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15M Holanda.Carta en el Consulado.Video
16 mai 2012
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here the second part of video, the spanish version with the chanting parts from the Dam:
15M in Amsterdam
the first english version here:

That was the invitation:
One year ago in Spain, resignation was transformed into indignation and we took to the streets when nobody expected it. The message was clear, "We are not goods in the hands of politicians and bankers".
The unprecedented success of a democratic demonstration without any support from political parties, unions and the media inspired a group of brave people to sit at a square in the center of Madrid to decide what to do.

From this starting point we gathered at the squares all over the country and abroad to talk about what we know and what we don´t, about what we feel, about how the crisis is a scam, about what the power is hiding from us and we discovered, day after day, assembly after assembly, a capability to think critically and constructively that we thought we didn´t have. But we have it, and we have woken up.
This year has been a massive learning experience for millions of people, from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street. We learnt how to get informed and inform others. We stopped evictions and marched from Madrid to Brussels to raise our claims. We created our own media and networks. We experienced the work that is necessary to reach a consensus in horizontal assemblies without leaders where everybody could participate democratically, but also how powerful and wise these consensus were.
We felt the power inside us once we broke the chains of fear that the system constantly tries to introduce in our will. We broke the chains and nothing has been the same since then.
Along the way we have met incredible people; shared experiences, wishes and fears. Now we know we are not alone in this unfair world and there are many people willing to fight for a change.

After one year we want to meet again, show our support to the ideals of the movement and share our time in the square one more time. There is still a lot to do.

Come and join us!

Spanish consulate, Frederiksplein 34, Amsterdam, May 15th 2012 at 11:30
DAM Square, Amsterdam, May 15th 2012 at 19:00

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