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Copenhagen Climate Conference Parliament of World’s Religions Do This
05 des 2009
The solution is so simple.
In “The Little Prince” the fox said, “Words are a source of misunderstanding.” The Parliament of the World’s Religions meets every 5 years and this year they are meeting now from Dec. 3 to Dec. 9, 2009. The theme of this year’s Parliament of the World’s Religions is “Make a World of Difference” and “Hearing each other and Healing the Earth.”

Coincidentally this year the Copenhagen, Denmark Climate Change Conference is being held between Dec. 7 and Dec. 18, 2009. The two major conventions are both devoted to Healing the Earth and both conventions, one with the world’s religious leaders and one with the world’s political and scientific leaders are going to overlap on Dec. 7-9, 2009.

Did you ever wonder, with all the talk and meetings and education, why are we all still ravaging our home, planet Earth? In fact, we are still fighting over whether or not climate change and global warming are even happening. It’s like the tobacco industry years ago. It’s gotten so bad that because of some hacked stolen emails in England at the University of East Anglia, a scandal casting doubt on the existence of global warming called “Climategate” has erupted. Al Gore and all environmentalists are now being called stupid data changing ignorant frauds, and global warming and climate change a hoax.

How could this be happening? In 1925 Clarence Darrow was the leading lawyer of his day. At the time, it was a curse word to say the word “Damn.” Clarence Darrow said, “There are very few words that people understand, about 20 of them and I’m Damned well going to use them all.” The root problem with the names Climate Change, Global Warming and Environmental is that these words are too narrow for the problems they describe and more importantly, people do not understand these words. “Environmental” sounds like a mental enviro. This is why the climategate people are so ready to pillory us over the climategate scandal. They think that we are mentally ill.

People are animals. We all have 99% monkey DNA. We have become so sophisticated that we have forgotten what we are and we have forgotten our roots. We forget that for 5 million years we lived in the jungle with our natural predators wolves and lions and snakes. We forget that for millions of years we got bitten by snakes who injected their poison, their venom into us and we and our loved ones died. But deep down we do remember. In our primitive reptilian brain stems we have an instinctive gut wrenching fear of poison. People fear and understand the word poison in their guts.

The first step that we need to take to heal our home Planet Earth is to change the words we use and replace them with new words. We must change the word “environmentalist” to “antipoisoner.” Instead of the “Copenhagen Climate Conference” we must pass a resolution renaming it the “Copenhagen Antipoisoner Convention.” Let the naysayers argue that human beings did not create poison acid rain, and lakes dead from poison acid rain. Let the naysayers say that human beings did not invent poison petrochemicals that poison us into horrible diseases and death from cancer.

Lets change the words Global Warming, Climate Change and Environmentalism to “Antipoisoning.” Antipoisoners are pro life when it comes to the environment.

Now here is where the 8,000 religious leaders assembled this week in Melbourne, Australia at the Parliament of the World’s Religions come in: The Christians, Muslims and Jews all worship God of Mount Sinai aka God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Allah, Yehovah, and Elohim. 3,200 years ago God of Mount Sinai carved in stone 10 commandments Himself. Accurately translated from the original Hebrew, the 6th commandment carved by God Himself was “Don’t Murder.”

God didn’t need 3,000 pages of scripture to show us the way. He needed 2 words. “Don’t Murder.” Our scientists know that we are all made of air, water and earth. Because we humans are constantly poisoning the Earth’s air, water and earth, and these poisons are trapped in our atmosphere, oceans, lakes and soil, we are injuring and murdering ourselves and our neighbors. This is not love. In the second commandment, the covenant, the deal, the bargain, God promised that if we broke his commandments, he would punish us, our children, our granchildren and our great grandchildren. Let the naysayers say that poison chemicals shot out of our cars and smokestacks are a figment of our imagination.

We are now at the turning point in the history of life on Earth. Do we go on or do we go extinct and take all the other species with us in the ultimate murder suicide Nuclear World War III. When the black purple cloud of nuclear winter encircles the tiny ball called Earth for a year of darkness and nuclear winter and the acid rain turns into radioactive rain let the survivng naysayers say, this was not done by human beings, it’s all a figment of your imagination. And after this year of real live Hell on Earth when the radiactive cloud has eaten away all of the ozone and the nuclear rays of the sun melt lead on the surface of Earth as on Venus, let the naysayers explain to God that they deserve to enter Heaven, after they have murdered all life on Earth forever.

Let the naysayers say that humans did not create the poison smog we breathe. The Christians and Muslims representing 3 billion people believe that the Jewish born Rabbi Jesus Christ is their Messiah and will save them. The book of Revelations was written first in Greek. Prince Jesus Christ comes flying down from Heaven on his flying horse and defeats the snake, goat, lion Beast, Devil. In the Greek Myths written by the grandparents of the Greek bible writers, Prince Bellerophon on his flying horse Pegasus poisons to death the snake, goat, lion chimera. 3 billion people are waiting for a plagiarised character from a fairy tale to save them.

To the antipoisoners assembled at the Parliament of the World’s Religions and The Copenhagen Climate Conference, “God helps those who help themselves.” The fate of life on Earth is in your hands. Evolve into a peaceful species of antipoisoners. Just do it.
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