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The charm of the cigarette smoking devil
20 jun 2011
The charm of the cigarette smoking devil
The charm of the cigarette smoking devil

"The bicycle is a vehicle propelled by human muscle which consists of a frame which are placed two wheels aligned, one behind and the other in front, and equipped with a mechanical system for transmitting power to the drive wheel"

Who knows which other power our two comrades had in their bodies, who on the night between June 14 an 15 were arrested in Milan in the area Lambrate. Surely that of individuals in revolt.

Mattia and Fede, anarchists, are blocked by a patrol of the Railway Police while gave free rein to the drive developed by their legs on the pedals of their bicycles.
Without documents they are brought to the police headquarters for questioning and, during the search, the pigs found in Matthia bagpack a firelighter with matches and a cigarette assembled all together.
From here, a house search at Matthia house, where they found objects certainly not illegal ( a balaclava, couple of liter of diesel and a wig ).

Beyond the use of one or both partners had wanted to make of that nice assembly, our sympathies go to them and to all those who daily put themselves in play fighting against the State, its harmful effects, against all hierarchy and for human and animal liberation. Instead, our disgust goes to those who, like the press, describes the two cyclists as common thugs.

At times like this, where dozens of comrades and friends are locked up and subjected to many restrictions or under investigation, it is important to take action to make heard our solidarity.
To each of you the choice of how to use this weapon.

Anarco-cyclists solidarity.
16 June 2011

( Address of the prison they are in for those who might want to write them )
Mattia Petit
Federico Buono
Piazza Filangieri, 2
20123 Milano - Italy

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