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Notícies :: educació i societat
the way to happiness
23 abr 2012
26 April 12
Volunteer: Luis Lugo

As THE WAY TO HAPPINES booklet is changing the world.

The Way to Happiness booklet write by L. Ronnald Hubbard, is a common sense guide to a happier, more successful life. It includes 21 precepts for daily living that have relevance for anyone, regardless of race, creed or ethnic background.

The precepts of The Way to Happiness booklet are practical tools that an individual can use to guide his or her own life-and to deal with the dishonesty or misconduct of others.

The power of The Way to Happiness booklet lies in the simplicity of its use.

The action is straightforward: an individual selects a friend, relative or co-worker, gives the person a copy of The Way to Happiness booklet, and asks him or her to read it.

He gives the person additional copies to present to others.

In this way, tens of millions of copies of the book have moved through communities and neighborhood throughout the world, fostering tolerance and kindness in the lives of those they have touched.

This non-religious resource for character education is also used extensively by schools, businesses and government agencies, as well as in a wide variety of youth and community organizations.

The non-profit Way to Happiness Foundation International publishes the book - in more than 70 languages - and co-ordinates programs throughout the world that use the book to bring about a resurgence of moral and ethical behavior.

To further facilitate such campaigns, the Foundation offers reprint rights to companies and governments who wish to do mass printings for broad distribution. The Foundation houses a state-of-the-art digital press on its premises, and will provide graphics services to any individual, group or agency that wishes to personalize the cover of the booklets it plans to distribute.

By supporting civic and community programs that utilized The Way to Happiness, and by encouraging the widespread distribution of the book for more than 20 years, the Foundation has helped to improve millions of lives.

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This work is in the public domain


Re: the way to happiness
23 abr 2012
Fora Sectes!!!

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