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A Soldier's Oath to God and Man
08 set 2008
Again, it is a soldier's oath, not to commit a criminal
offense while representing Our Red, White and Blue. But they
do as traitors, warring to not have Humanity recognize wise
men speaking. Ask yourself, why do those who whore for the
neocon enemy as bush bitch demon liars, make no reference of
myself calling for true Justice world wide?
A Soldier's Oath

âStealing from our customers is a business decision"

Again, it is a soldier's oath, not to commit a criminal
offense while representing Our Red, White and Blue. But they
do as traitors, warring to not have Humanity recognize wise
men speaking. Ask yourself, why do those who whore for the
neocon enemy as bush bitch demon liars, make no reference of
myself calling for true Justice world wide? It is because
they KNOW, they can't compete with our true geniuses. Justice
is practiced by the wise, to truly defend all Peoples equally.
It's defense to stand, is as agreed to through reason found.
Bushite can't defend their position, because it is of a
rapist, a thief, a murderer. No evidence, the accused is
innocent. False capital accusers deserve to die before
allowing the mindless grunts to go blinded in cowardice
murdering whomever as confessed Satanic. It is cowardice that
Men of America allow the Air Force to bomb our families
indiscriminately. Like as Americans speak near nothing of
Condi ordering the dropping of 7,000,000 - SEVEN MILLION land
mines paid for by Americans on Lebanon to kill Jewish kids for
decades. American Nazis rule our TV and Radio services with
the, not a penny in, private bankers. They, in silence, as
enemies to God and Man only steal our lives to enrich their
slave owners. Of which, they compete on our television for
top billing. McCainiacs cheered for false imprisonment most
undoubtingly, WE ALL witnessed their betrayal to the Founding
Father. They cheered over the prospect of more continual
failures against America, more sacrificed American kids for
Halliburtonâs private "let's screw over the military dead"
shareholders. shareholders that now almost entirely live in
Dubai. Or as those connected to the financial banking
industry, who never miss a chance to fly out to a McCain
"sell-out", to chant approvingly for more inaction..

They CHEERED Palin offering that those held in prison against
their will should not be granted Rights in our Protection, AND
THEY CHEERED. Again, my friends, know YOUR enemy is REAL.

Yes, the McCainiacs cheer to hear McCain pirate âThe Peoples -
Our Equalsâ slogan, yet not to be provided a fair legal
defense against blatant false arrests, false arrests that in
Iraq call YOU guilty for Just being somewhere near 15-55 years
of age. In America, starting mostly last week, now a reporter
is considered arrestable in St. Paul for speaking about what
is truly transpiring in YOUR name. UNDERSTAND: it is not
alleged that the reporter did anything officially wrong by
simply asking a question. That the LAWLESS enemy bushite used
as an âexcuseâ? against all of everyone who truly PAY FOR THEIR
SALARIES to "defend" Ourselves. Wondering why? This is it:
The St. Paul region is another one of those, one talk radio
station with no open line callers of evil per population
center - held down as just another, just us only dumb fuckers
here town. Many âlocalâ? radio stations hugely thieve from our
immediate communities through The criminal privatizations of
public properties, and most exclusively, the western world
wide lotteries scams, [EXPOSED! in Johnny's, "Stand Together
or Don't" Blockbuster] that cost US hundreds of billions EACH
YEAR, so as a consequence, these SO FEW sadistic demon
weaklings, like those of Canada's Chorus Radio Network, refuse
to inform our dying teen soldiers that General Ahmad funded
911âs Atta. Or that we have iron flowing like water from the
towers on video. They like the fact that we are kept
uninformed regarding our continuing sacrifices for war
mongering cheaters. They win, WE lose.

