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la val de susa
04 jul 2011
una cronica desde italia
For whom are the bells tolling in Val di Susa? They are tolling for you as well. You who out of indifference, pigheadedly or who, because of the TV stations and the newspapers, are disinformed. First they came to get the young people of the G8, they beat them up and discredited them, then every demonstration against the Power was treated in the same way, beatings for the labourers (do you remember Pomigliano?) for the Sardinian shepherds, for the students (do you remember the protests for the Gelmini Law?). What was still missing were the older people, the elders. But this was taken care of last Sunday with ladies who could be the grandmothers of the bold police officers, attacked with tear gas at “la Maddalena”. They were on the ground and gasping for breath. They were vomiting. The police went on, without helping them, and they advanced indomitable to beat up those who were escaping into the woods. Who gave orders to our employees in uniform (it’s us that pay them, they have to defend us) to cut up the tents left at the fortified position, to piss and shit inside them, like the lowest of the hooligans? The canisters contained tear gas with CS gas (o-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile) that come under the classification of the so-called “chemical weapons”. Who authorised this? Was it Maroni, the secessionist and person who has been definitively convicted, who seems to be the caricature of Bagonghi? Does Maroni have the authority to do this to the Italians who are defending their territory? Maroni who said “Masters in our own home”?
The bells of the Val di Susa have been pealing. Today is the day for Mass. Today there can be the dress rehearsal for the dictatorship, just the last one to save the politicians, to save their own necks in the face of the forthcoming economic cataclysm, or the birth of democracy in Italy. The referenda and the local elections have demonstrated two things. The first is that between society and the parties there is no connection, the parties of the nuclear option and the private management of water have been swept away. The second is that the media no longer represent the shield of the mess-ups and the decisions taken from above. Information on the Internet is free. The parties, starting with the obscene duopoly PDL – PDminusL have been superseded (fucked up?) by the citizens, but they pretend nothing has happened. They continue unperturbed in the full frontal attack. The media are scrap merchants assisted by public financing. They are of no use. By now they have come into line with each other and are without any credibility. The positions of the “Gruppo l'Espresso” and Mediaset in relation to the TAV are identical. “De Beneduttoni.” To the Power the final defence is still there: The State Police. The discredited strategy of putting the Italians one against the other. Butcher’s meat. The bells in the Val di Susa, the bells of its churches, this Sunday are tolling for all Italians. Listen to them. They are your voice as well. It’s the voice of democracy

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