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ALERT: Chicago's Nuclear Obama -- False Flag Unfurled
11 abr 2009
An all-star set of intelligence experts announce and defend a well-considered argument that the Obama administration is no different from the Bush administration in the key areas of the global war, the Homeland State and false flag terror.
ALERT: Chicago's Nuclear Obama -- False Flag Unfurled

4/11/09 -- Dr. Jim Fetzer (Scholars for 9/11 Truth) and SFC Don Buswell ("The 9/11 NCO") have joined Major Bill Fox and me in co-authoring a vital article about the prospects of an Obama administration false flag attack:


We have written this analysis only after long and painstaking consideration, and hope that even those who disagree with us will find that our work is not disagreeable. We believe that all reflective citizens will agree with us that dialogue is the soul of democracy, and that awareness is our weapon to ward off absolutism.

We appeal to alternative and mainstream publishers and broadcasters for the widest possible distribution of what we offer as an early opinion in the most crucial debate of America's history. We eagerly await any responses from police or military patriots.

Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast
captainmay ARROBA

This work is in the public domain
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