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Black Cross organizer Tamara gets 8 years
15 set 2011
Tamara''s attack on Albert Battle was to defend our comrade Amadeu Casellas, then dying on hunger strike due to Battle's refusal to grant basic human rights.
Tamara gets 8 yrs for attack on Prison Boss

Tamara Hernandez today accepted she tried to kill the head of the Prisons, the long hated Albert Batlle i Bastardas .
Albert had refused repeatedly to grant any clemency to the amazing anarchist prisoner Amadeu Castellas,
when he was on his 2nd hunger strike in 2009 after serving 22 years, way over his sentence.
The campaign for Amadeu went world wide, with daily attacks and demos all over, as he was apparently dying,
and put incommunicado in solitary by the same Albert Battle i Bastardos.
Tamara sent Albert a packet of gunpowder, 50 grams.
We had understood it wasn’t ‘loaded’ and was just a threat, but at the hearing yesterday the `police produced
‘proof’ that it was potentially lethal.
Then Tamara agreed a legal deal, her sentence was reduced from 17 to 8 years if she admitted it.
”I wanted to kill him”.. she said,. (well so did nearly everyone.)

El fiscal pedía 16 años de cárcel por los delitos de asesinato en grado de tentativa (12) y tenencia de explosivos (4).
Ha habido una concentración en la entrada de la Audiencia de Barcelona, frente a fuertes medidas de seguridad, para protestar por la condena de la anarquista
Fuente: Boletin Tokata

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