/ / Another video documentary group, the Glass Bead
Collective, was detained, with its computers and video cameras
confiscated. On Wednesday, I-Witness Video was again raided,
forced out of its office location. When I asked St. Paul
Police Chief John Harrington how reporters are to operate in
this atmosphere, he suggested, "By embedding reporters in our
mobile field force." \ \

Remember: American "Journalists" in bed with Kilo and Bravo
companies, would watch nazi grunts slaughter pregnant women,
toddlers, old men in wheel chairs, and only smilingly report
how honorable these FASLE ARRESTING torturers and rapists
were, to war God and Man for the escape of the traitor neocons
responsible for mass murder in New York City on 911. The
military companies of Kilo, and Bravo, will fully admit they
like to practice rituals in hopes Satan will defend themselves
from the truly honorable and brave. On orders by General
Miller. Every time a bushite rightly dies, the world sighs in
relief with Christ, that yet more innocent loved one's lives
have been saved.

Hey! Did you People hear corporate America tell US how great
they thought Palin was? Do you think it was the idea of
denying Humanity our Rights than won them over, or the murder
of more Innocent victims to rob from for that gave them that
perception? Who WANTS to support more criminality against
Americans censored of the great simple wisdoms only they can
deny US, for stolen self respect? We HAVE video of FOR SURE
Iron flowing like water they will never allow you to witness
to decide for yourself as still sacrificing for the neocon's
911. (like NASA's Paperclip Project and sadistic Air Force
bombers of God's loved children when caught doctoring/stealing
images to deny Humanity Our true Heritage) Happy being truly
made into unholy EVIL swimming in a media managed, not to
defend ourselves with a just rule for measurements.

Example: George Norry, demon enemy of every free man
breathing, allowed the decades old Aspartame issue to be
uttered momentarily, but not to empower for change, for when
it was acknowledged a Women was FALSELY in PRISON instead of
American killer traitor Rumsfeld, he quickly ushered the guest
off the set, for fear, someone out here might think he doesn't
want Americans to become empowered truly to fight for a
difference all could adhere to. Defense from false
imprisonment at the will of HIS happiness to watch YOU suffer
politically unrepresented. See there where WE reside he loses
US by ignorance on his personal evil opinion he is as great to
do near nothing as those like NWO puppeteer Alex Jones, for
near never having US on as most popular [Alex will lie he's
been on Coast to Coast fifty times in five years, and that 30
percent of George Norry is not rotten to his listeners because
of secret orders from on high] - Honestly Alex Jones, when as
a welcomed guest on any radio programs to discuss 911, has
near NEVER spoke of Ahmad, nor iron flowing like water - all
to cowardly create doubt on maybe George Norry as 'bushite
lite', is honorable to be happily ignorant for our forsaken
lives, while good cities are indiscriminately bombed to die in
America's name for the unelected demonic thieving neocon.
can look forward to more bigfoots, and fuzzy grey illuminati,
encouraged callers dumber than door knockers, not wise
phenomenals as light can 'be' fantastically tripping. (Just
read of those who insult us for my great strengths, or
wordsmithing of wonders most wicked on Nature.) No, Happy
George Norry, will give US more Israel is Jewish, and Iran is
holocaust denying, more AREA51 is top secrets. More Ron Paul
leads the Revolution no wheres but against the poor, with our
absent millions gone elsewhere, and more Russians are the bad
guys for TRULY defending ourselves from nazi zionism. Again,
never has George Norry allowed Americans to discuss the
legalities of destroying America for stolen cash profit:
Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, the false accuser ANTICHRIST Bush,
torture in general but for as a good thing maybe, Loose
Change, honorable vet(s) against war crimes, or General Ahmad
as HIS official policy. HIS. Not the NWO, or the big Boss
man, the listeners, or God, HIS. And no matter how
informative Alex Jones might be on his iffy next annual
appearance as most wanted by Coast to Coast horders, the next
day, we can be sure, George will be happy as shit, ignoring
our still most grave concerns of sacrificing teen soldier's
lives for HIS inaction to really care about where you are
going. That's why praising George Norry is such a sickening

