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Solidaridad desde Alemania y Suiza
27 nov 2009
as organizaciones juveniles Aufbau Switzerland (RAS, Red Aide International (RHI),Revolutionary Youth of Zurich/Switzerland (RJZ) y Network freedom for all political prisoner Hamburg and Magdeburg han mostrado su solidaridad con los jóvenes vascos apresados durante esta semana.
Solidarity with our Comrades of the Basque Youth Movement

During the night of November 23rd/24th 2009 650 Policia National and Guardia Civil officers organized a major blow against the Basque youth movement. 35 youths were arrested, 92 premises were raided, including private apartments, Herriko Tabenas (leftist bars and restaurants), youth centers, offices etc. and numerous items were seized. The arrested youths are accused of being members of the youth organization SEGI. Since it is presumed that the Spanish National Police and especially the post-fascist Guardia Civil are conducting torture-interrogations, so as to arrest more youths, hundreds have gone underground for the moment.

The youth movement continues to be in the scopes of the repression. This isn?t surprising being that even though decades of fascism,imperialism, capitalism and the consequent police repression and torture have occurred, a new generation always raises its head to fight for independency and socialism. The repression blow also shows the crazed fear of a revolutionary continuity, which the class justice has still not managed to defeat.

We condemn the repression blow to the fullest and declare our solidarity with all the concerned. No matter what they did and what they will do, the struggle continues!

Freedom for all political prisoners!


Solidarity Greetings,

* Revolutionärer Aufbau Switzerland (RAS)
* Red Aide International (RHI)
* Revolutionary Youth of Zurich/Switzerland (RJZ)
* Network freedom for all political prisoner Hamburg and Magdeburg (Germany)

This work is in the public domain
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