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Living Perfectly Without Sin?
08 gen 2011
Before the title can be considered the concept of sin needs to be explored. What do most people consider to be sin? Is it offenses against other humans? Is it destruction of other species? Is it in accordance to a proscribed religious concept? Is it part of a personal philosophy of what is right and wrong? Is it part of morality? Are we to include those petty selfish acts which does someone else out of a pleasure or something needed? Is it personal greed that denies someone else survival? How deeply or how lightly do we want to consider what covers the word sin. There are probably many more ideas to follow of what a personal concept of sin might be.

Most religions have a clear idea of what sin is. They state that this act or non act is a sin. You know where you are. However, sometimes these statements are at odds with basic human needs for survival. It also creates problems for humans who are following their natural instincts. The result is the creation of guilt. Is it a sin to create guilt in others? The religious idea of sin seems to be to curb natural instincts. There seems to be a need to frustrate. Yet probably the idea started as an attempt to make society a more equitable place, with respect for human life, person and property.

What do humans need? Maslow's hierarchy of needs starts at the basic level of warmth, food, shelter, water and love. Without someone to care, even a little for us, we die. Babies who have all the needs of food, shelter and warmth supplied fade away if they are not loved. Does that mean that those who withhold love as a punishment are committing a sin?

There are two schools of thought (at least) about sin. Those who believe in original sin, i.e. that a baby is born from evil and those who believe that a baby's only aim in life is survival and happiness. The idea that a baby is born from evil is confusing. A baby is born as a result of sexual intercourse. This is a natural act for the maintenance of the species.
It only become evil when a woman is raped or forced into sex for someone else's gratification. The baby is the unfortunate result. How does that make the baby bad? The Shakers could only have new members from outside because sex was taboo. Without those incomers they would have died out.

This work is in the public domain


08 gen 2011
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