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Notícies :: antifeixisme
Take action for anti-fascists
22 mai 2009
Take action for anti-fascists of Ukraine and Russia 24th and 25th of May!

International call

Recent months have seen unprecendent levels of repression against
anti-fascists in Ukraine and Russia. Anti-fascists have been both framed
up and punished for defending themselves against Nazis.
n Ukraine, President proclaimed Antifa to be "extremists" and ordered
the law enforcement agencies "to scrutinize political motives" behind
the death of Nazi activist Maksim Chayka, who died in Odessa after an
attempt to attack 5 anti-fascists with his 15 friends. Referring to
Nazis as "patriots", Yuschenko showed his sympathy with them. Soon
Ukrainian secret service SBU, controlled by president, announced that a
pro-Russian party was behind the death of Chayka. Obviously, this
incident is used by various political forces for internal political
struggle. 22nd of April, anti-fascist from Kiev was kidnapped, beaten up
and transferred to Odessa, but eventually released. SBU is also
claiming, that suspected killer of Chayka is hiding in Russia, and has
demanded his extraction to Ukraine. Even if that is the case, it is
unlikely that he will face a fair and unpartial court after
interventions of the president.

Meanwhile Russia, a country hinted by Yuschenko do be behind Antifa in
Ukraine, is also repressing anti-fascists with a vigor. 21st of April,
Moscow anti-fascist Aleksey "Shkobar" Olesinov was given one year
sentence for a fight in a bar in August 2008 which did not even took
place. 8th of May in St. Petersburg, anti-fascist Aleksey Bychin was
sentenced to 5 years in prison, for a fight with two Nazis (of whom
another was a police officer) in June 2008. 14th of May in Kazan,
anti-fascist Artur Valeev was given 4 year prison sentence for
inflicting minor wounds to Nazis who attacked him and his friend in
November 2008. In Izhevsk, police cooperates regularly with Nazis to
fabricate criminal cases against anti-fascists, during year up to 80
anti-fascists have been arrested for different cases and currently there
are at least two serious felony cases with 6 defendants going on. In
Vladivostok, court proceedings are going on against Yura M., who
accidentally killed one of the two Nazis who assaulted him in November
2008. And at last, Artyom Lokutov, anarchist artist from Novosibirsk was
planted drugs 15th of May, in a blatant attack against alternative
culture in the city as a whole.

Most of the provocations and repressions against Antifa in Russia are
organised by CPE, "Center of Counteraction against Extremism", a new
police department founded in New Year to replace old UBOP,
"Administration of Struggle against Organised Crime". Already before the
rebranding, UBOP was notorious for provocations and even murder of
political activists, so change of name was just final confirmation that
authorities are rather fighting political opposition than mafia.

But whatever they say, Antifa is not sponsored by powers of the "West",
or "East", we may only count on grassroot support around the world. In
face of increasing repression, and where a number of victims of fascist
violence is mounting (in Russia only, during first 4 months of 2009 at
least 23 people were killed and 98 wounded in racist attacks),
Anti-fascists are standing firm in front of attacks of both the state
and racist groups. Today, international solidarity for anti-fascists of
Ukraine and Russia is more necessary than ever!

Anti-fascists from Moscow, Kiev and all around the world

What to do?

Make an action, big or small, targeted against Ukrainian and Russian
authorities in your city 24th or 25th of May. If you do not have
embassies or consulates in your city, you may target any Ukrainian or
Russian major business, most proper target being the Gazprom
corporation, which is pretty much the same as the Russian state. List of
Gazprom subsidiaries is available for example here:

If you make an action, please report back to abc-msk AT riseup DOT net!

For more information on recent repression: (site currently down at times due to server upgrade)

A call to action in London 24th of May:
This text in Russian:

This work is in the public domain

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