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Greece General strike live coverage
19 oct 2011 is covering the 48hr general strike in Greece and offers an alternative update on current events.

Thousands of people are protesting against the harsh measures the Greek Government has voted for under the frame of IMF, EU, and the Central European Bank politics.
Workers are seeing their rights violated and their salaries cut down. Old people are hardly able to survive as their pensions have also been the Government's target. Pupils and students see their schools and universities close down, as the new Act by the Education Ministry has procceeded in enormous cuts.
Today all people of Greece are united and protest against this politics which serves the interest of capitalism and destroys life and hope.
Streaming news
9:30 All main streets at the Centre of Athens (Sintagma, Omomia Sq. Ermou) are covered by police men. Access to Parliament is blocked with a plexy-glass fence to prevent protesters from approaching the building.
11:00 PAME (trade unions of the Communist Party) are now at the Parliament Sq. Most protesters are in Omonia Sq. while primary teachers trade unions and students are gathering in the Archaelogical Museum.
11:45 Protesters are becoming more and more. The square in front of the Parliament as well as all streets around are already crowded. It seems to be one of the biggest demonstrations of the decade.
11:20 Demostration has started in Thessaloniki too. 20,000 is the fist estimation making it one of the biggest demosntrations of the town the last decade.
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