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Notícies :: criminalització i repressió
Who will stop economic murder of Journalists?
07 feb 2013
On Monday Feb 6, 2012, when I finished my lunch at Karachi Press Club canteen, I was told by Chief Reporter of Awami Awaz that I have been fired from my job by Chief Editor of Daily Awami Awaz Dr. Jabbar Khattak. On my query that why I was fired without any notice or show cause notice, he replied that Dr. Khattak neither gives appointment letter and nor gives letter for dismissal.
After this reply, I told one of my Journalist friends that how long working journalist will suffer from this kind of treatment of news paper owners. When he fired me on just a single message, he even did not thought that from where I will pay house rent and I told him that this is also a kind of terrorism.

Few months back SAFMA organized seminar on Murder of Journalists and on the sideline we were discussing that journalists are also killed every day as they are sacked by the owners without prior notice. SAFMA and CPNE are lead by such terrorists, who have mask of “Independent Journalism” and show fake sympathy to media men.

Dr. Jabbar Khattak is known as leftist, Taraqi Pasand, Labour’s Friend, and Journalist’s Friend. But now there is no doubt that he is heartless and practically is otherwise. In a small salary, one reporter is expected to do work of ten reporters and who works in worst conditions of law and order and harsh weather. He is expected to work despite late payment of salaries and often in installments. He is never asked about any facilities but if any news of fake organization related to owner’s friend is missed then reporter is sacked.

This situation needs attention of government, civil society, political parties, human rights organizations and people like Dr. Jabbar Khattak needs to be exposed at national and international level who on the labour of journalists are getting legal and illegal benefits.

I appeal to Chief Justice Supreme Court and Chief Justice Sindh High Court to take suo moto notice of my economic murder by Dr. Jabbar Khatak of Awami Awaz.

President Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, Federal Information Minister Dr Firdous Asihque Awan and Provincial Minister for Information Ms. Shazia Mari should take notice of this terrorism of news paper owners, who think that government is not with working journalists but with them. Because they feel that they are personally known by the President, and Sindh Information Department is in their pocket!

I feel sorry about silence of former PFUJ and KUJ leader Mr. G N Mughal and Asad Chandio News Editor and who always writes about social and political justice and others who should not act like sheep because they will also be treated like this on their turn.

If notice of my economic murder is not taken then I will go on hunger strike till death to stop further economic murder and exploitation of my fellow journalists.

This work is in the public domain

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