MSNBC Drops Olbermann, Matthews as News Anchors

McCain is an Evil Traitor to God and Man

McCain is EVIL because he wants to simply blame bin Laden, but
not the persons responsible found by finders of fact, like
Bush for closing criminal investigations immediately after the
mass murder event occurred. A demon liar enemy of Freedom, to
all weak minded teen soldiers who he lies to, regarding what
"WE" think regarding Justice for all, as is freedom for any,
YOU included. Example: how did bin Laden get the thermate
explosives into building seven then? McCain don't care
American Soldiers DIE, and CBC, CNN, FOXNEWS, and happy George
Norry ain't asking, nor will they allow US to care for dying
murder victim either on OUR contemptible broadcasts. Did you
see that demon witch Condi, allowed to speak as ENEMY on Meet
the Press, without the host caring whatsoever, to correct her
on the FACTS of our forsaken deaths? Every corporate nazi
news celeb needs to be tried by the will of US, the freedom
lovers of Justice for Yourself. Johnny America ruleZ. Now,
donate me some money for the cause.. please do not leave me to
go hungry.

A Public Appeal To the People

Mr. Medvedev and Mr. Putin, call for international sanctions
against America for 911, and Georgia's Saakashvili for
ordering the zionized enemy troops to MURDER the civilian
population of South Ossetia. Sanctions until the mass murder
trials begin to save the next innocent victims of bushite
terror. Seriously. And support hiring me on as foreign
diplomat, for these North Americans in Winnipeg can't muster
the honor to donate me a few dollars to stave off starvation.
Who cares right? I'm hoping Russia will. Tell you what: why
doesn't Russia send an envoy over to meet with me personally
to discuss this option over tea. Example: did you know the
Russian private bank that was auctioning off public assets of
Russia during Yeltsin, was also holding Russian assets as
private collateral, assets that were used to bid privately on
public Russian properties, a bidding process that was
completely managed in secrecy by the same private bank that
took ownership of everything? Now, I know Russia in defense
has imprisoned some of the thieves, but from what I
understand, not yet the international bankers who orchestrated
the scam. What we and the Russians need to do, is watch the
FRONTLINE documentary on this very issue, then agree to issue
international indictments against the robber baron bankers who
walked away with hundreds of billions in stolen revenues.
Done, as per usual, to leave Us as Humanity with barely enough
to survive. Until Now. Be a friend if not an enemy, and
let's get this done for everyone.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers


/ / The Pledge of Allegiance was written by Francis Bellamy
(1855-1931), a Baptist minister, and get this - a socialist! \ \

Ron Paul "If you really care about your fellow man, and you
care about prosperity, and you care about peace, YOU HAVE TO
NOT care about socialism..."

Multi-millionaire Ron Paul claims to not have the intellect to
understand, traffic lights prevent deaths, and ease
congestion, and that Canadians pay half as much per capita and
get twice the health coverage as it is in America, where the
majority of taxed wage dollars go into the pockets of DO
NOTHING middle men that are NOT doctors or nurses, and truly
don't even need to be there costing, if we have the
understanding on how YOU lose to media manufactured ignorance
trumped up as âLibertyâ?. [example: Social Security receives
only 2% interest on a near trillion dollar deposit - the
difference pocketed by a multinational private banker
billionaire who lives likely anywhere but in America] Ron
Paul, apparently, also doesn't 'know' never elected Bush is in
Major violations of Constitutional Law in America's
"Republic". Article 2 section 3. And LOOK, he doesn't want
to support arrest of the treasonous culprits like Bush or
Cheney for mass murder either, or Greenspan's Trillionaire
friends as discussion material for a greater understanding,
no. He wants to blame ALL the ideas of Socialism for
America's woes as a bigot or racist, largely because, he can't
defend publicly an incompetence on the Bushmob's criminal
complicity for 911 without then demanding capital arrests.
Iraq war, health care, social security, the federal reserve,
and so on... without censorship advanced by his voiced
concernity that all welfare mothers and all public education
systems offer nothing better, ever, is just as bad as
corporate hand outs for war mongering CRIMINAL enemies of All
free Humanity. Accountability in Governing is what ALL will.
Besides. they are much easier to pick on.. I mean really,
who's going to speak for the homeless beggar? Who cares,
right? I am seriously in need of financial help to truly save
the Innocent from lawless murder, and what do we get from
Americans, Coast to Coast? The illuminati is forever, never
known, responsible for all that is evil in America, nuf said
while advocating the continuation of war crimes daily by
smiling. While Paul will tell "The Liberty Movement" we must
stop big government, but not criminals in government thwarting
our wills, stealing our money. Ron Paul ain't all that bad a
guy, in the big picture, however "ear marks" or "riders" are a
blatant criminal theft. No bones about it "ear marks" are NOT
authorized payments that Americans give freely. [hundreds of
billions given to whoever as stolen - 16 billion in just one
payment to a friend of the bush regime was exposed by Jon
Stewart jokingly - that only I, worldwide thought as seriously
significant as shocking!!!! apparently waduhfuk] Now, I KNOW,
Ron Paul would rather YOU not learn that, nor would every
Corporate News Caster, Republican, and most Democrats either,
for you then might not see American Politicians holding "all"
the magic answers of Freedom through Justice indivisible.
Faith in Man would be realized to the best of our
measurements, and we would be honored to except that some
People actually do know what they talk on as wiser than the

