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UK news: G20 police assault on Ian Tomlinson
17 abr 2009
G20 protest videos: Growing catalogue of evidence against police ..... Watch a collection of videos passed to the Guardian that appear to show police using excessive force against G20 protesters .... Police manhandle two demonstrators to the ground before letting the men get up and leave. During the second of these incidents, a policeman in a black uniform appears to aim a kick at the protester as he lies on the ground, sending him sprawling. .....
In the fortnight since the G20 protests in London, the Guardian has received video footage from a number of people that appears to show police using excessive force or questionable tactics in dealing with demonstrators and the press.
The best-known video was sent by a New York fund manager early last week. It shows Ian Tomlinson, who was attempting to return home on the evening of the first day's protests, on 1 April, being pushed to the ground by a police officer.
Here is a list of the footage received over this period, displayed in chronological order according to when the events took place. The Guardian is passing newly obtained footage to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, with the permission of those who shot the films. ......... Note: Most of the video footage contains violence, and one includes swearing. ............
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Mort per la policia britanica
17 abr 2009
Acaba de sortir publicat a la BBC que aquest senyor va morir d'hemorragia interna.

El segon analisi forensic desmentiex la malaltia del cor publicat inicialment com a causa de la seva mort pels diaris.
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