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Alternative Currency: Ethical Money Backed By Real Values
17 abr 2012
Transparency is a communication on which people do not pay attention while wind blows in their favor, but as soon as wind changes direction to another dimension of existence, it is late for regrets and hopes in miracles. Today, many choose to move to alternative areas, but how many of them can really offer a true alternative?
Crom Alternative Exchange Association
Viska 14, 52100 Pula, Croatia

Press & Public Release
Tuesday, 17 April 2012



Transition into a better world and stable sustainable economy through the progress of monetary culture via development of a new worth appraisal and exchange system, in which alternative currency, as a universal real value based on precious metals, circulates. Love me freely as ethical money, unit of account, medium of exchange and store of value, or leave me and enjoy the benefits of a fictive currency in conventional monetary and financial control apparatus.

How many explains have we been offered for such variable and destructive monetary climate of general distrust that took over the world recently. Sometimes, the best solution is to start all over again, so here are some questions that arise. The purpose of the modern education system is to teach people how to think, or what to believe? What is the essential difference in John giving 10 kilograms of potatoes to Mary for 10 kilos of tomatoes, and in Mariana giving 10 euros to John for 10 kilograms of spinach?

Value is a reality that exists outside legal codes and regulations, or is just a matter of credibility that be negated by unwanted consequences of unpredictable events? What is value? How is it measured? What defines a measure of value? Acceptance of value is a matter of personal or collective choice? Acceptance of value is a matter of free choice or forced choice? Transparency is a communication on which people do not pay attention while wind blows in their favor, but as soon as wind changes direction to another dimension of existence, it is late for regrets and hopes in miracles. In understandable language, organization based on a culture of free information, projected towards the future, is facing with traditional insecurity of financial systems.

Three ingredients preserved in their purity - healthy logic, ethical and moral instinct – gave life to innovative embracement between pleasures of good taste and benefits of healthy life. From untrammeled creativity of Crom Alternative Exchange Association came a new, revolutionary, worth appraisal and exchange system that is able to offer the market not only natural quality of great taste, but it can have a positive impact on life style and general prosperity, via its honest prices, on both producers and consumers sectors.

Today, many choose to move to alternative areas, but how many of them can really offer a true alternative? In a situation of general distrust, Crom Alternative Currency System appears as an honest and sustainable, eco-friendly solution that can bring security to the market, and relief to nature and environment. In order to transform fantasy into solution, it has to be realizable, and this functional economic mechanism is a result of integration of projective creativity and technological capabilities from the idea workshop whose ambitions transcend regular repairs and adjustments in pursuit of a new, unique and the best.

Current ambient in current age is not exactly the most fertile ground for sprouting new innovative ideas that differ from conventional culture cultivated on media instruments whose purpose is, today more that ever, very questionable. But to give upon with an excuse that the conditions for undertake something and do good are bad is not a solution; if the intention is backed up with talent, knowledge and determination, "never say never" is a much better option. Sovereign alternative worth appraisal and exchange system – within which among all other means of payment Crom Alternative Currency circulates - a measure of worth for products and services defined by a fixed quantity of 5 precious metals and which is as such not subject to inflation - is an ambitious project backed with years of research and experimentations in order to create the highest quality, efficiency and safety.

In other words, it is about adventure in issuing money, sector that does not exist even if all accept it and participate because it coincides with our favorite hobby – working for money. The innovation we are talking about here is a dynamic and flexible structure that offers a possibility for rejection of false rigid schemes from the past that are no longer able to cope with the variable needs of modern market.

What is a main difference between official global monetary-financial system and Crom Worth Appraisal and Exchange System? Fiat money is the cause of monotonous problems, and Crom Alternative Currency is a fun creativity from which a broad specter of different solutions emanates. This is an "open source" nature project, with no need for patent protection - the more our culture is copied and communicated, together with our free spirit, life style, intuition, imagination, ingenuity and awareness that social position is not ensured inheritance but something that is to be deserved day after day; the more world will become honest, better and colorful with various skills and abilities connected to free individuality of personality within cooperative community.

Based on solid foundations such as efficiency, functionality and flexibility, in 2012 Crom Alternative Exchange Association enters into a new phase of expansion in which the ability to offer quality and innovative services will be of a crucial significance.

Promoting within social and business ant hill a progress trough development of monetary culture in which basic moral and ethical values flourish; in cooperation with national and international, economic and political, social and cultural organizations, and alone if needed; Association starts working on intention that, apart from the Internet, Crom Worth Appraisal And Exchange System obtain its business office also on the streets of the city of Pula - a space open to everyone - researchers, members, clients, institutions and other subjects interested in discovering new horizons. For a purpose of faster reaction and better adaption to new market demands, and to bring project to its fullest potential, Crom Association will concentrate its efforts on strengthening its organizational structure with the aim of further realization of activities of networking and opening new branches on national and international level that would be able to reach diverse audience and to maximize the flow and exchange of not just values, but resources and information also.

For those reasons, a layout has been just renovated, complete structure of worth appraisal and exchange system has been refreshed, including the marketplace for products and services, and we have redefined specification of Crom Alternative Currency. Now a currency based on a combination of 5 precious metals rather than on a variable fictive financial value, as such it represent both measure of value and value of measure at the same time – which is an intrinsic prerogative for creating eye-glittering excitement after seeing ethical money realized for every wallet. Crom Alternative Real Value is more than just finished product, in a world where everything has become just a consumer good, it is the transformation of business into different life stile - mens sana in corpore sano - in which everyone can participate. In addition, on a way of crom apparition also outside electronic frames, in a paper note form, for which design an international tender will be published soon, from now as the means of payment are also available Transition Cheques.

# # #

Reproduction of this material is not limited in any way or by any form of licenses and copyrights. All those who do not want to be a part of the problem anymore – people, companies and institutions – all those who wish to become a part of the solution are invited to spread this useful information via Internet, media and in any other written, oral or visual way.
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