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Notícies :: ecologia
Italy calling on Circus Ringling Bros and Barnum
25 oct 2009
The circus is leavig Milan and coming to Spain.
Ringling Bros and Barnum leave Milano probably on sunday night october 25 and they will come to Spain, to make shows all over.
Plese boycott this horror and see the video on

This work is in the public domain


Re: Italy calling on Circus Ringling Bros and Barnum
25 oct 2009
Ringling Bros and Barnum deja milan y llega domingo por la noche en españa para actuar.
Porfavor boicotead este horror y ver este video.
How you can boycott circus
26 oct 2009
Modificat: 05:16:00
we went inside separatly when the show was just started in order to pay very low tickets, and we set near to the ring to better see animals. They were not many: some dogs, four elephant and some lions. The dog were looking the more healthy but one of theme showed in a clear way his fear with the position of tail and ears. One lioness sitting on a stool kept the head down all the time and probably the performance finished earlier because one of the lions looked nervous and on the way of attack the trainer when he asked him to lie down. We had many fliers hidden and we spred them all over during the break. At the end of the show we went fast near the doors (not going out) and we gave the fliers to the public leaving. Probably they were thinking to pick up a discount for some show, instead they red why circus is a crime.
You must be very careful because people of circus are always around to control, night and day, what happens around and they don't look nice people.During sit in and demonstrations they take picture of the activists and we saw them doing this. In Italy we say "camurrìa" wich means "belonging to camorra". Under this big movement of money (the owner of Ringling Bros and Barnum, Kenneth Feld, is one of the reachest man of america)there must be something very near to mafia.

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