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Notícies :: @rtivisme
call for action against IMF / WORLD BANK istanbul/turkey meeting (1-8 october 2009)
15 jul 2009

Representatives and breaucrates of multinational capitalist companies will be in İstanbul in 6 – 7 October fort he annual meeting of World Bank and IMF (International Money Foundation) where they will have decisions to blacken the life of billions of people.

Another peak meeting for saving benefits of capitalist sovereigns, where only economic packages which does not be useful nothing than adding another ring to the exploitation chain for poor billions and for future of the planet that we live on, reconstructions and austerity politics, constitutional accordance conditions will be discussed…

The experiences in true life evidently showed that World Band and IMF politics that are applied has no benefit other than indigence and exploitation and can not be any benefit other than this (Argentina, Jamaica, Nigeria, Kenya etc.) IMF and World Bank which are the leading architect of globalism of capitalism, are the primary responsible instruments for banishment of poor people from their habitat and their homes by urban transformation politics (to ennoble), having hypotec on water which is the primary need of life by a few company, by prisoning the local breeder to global capitalis patrons by agriculture politics, to add new rings to the chains of workers by new employement legislations.

13.000 robber and much more armband forces who take order to protect them will be walking between us in these days. Probably, they will show us the hell! Hunting, identity follow-up, bordering the roads, fencing etc…

Come on, let us show the hell to them in these days! Our bonfire will be their nightmare!
We like to orginise some concerts, workshops, exhibitions, movie presentations, conversations and activities against IMF and World Bank between 1-8 October. Sheltering needs for the came from other cities and other countries will be met. People who want to attend to the preoarations for the activities and organisations can contact with us over the contact information. Also, people who want to receive regular information regarding the preparation phase of the activities can visit our web site that will be updated periodically.
In the bonfire days of resistance, we all have the hope to raise the international solidarity!

Autonomy of Publics Aganist Global Capital!

Add Your Voice to the Scream Aganist National and International Capital!

Contact: / (Turkish) / (English)

direnistanbul ARROBA
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