Instead this is what WE get at the RNC televised worldwide:

Romney stated only a Liberal would give Justice to a victim
of false imprisonment as the established innocent, and the

Palin that demon evil nazi dog claimed Obama's like to
offer an accused Our Rights was worth laughing at as hideous
monsters. The McCainiacs are intellectually deficient to
defend American freedom. Period, without question. But demon
enemy George Norry, CNN, CBC, and PBS won't allow Americans to
SIMPLY understand, if you don't use evidence to form your
guilty verdicts, how can you possibly know you've had executed
a treasonous zionist neocon for acts that are highly criminal?
Under the Evil McCainiac plan, terrorists could escape free
of prosecution, while the Innocent robbed or put to death. But
Who really cares here? Following evidence too complicated for
Us, The People? Or just claimed so by a zionist who wars God
and Man to thieve our values. A ZIONIST who only survives to
murder more Innocent Christian and Jewish families through
censorship. I can not be defeated, for what I speak of our the
true principles of Freedom garnered through intelligent design

No Justice, no Freedom.

McCainiacs at the RNC spewed "Justice for all" then the crowd
went into a frenzy that they could torture, rape, and rob, and
murder Americans, while callin' themselves the good ol' "USA",
"USA", "USA" as demon PIRATE traitors of Evil. Death to the
UNGODLY bushite LIARS who publicly support the criminal escape
of the zionist neocons responsible for mass murdering
AMERICANS ON 911 for OUR stolen values. A person accused of a
criminal offense, without any evidence is innocent, and
Hammurabi LAWED that the false capital accuser [BUSHITE ENEMY]
should be immediately executed to defend ourselves as the
Public's interest from REAL tyrannical lawlessness. What do
YOU think? As Anyone I'm asking? Reagan LAWED that anyone
who tortures deserves an immediate death sentence as the enemy
of Humanity yet, the Repuglicon get to steal the image of
Reagan to suggest he wouldn't order the execution of the
bushmob for their EVIL CRIMES of torture today. As he does.
Again, my friends, the bushmob ADMIT to 27,000 innocent people
held today for sadistic torture in "secret prisons" by those
who practice Satanic rituals like General Miller teaches the
grunts to die as. That doesn't include the more than 100,000
held in prison without fair charge in Iraq. Freedom commands
through Law to defend ourselves, The Innocent from the bushite
terrorists who deny WE exist to hunt them down judicially for
Christ. (You know, the long gone dead guy from another
time.. back again to bring about your worst nightmares, or
biggest dreams..)


Putin and the New World Order

Mr. Putin "And at 11:30 p.m., Mr. Kruashvili, brigadier
general and commander of the Georgian peacekeeping forces in
the region, announced that Georgia had decided to declare war
on South Ossetia. They announced it directly and publicly,
looking right into the TV cameras.", "The responsibility for
the loss of life rests squarely with the present Georgian
leadership, which dared to take these [MURDEROUS] criminal
actions.", "I am surprised that you are surprised at what I'm
saying. It's as clear as day."

