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Notícies :: corrupció i poder
free norwin ur
17 jul 2010
Norwin is a boy. He has been locked up in a solitary cell for years. he has never even been convicted of any crime.
Norwin was below the minimum age for to put a child in jail. But no one cared much about that. He had been kidnapped and brought to the Netherlands. His mother anciously awaits his return. She cries every day. The Dutch company called jeugdzorg got hold of the boy and they refuse to let him go back home. The international laws state that all kidnapped children should be returned home immediately to their parents. In order to prevent anyone from contacting the boy the company had him locked up in jail. What a lot of harm does this do to a young boy? Please write to the newspapers and sign the petition to queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, through our mailaddress, fem.action ARROBA
You can send your 'signature' in email. just state: I sign the petition to FREE NORWIN - UR!

- E-Mail: fem.action ARROBA

This work is in the public domain


Re: free norwin ur
18 jul 2010
Algú té informació d'aquest cas? Estic garratibat... si això és cert deu ni dor, però epr altra banda fa pinta a majarada, a conspiranoia...

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