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Riot 2nd February - Berlin?
14 gen 2011
The police in the german capital Berlin is expecting heavy riots around february 2.
The police will evict one of the last squats in Berlin: Liebig 14. Officials and newspaper say that this may cause heavy riots.
Today 10.01.2011 the house project in Liebigstraße 14, Berlin-Friedrichshain
received a written eviction notice for all apartments. It will be enforced the 2nd of February at 8:00 AM.
The lost legal processes and the failure of politics!
The eviction notice for our house project is the outcome of an almost 4 year-long legal struggle over the termination all apartments contracts, a struggle between the inhabitants of the houseproject and the owner Suitbert Beulker (also owner of the houseproject in Rigaerstr. 94) and Edwin Thöne, manager of the child protection association Unna. The pleaded ground for the terminations was the display of banners and Beulker taking offence with the construction of a door in the stairway. (For those interested in juridical farce: [German])
The attempted negotiations with regional and senate politicians to find a legal solution for the continuation of our house project or to buy the house with the help of a foundation have failed. Firstly politicians claimed to be unable to have influence over our situation. Secondly, responsible senate politicians have been conspicuous by their absence. For example our beloved interior senator Erhard Körting and the senator for city development, Ingeborg Junge-Reyer who for years have been pushing an agressive neo-liberal housing policy, and who, for example, abolished rent benefits for people on unemployment benefits (Hartz IV). Also Holger Lippmann, manager of Liegenschaftsfonds (the Berlin real estate holding company), refused up to the end to negotiate honestly for an alternative space for the project. Accompanying all this were a series of successfull actions, from colorful to black, loud to clandestine.
The houses in which they live!
We are not the only ones threatened by forced relocation, evictions and the whole property valorisation-scandal. Besides the struggle of the few remaining self-governing free spaces (for example Rigaer 94, Köpi around the corner, there are also the squatters struggles in Amsterdam, London and everywere else). More and more people in Berlin are hit by increasing rents and lose their apartments and social
environments. To them we giver our full solidarity and support!
We ask for international solidarity. Come to Berlin around 2nd of february and join us in demonstrations, riots, partys or hit and run! You will find sleepingplaces in other projects and a lot of stones in the street.
If the eviction can not be prevented, this will not be a defeat. It is important for all squats in Europe to demonstrate that an eviction will cause a lot of trouble and that it is expansive for every city to declare war to our movement.
There will come more informations on this site:
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