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Anunci :: globalització neoliberal
Brazil: A good plan and a good man
02 nov 2009
Brazil needs a good plan and a man with credibility to implement it.

The first step is to bring up plenty of public money.
The fact, dear reader, is that in these 15 years of FHC and Lula da Silva, we’ve paid, at least, five trillion reais (U.S.$ 1,00 = R$ 1,76 now) in interest and repayments of public debt.

"At least" because as a precaution I’ve not only fetch the numbers from the database of the secretary of the treasury, but also because I’ve made a point to catch them from the column that has no update or our numbers would be even more stratospheric.

Look, five trillion reais equals 35 times the total sales of Brazilian automobile industry in 2008, with exports, including to this also results for the agricultural machinery.

Weighing the little, but very major, that has advanced this our plan to Brazil, I say that with 500 billion reais in investments, we will build a Brazil with work and dignity for all brazilian people.

With a trillion in investments, forgive me for joking dear readers and Swedes, we’ll build 50 Swedens here.

Unfortunately, dear reader, I am writing to you that 5 trillion have been "transferred", while Brazil has been miring or a little more than that.
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Re: Brazil: A good plan and a good man
02 nov 2009
vendo un opel corsa, casi nuevo.
Re: Brazil: A good plan and a good man
04 nov 2009
No li feu ni cas. Es un cotxe robat!

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