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Notícies :: antifeixisme
DE: Searches against Antifa in Berlin and Dresden
20 gen 2010
At the 19th February took place a wave of searches against left and anti-fascist rooms, which support the protest against the Nazis’ march at the 13th February in Dresden.
Amongst others, the Antifa-store “Red Stuff” in Berlin/Kreuzberg, the Info-office from “Die Linke” in Dresden, as well as the “Autonomous Centre Conni” in Dresden were searched by cops from LKA (State Office of Criminal Investigation) Saxony and Berlin on order of the prosecution from Dresden. In Berlin and Dresden have been confiscated several thousands of flyers, placards and stickers, which called to participate in the protests against Europe’s largest Neo-Nazi march as well as computers. The reasons given by the prosecution in the search warrant are: that the call to civil disobedience and blockades is a public call to commit criminal acts. 230 groups and organisations as well as 800 individuals (among them musicians like Bela B (Die Ärzte), Konstantin Wecker , members of the Bundestag from “die Linke” and Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, members of the Landtag from SPD, the mayor of Jena, union secretaries and priests) participate in the nationwide association “Dresden Nazifrei”, which calls for mass blockades.

In the meanwhile a wave of protests and solidarity demonstrations are taking place in Germoney, by yesterday spontaneous demonstrations happened in Berlin, Leipzig, Munich, Halle, in Hamburg a solidarity demonstration will take place at Thursday.

Pictures from the searches in Berlin:

Articles about the searches:

List of groups/organisations and individuals who participate in the association “Dresden Nazifrei”:

Mobilisation against the Nazi’s march in Dresden:

This work is in the public domain


Mes imatges
21 gen 2010
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