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Ghost Troop Warns of "Vigilant Guard" Peril
02 set 2009
TEXAS, 9/1/2009 -- America's only counter-terror cyber militia is sending out a worldwide alarm about the Vigilant Guard terror exercise that begins tomorrow in and around New York's capitol city of Albany.
Ghost Troop Warns of "Vigilant Guard" Peril

By Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast

According to Ghost Troop executive officer Lieut. Patti Woodard, terror war games sometimes become terror events:

"We're coming up on the anniversary of 9/11," she told The Iconoclast, "and people should remember that on 9/11 there was a military exercise related to airplanes crashing into buildings, and that exercise went live. Eight years ago Vigilant Guardian turned into 9/11 in New York City. Eight years later the government is running Vigilant Guard, which is almost the same name, in New York State, which is almost the same place. How can they expect us not to be highly suspicious?"

Ghost Troop's Sgt. Maj. Merlin Neadow, a decorated Vietnam infantryman, repeats the same sentiments of mistrust for the Obama administration that he previously espoused against the Bush administration for five years as the unit's first sergeant:

"They used 9/11 to get us to attack the Arabs the same way LBJ's boys used the Gulf of Tonkin to get us to attack the Vietnamese," he says. "9/11 was a false flag attack all the way, and the same bunch of crooks are bound and determined to carry out a 9/11-2B follow-up false flag attack because the war machine is running out of gas in the Middle East."

Vigilant Guard will place New York State's leadership into the middle of an overwhelming, catastrophic earthquake scenario, requiring military reinforcement of the civilian government. Additionally, and to some, disturbingly, there will also be terrorists and a WMD-style event in the outskirts of Albany.

The consensus among GTs, as Ghost Troops refer to themselves, is that Barack Obama (referred to as "Nuclear Obama") is prepared to follow the Bush pattern of a first-year summer false flag attack, while his poll numbers are still relatively high and Congress is away on recess. They point to exercises earlier in the summer as false flag possibilities that could have occurred if the Internet community that they spearheaded had not been alerted and informed, and thereby a deterrent to official mischief:

Ardent Sentry, simulating railway terror, was in mid stride when the unit published a false flag terror warning on June 22. Within hours there was a freak railway derailment in the national capitol resulting in the deaths of nine people -- including the Air Force general who had commanded Washington DC air defenses on 9/11, and his wife.

Ghost Troop issued a target analysis prior to National Level Exercise '09, a two-week affair that occurred in late July. In it, they specified Chicago, New York City, Houston, Portland and Washington DC as the top five Obama administration false flag target areas. During NLE '09, Chicago had a surprise government simulation of a terror takeover of a ship on the Chicago River. New York City had a surprise government nuclear drill in its harbor. Portland was part of the catastrophe-struck war game area for suddenly announced NORAD exercises. Most frighteningly, Bryan, Texas, northwest of Houston, had a freak fire in a local fertilizer company, resulting in the mass evacuation of over 70,000 residents. Had the factory exploded, officials stress, the result would have been near-nuclear in its proportions. Curiously, the GT nemesis "Nuclear Obama" had been sequestered with his top military advisers just prior to the Bryan event, as part of the NLE '09 script. U.S. Army hazmat teams were at the time operating in the Bryan area. To unit members, none of it is coincidental; rather, they believe that it was an aborted attempt at carrying out 9/11-2B.
Most recently, unit leaders published an alert about Vibrant Response, a command post exercise (CPX), asserting that it was a nuclear scenario targeted against Kansas City. In the following days, exercise leaders admitted the Kansas City nuke scenario. According to published reports and sources in Ft. Leavenworth, Vibrant Response shut down almost a week early. GT members are convinced that their efforts brought about the admissions and altered the exercise -- and perhaps averted false flag nuclear mayhem in the Midwest.
It's not the first time they have made such claims, and not the first time that published facts have supported them. They point to an early 2006 prediction they made of a nuclear false flag attack against Texas City, Texas. The day after their 1/31 target date, "day-after" U.S. WMD military assets turned up in force, a Homeland Security and military conference was exposed in neighboring Galveston and the public was in a panic. According to official sources, it was all a big coincidence -- an explanation parroted without investigation by the local Galveston County Daily News, and ignored altogether by the deaf dumb and blind Houston media.

Their success has brought them publicity in both the mainstream and alternative media. Much of it has been negative. In mid-June CNN attacked the group as a pack of conspiracy theorists and anti-Semites. Self-proclaimed hero of the 9/11 truth movement Alex Jones has reported to The Iconoclast that Ghost Troop is "COINTELPRO scum" -- alluding to the FBI's infamous counterintelligence program. Jones was particularly vociferous in denouncing the unit as it warned the public of the Texas City nuke attack danger in 2006. He was joined in his efforts by on-again off-again cohort John Stadtmiller, notorious among Ghost Troops for having destroyed his two-hour interview with the unit commander, conducted two days after a 3/30/2004 explosion at BP in Texas City, which the unit had predicted three weeks in advance. Jones sidekick Jack Blood also attacked on the airwaves.
"CNN is state-sponsored propaganda, pure and simple," says Lieut. Woodard, "and we can be proud that we are the only cyber group that they have singled out for attack. As for RBN (Republic Broadcasting Network) and Genesis, they are Texas traitors who tried to set up a false flag by attacking us when we were defending America."
"They make me sick," Sgt. Maj. Neadow adds, "here they are, headquartered in Austin, and they have never lifted a finger to protect Texas City and Houston, which are their next-door neighbors. They destroyed evidence from 2004, and they never did let the public know that our 2006 mission turned up a WMD team in Texas City. Now here we are, three years later, shutting down an attack against Bryan, Texas, which is another neighbor of theirs, and they're helping Obama to cover it up. They are traitors, and one day I hope they answer for it."
In the meanwhile, Ghost Troopers across the nation continue what they see as their genuine infowar to protect the nation against 9/11-2B. Assuming all goes well tomorrow in New York State, there are still more Vigilant Guard continuation exercises coming up, from 11/1 -- 11/6. Even as they execute their current mission, they are preparing for the next one. Numbering in the hundreds, and reaching hundreds of thousands, they may be the true vigilant guard of the American people.

* * * * * * * * *

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All other articles mentioned can be accessed through the Ghost Troop Cyber Militia homepage: * Apply for membership at site.

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