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About El Castillo (eng)
21 des 2011
Almost two months in CSOA Castillo

For almost two months we have occupied the Castillo (Castle) in Les
Planes on top of the Collserola mountain range in Barcelona. Since then
a lot has happened, with this we would like to inform you about recent
developments. Firstly most of the cleaning and rennovation work is, in
parts completed and the social centre can present its frst events program:

Wednesday: 7pm cafe night and movie

Thursday: 3pm stick fighting and self defense class, also we work
together with squatted bank in Gracia on Tuesdays to do stick fighting
and self defence then afterwards a solidarity dinner.

The increasing repression against leftist, anarchist or free spaces also
affects us. Our court process starts on january 24^th , we will inform
you in time about actions and protests. There is still much work to be
done, mainly we need a LOT of help building barricades and also need
lots of materials, wood, metal, agi-props....etc etc..

Pass by and show your solidrity!!!!

Castillo Squatters 21/12/11

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About us

For 100 years the castle, also known as "Sanotori de Rectoret" in the
Collserola mountain range in Barcelona was originally planned as a
hospital for tuberculosis sufferers but this plan never came into
fruitation, the first time this building was used was as a guerilla
hospital in the spanish civil war, George Orwell also recovered here
after he was shot. At that time the castle was known as "Sanotori Mauri"

Later the city took possession of the property and should have renovated
it but instead they privatised it; some of our older neighbours speak of
corruption in this deal.

The building stayed for many years unused, falling into decay and
disrepair and sadly its only visitors were kids drinking and graffitti
artists. It was for the first time (since the civil war) squatted around
the millenium, the occupants stayed there for a few years until the
police violently evicted them.

The building changed hands once again and the new owner had a plan to
build a luxury hotel with an elevator and multiple level carpark. The
new owner was forced to abandon this project because it is a
historically protected building, thats why today there is a half
finished ugly concrete construction next to the castle.

Today the owner speculates that the roof might collapse but this is what
she wants as it will override the buildings protected status. She is
reinforcing her plan with a bought document from an artitect which
falsly proposes that the castle is unhabitable. For example it notes
easily fixable things such as broken glass from when the police made
their last eviction and broke all the windows, which we have already
cleaned and repaired.

When we occupied the building in Autumn 2011 we immediatley started to
make it better, we also met up with independent architects who showed us
what we can build to make the building even more habitable and proved
what we all thought: even though there is a small amount of damage due
to neglect and the violence of the last eviction the building is not in
a critical state of damage, they told us that it is livable as long as
work is undertaken to make it comfortable and it is already completely
safe to use as a social centre.

The building is not just a living space for us but a cultural free space
for the exchange of ideas, projects and community events.

The owner sees us as an obstacle for her plan to leave the building to
decay so she can destroy it and build a modern hotel complex overlooking
the village of Las Planes, which would be completely out of character
amongst this beautiful mountain scenery, she is now asking the
repressive police force and class court for help.......

We wont stand for that, we hate the system that puts speculation and
profit above the real needs of the people for a home and a community space!

People not profit!!!!!!!!

"The Castillo Squatters"

This work is in the public domain
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