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Ladyfest a Dijon (france)
09 ago 2009
From the evening of the 2nd September to the 6th, come to LADYFEST to meet and speak around the theme of the body, in Les Tanneries (Dijon, East of France).
During these four days, women, lesbians, transsexuals and transgenders are warmly welcome to have reading, writing, and practical workshops, exhibitions, film projections and whatever you want to add!

Some DISCUSSIONS and THINKING WORKSHOPS will take place during these four days:
-discussions about feminism, transsexuality, abortion methods, prostitution, and discussion related to how feminism can be (re)placed in other political struggles
-introductory workshop to silkscreen printing
-writing workshop proposed by the girl collective Subtil beton –a two year old small feminist group that met around the Tanneries, which explore various themes through writing
-film projections
-every morning, jogging and intense sport training for those who want
-a reading evening in a bar in Dijon for women-trans-lesbian only
-a concert on Friday evening with the band “Vices et Ralement deviants” (hip hop queer)
-a party on Saturday evening

Different SPACES will be converted to host a variety of workshops including:
-a stencil workshop
-a room to let off steam –to smash various sexist symbols (such as adds, books, dishes, mirrors, hoovers, bra, …)
-a room to play –‘cause games are a good way to relax and meet (don’t hesitate to bring your own game(s)!)
-a room for body-painting –the idea is to paint parts of your body to temporally modify its appearance
-a tranquil and isolated area to have a massage and learn how to give one
-a place to observe every nook and cranny of your body –cause we don’t always have time or will to do it. Discussing and writing about your body can make you feel like looking at it
-a workshop to learn “play-piercing” –“play-piercing” consists of piercing the skin, as you would for a piercing, but without aiming to keep a piece of jewellery; it’s a way to re-appropriate your body and/or reconnect with it, by discovering its limits
…just come and complete this program with any suggestions for workshops and/or open discussions related to the body (body politics, ageism, racism, sexism, transsexuality, prostitution, masturbation, (a)sexuality, normality, relationships to food, body modification and mutilation …)

Ladyfest will be what we call “non-mixité” which in this case means between people recognising themselves as woman, lesbian, transsexual and/ or transgendered.
Why are we doing this?
Meeting between woman-lesbian-trans(sexual)(gendered) around different kinds of workshops, out in public and proud, is a good way to feel strong as a collective and as an individual!
And it’s a way to meet and share things, ‘cause we are subjected to the same kind of oppressions and then from it, we can build some collective reflections and understand ourselves more.

Basically, it’s just a way to (re)create spaces of discussion and reflection in a friendly atmosphere between different people touched by common questions.
‘Cause speaking and thinking with people who have much in common despite all their differences is much easier!

This ladyfest is gonna happen in les Tanneries, a collective and autonomous place in Dijon (east of France, capital of the mustard) which -for lots of reasons- is not so used to welcoming feminist events. Using Les Tanneries is a way to reappropriate a space mostly used by men and to try to get rid of this tradition and change it, and, why not, recreate some local and national feminist dynamics!

The body…
Our intention is that through these workshops we could find a common theme allowing us to think about gender, body, social construction and identities. Thinking about the mechanisms that oppress us (which sometimes we perpetuate) and that trespass in our lives.
We also want to reappropriate our body, our feelings whilst having fun. We hope that by modifying our body with paint, costumes and by watching it, this would cross the boundaries of differing backgrounds, and help us to go further in our collective reflexions.

Don’t hesitate to send any questions, suggestions and comments to modify and/or improve the programme!
To contact the organisers of the lady fest:
ladyfest ARROBA

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