context that do not contribute to improve the situation of CRI patients nor recognize the efforts of ASOCHIVIDA with respect to the achievements attained for the benefit of its members, especially through the dialogue held since 2008 with Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited (NSEL), a company belonging to Grupo Pellas.

"The dialogue process with NSEL has resulted in many benefits for the members of ASOCHIVIDA, such as food aid, house construction, microcredit projects, a project to generate income for the organization and several donations." None of these achievements is reflected in the videos made by Fundación La Isla", indicates the release.

"The dialogue has also enabled us to choose Boston University and to count on its support as a credible academic institution to investigate the causes of the disease and whose work continues today. We have collaborated with the University and have participated in most of its activities. Our organization does not prevent other institutions from conducting research on the causes of CKD. We regret that Fundación La Isla deliberately omits any mention of these achievements", it added.

This work is in the public domain


Re: ASOCHIVIDA asks respect to Fundación La Isla
05 abr 2013
Hay suficientes razones para creer que la insuficiencia renal es a causa de los productos que se utilizan en las plantaciones y con las que se envenenan a los trabajadores...

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