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29 mai 2009


This year is the 60th years after our communist leader Ibrahim KAYPAKKAYA was born. We report our Parti, the Democratic People Revolution, Socialism and Communism because of hes 60th birthyear. And we will report his name like a real communist in our fight.

First of all we must know that the heredity who our Comrade Ibrahim KAYPAKKAYA lefted us is not a simple heredity.
The heredity he lefted us are grounded on his life and work, undeniably the hereditys name he left us on Turkey and Turkey-Kurdistan is The Communist Party Of Turkey/Marksist-Leninist.
This wonderful work was grounded first of all by the brafe Turks-Kurds and the other minority people who live in Turkey and Turkey-Kurdistan.

The stages who we are in today; which is also the 60th birth year of our leader, the 37th year of our Party TKP/ML was grounded and the 36th years of our comrade was killed have a big meaning for us revolutionary communists.

Why is the three facts we just telled so meaningsfull to us?

First of all, this year is the 60th year of our leaders birthyear, this is not that simple like a normal birthday. We will underline the historical personality who will leade the opressed people and the meaning of the hederity he left to us.

When we look at the classwar, we always see personalities who led the class ore classes. This is naturally and inevitable. No one can tell us the opposite.

We must tell a important thing here. The proletariat of Turkey and Turkey-Kurdistan was lefted without a leader by the fascist kemalists dictatorship when they killed the leader of The Communist Parti of Turkey Mustafa SUPHI and his 14 friends. Because of that the proletariat of Turkey and Turkey-Kurdistan was leaded by a silly right passifists parliamentaries who could not make a revolution and they finally get the result who was waiting for them: being on their selfs. The leaders could not take care of the hederity which was left by Mustafa SUPHI and because of that they was alone.
If we look to the period when this started; the persons who should be leading the people does not get their sustenance from Marxism-Leninism (that time they do not said Marxism-Leninism-Maoism) instead they get their sustenance from the bourgeoisi. And naturally instead to condemned the violence the Kemalist fascists dictatorships was maken to the Turkey-Kurdistan they choised to left the opressed people and share the dictatorship opinion and say "They acts against the feodals".

If we begin from here, TKP could not get anywhere without being a namewhered party after the massacre of Mustafa SUPHI and hes 14 friends. We do not need to be a genius for understand it. There is no way to be shocked when we tell that for people with two ears, two eyes, one head (the exception do not destroye the concern) and the pocibility to think.
In this way, the opressed proletariat of Turkey and Turkey-Kurdistan do not have a leading communist party in 50 years. And finally after 50 years of right pacific parliementaries the radical '71 departure step in.


When we tell the founding of our party TKP/ML, we can not do it without telling you the progress in the hole world. If we write some reason who maked our party TKP/ML founded advancing it would be without undeniably this two reason: One; the Great Proletariat Culture Revolution in China, Two; the developing of the proletariat in Turkey and Turkey-Kurdistans 15-16 June Persist... The first one who present it was the Communist Leader Ibrahim KAYPAKKAYA.
But we can say that the real reason who maked our party and leader is the Great Proletariat Culture Revolution. And this have a big meaning for us.

First of all we can tell why it was needed to a party.

The class war is hard and hilly. When we look at the history, we can see that the class war step up when the classes step up.
All the class wars untill today had one leader (ore leaders) and one political movement.

At the period of slaves, their was Spartakus and behind him slaves who wanted their freedom. Eaven if this movement was a movement that the slaves want theirs freedom, it was a movement there the opressed loose. But eaven if there are a loosing movement today, their is no one who knows about who it was who won the war against Spartakus. If we should define it more excactly, it does not have a name on the history. But the Spartakus movement is on the opressed peoples mind.
Our mission is not to tell you about the historical movements of all time. Our mission is just to give you an exemple of the historical class war.
Historical their was a pre-communist, slavery, feodal and capitalist communities. Also a short time of a socialist community...


We wrote this sentences today because our party celebrates the 37th year of movement and it's the same time that our leader was killed. We walk towards a historical process. We all knows that. It is no needs to play dead in sleep. This knowledge is not a simple "we know that" saying. It was hard for all the sympathizer of TKP/ML to percist it to our days.


Our party TKP/ML was founded the 24 April 1972. This process is in the same time a historical separate. Why are we saying that? Why a historical separate? What should we understand from the word "separate"?

The '71 radical revolutionary struggle gaved the proletariat in Turkey and Turkey-Kurdistan three revolutionary political movements. And this three movements was mentioned with communist-revolutionary leaders; Mahir THKP-C, Deniz THKO and Ibrahim TKP/ML.

Among the three movements TKP/ML has an different character. But, why a different character?
TKP/ML was founded after a diciplined diskussion between the opportunists, revisionists and reformists. The historical movement of the communist advance and the period of the founding of our party, it would not be wrong if we maked some subject articles.

TKP/ML had with being concrete and with using analyse-synthesis methods, get done to make some analyses about the situation of our country under Ibrahim KAYPAKKAYA ideas. In this meaning, hes ideas wich is the analyses of Kemalism, the national crises, social ekonomik state structure and how the revolution would be; he teached us the practical movement of our armed struggle. And we say that: if a revolutionary movement can not make the right analyses of their country and make their choise how struggle by the results of the analysis, they can not make a revolution.

In this meaning, our party TKP/ML has the right analyses. It is on the right way to struggle in the subject of the movement. Certainly we will give some exemples. But before, we will look at why we choised to use the name "TKP/ML"
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