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Notícies :: @rtivisme
A community for vegan abolitionists
16 abr 2010
and the same cool attitude you've always loved.

This 2010, ARCO's Abolitionist, a vegan forum, is coming to your local Internet connection totally renewed. New template, new script, new sections. We have beautiful new colours and an image that we're confident will appeal to your eyes as well as your heart.

But not everything is fancy, shiny colours.

ARCO's Abolitionists is the Mecca of abolitionism. That's right. You wanna know about the latest abolitionist news? Well, we got them. You wanna meet fellow abolitionists from all over the world? We got them too. You wanna engage in the most interesting discussions ever and learn lots of stuff? You guessed it. There's lots of that on our forums.

You think that's hot? Well, have you heard of a little something called Internet social network? We know you have. You know THAT's where it's at. And we know it too. That is why now you can follow us on Facebook AND Twitter, the most successful Internet social networks of today.

We also know you're a busy vegan activist, with lots of projects, spreading the word on a daily basis. No sweat about it. But that is precisely why our forums have a place for you. You are in our thoughts, so we have created a special place where you can tell us everything we need to know about your current projects: our Member Project Announcement board. I little snippet of our home just for you! We'll be very happy to know about you're activities and they' will certainly benefit from other people's knowing about them! (And so will the animals)

And don't forget. Because vegan food is the most delicious food in the Universe (what could possibly be tastier than exploitation-free meals?), you can now bookmark us at Delicious! More and more people will get to know us, you, abolitionism, and hence veganism, if you do.

Of course, if you're not an abolitionist (just yet!) or you know someone who would like to know a little more about veganism and abolitionism, then you should know about our New to Veganism board, where all questions will be answered and doubts will be cleared. That is our mission.

Not everything has changed around here, though. The heart of ARCO's Abolitionists is still in the right place: animals shouldn't be treated as property. So, even though we have a whole new image just for your benefit, you'll still be able to find those deep, philosophical questions that lie at the heart of our growing, ever-expanding movement. You can discuss them at length, post as much as you want, and even criticize at our Hot Irons board. That's what ARCO is all about: hearing you and building a new, compassionate future together by incorporating bright ideas from everyone, always aiming at the abolition of animal exploitation.

So, to sum up, in case you have just scanned through this e-mail (and who has the time to read such lengthy e-mails anyway, when there's activism to do), as a gift to you, I'll give you the bottom line: come to the boards and have a great time! We'll be waiting for you.

The Animal Rights Community Online Team
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