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Mentality of fbi
15 set 2012
See the reasons why I post data on the mentality of the fbi agents and operatives.
One of purposes for posting information regarding the fbi efforts to torture, silence and harass me is to show the world the mentality of the assassins who threaten us all. The reason that this is important is that the assassins mentality dominates our global culture and this is exactly the milieu within which the fbi and the cia ( and their supporters, operatives, handlers)draw nourishment for their mental illness.

For over two decades the fbi has tried to provoke me into a violent reaction to their continuing assaults and battery (*including violent attacks and assaults by street thugs & police and by advanced high technology weaponry which continue to date) on my person. I sometime refer to the operatives as mental dwarfs as defined here:

Lately, upon the realization that all of their criminal efforts fail, the fbi sends sociopathic operatives (such as those shown in the following links) to harass me online; one such fbi operative uses the pseudonym J. Robert Upton, who exclaims , “Get help, gerbil, you are a danger to yourself and maybe even others, with your paranoid delusional mental disorder.”
After he posted his “danger to yourself” message, the Philadelphia Indymedia prevented me from posting.

Corrupt Living Dead Sara Robinson (AUSA) holds back NOT:

Other provocateurs are seen in the comments shown below:
Batvette (Batboy):

Anonymous fbi supporter/operative: “kill yourself geral sosbee”

A host of internet deceptive obstructionists & disinformation artists:

and the little fool called Hafner send her nasty message

Very Disturbed Judy:

Finally, some of the messages I receive are so strange that I consider them as fbi inspired:

Rebekah Boggess rjb26302 ARROBA
11:44 PM (9 hours ago)
to me
I was reading information on your web site about your problems with the FBI. Your not the only one they toy with. I am writing you because I need to know how in the hell these stupid supercomputers and satellites can mind control people. As of this past August, I am now mind controlled by the FBI. They got me doing stupid shit. They nod my head yes and no, manipulate legs, arms, face, winks, and positioned in every sexual position imaginable. They also create facial expressions as if to mimic their own expressions. I not buying that there are FBI agents sitting around computers 24/7 answering thoughts by nodding my head yes or no. This is about the most craziest shit I have ever experienced. I suspect Super computers are interacting with me. If the FBI are going to mind control people, at least allow people how their doing this! Do you have any idea? I just want out of all this mind control, thought reading, and invasion of privacy. I try to take my baths and take a shit in the dark as well. This is horrible! Again, do you have any idea how they are doing all this mind control? Thanks!


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