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Savage Repression in Argentina
18 abr 2009
The last January 15th, and after several monthes of waiting an answer that the municipal government were supposed to give to the people that claimed for a dign home, a group of families from Pueyrredon neighbourhood (one of the poorest of the city) decided to take the houses of an official housing plan that were abbandoned by the building company, leaving them without finishing the building.
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The city government (with Pulti mayor on top) ignored this need that is not only raised by this group but by neighbours from all the town.
To the reiterative negatives to this demand was added an eviciton order that should have taken place on Friday 17/04 at 10:00 am.
According to this scenario, since Thursday’s night started the solidarity from social organization and activists, that came to the place to camp the whole night, waititng for this conflict’s resolution.
Finally, the public prosecutor Trill gave the eviction order at 4:00 pm, after the city hall’s representants denied any posibility of dialogue.
The infantry and cavalry effectives surrounded the houses and the human resistance cord, that repeated: “Not to 50 families in the street! Not to 130 minors in the street!”.
The violent repression unleashed, finished with 24 arrested persons, several injuried ones (by rubber bullets and strong hits) and 54 families turned into homelesses. Among the arrested was Dr. Juan Pablo Gelemur, a lawyer from the Frente Antirrepresivo (Anti-repressive front) that defended the families along the justice process.
The eviction was performed violating the sentence in which the Guarantees Judge ordered that any Human right get broken.
There were 3 times more cops than persons, women were detained by policemen, there were not health unities, and the repression had place even against children.
Various witnesses informed that police shot the 9mm guns.
Every international human right guarantee was violated.
Afterwards, students, social and politics organization went to the police station demanding the freedom of the arrested ones. Some hours later, every partner was released.
We vindicate this and every fight in wich the neighbours and partner do not resign to the non-completion of their rights and they organize to resist and defend their dignity.
The housing problem, the hunger and unemployment can not be solved by repression, so the only way is still the fight and organization.
.... the government's answer to a real problem ....
Frente Antirrepresivo Mar del Plata.
Frente antirrepresivo 18 Apr 2009 21:04 GMT
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