Matthew Chance: "It sounds a little farfetched"

Saakashvili is a war criminal who ordered the indiscriminate
murder of our civilian populace, a crime warranting death
anywhere, just ask ourselves. It's called mass murder.

High Truth to Criminal Power

Mr. Putin, you need to be angry about the fact that these
LYING zionist demon "leaders" of evil, attacked the civilian
population, murdering our friends and family, individuals the
nazi EU, heroin pushing NATO, and the neocon, demand through
DECEIT are labeled "Georgians". on Saakashvili's authority
to commit the region to first degree mass murder for America's
freely given taxed wages. [imagine: Americans "freely" taxed
to murder Americans] Get angry about this, for, CNN, CBC, The
Winnipeg Free Press, and PBS ain't going to allow our Species
THE RIGHT to be concerned for the facts regarding Our very
REAL MURDER VICTIMS. Just like women and children raped or
tortured by the zionist's "Heroic" nazi grunts in Iraq, or in
Afghanistan, of which the People of America, couldn't care
much less to speak for fairness to all parties, including the
females of their own personal lives. Again, my friend, these
zionist enemies of God are not speaking facts, but DEMON LIES
to mislead America further for the escape of those who did US
wrong again. We can work it out. Try to see it our way.
evidence is a pre-requisite.

Zionist demon liar Sergeant Paata Veshaguri, âWe were smaller
but better trained,â? he said, praising his US and Israeli
military teachers."

Better trained to murder children yes, but enemies of Humanity
non-the-less. Again these demons attacked US AS INNOCENT
CIVILIANS for Satanic riches from the neocon thieving traitors


/ / SEN. BIDEN: ..but everyone in the world thought he had
them. The weapons inspectors said he had them. He
cataloguedâthey catalogued them. This was not some, some
Cheney, you know, pipe dream. \ \

Yes it was zionist demon liar for the neocon terrorists who
did America wrong on 911 without real world apologies, yet..

Example to Biden who didn't want US to hear from the objectors:

"Russia does not have in its possession any trustworthy data
that supports the existence of nuclear weapons or any weapons
of mass destruction in Iraq and we have not received any such
information from our partners as yet."

Biden will send YOUR child to die for the neocon traitor.


No Question bin Laden Did 911

/ / You don't see women among the protesters because they are
at home behind closed doors, confined, just as they were
before the American "liberation." [...] Yet who can forget
poor murdered Shaima, the lively, youthful presenter of a
popular TV chat show for young people? Her father and brother
killed her, or so men and women say approvingly, because they
found her job shameful. Mullahs and public officials issue
edicts from time to time condemning women \ \

First, follow the money: these pro-NATO heroin pushers have
billions of dollars coming in by committing the public in such
shameful ungodly contempt for Allah of the Qur'an. To have
billions in dope money, means BUSHITE fundamentalists 'excuse'
themselves AS TOO STUPID to defending our Womenâs rights,
Christian rights, The Peoples rights, and just go bombing GOD
as anyone who supports surviving, because they claim blindly,
(as evil doer zionists,) are rotted illiterate enemies of the
most basic of rights to living freely. General Ahmad funded
Atta. Nazi Israeli steals Our Godly Homes. Die bushite die.

Second, the Taliban outlawed abuse against women, while the
pro-bushite Northern Alliance of the region, are into
OFFICIALLY raping everybody to steal our values. Again, under
the Taliban, Afghanistan's premier newspaper, The Kabal
Newspaper, had women working there, and women were also
running/working national health care clinics. These
celebrated women, (as those who walked the streets with little
fear,) were not required to wear a burka under the Taliban
authorities, who also were authorizing a girlâs school
program. Powell, in august 2001, gave the Taliban millions of
dollars in America tax freed cash! See? Pro-torture ungodly
bushite LIARS site crimes against Your Rights in Afghanistan,
under the Taliban, but don't sight what the intent was of,
those Religious Fundamentalists who stick to principles until
further orders. While bushite ENEMY openly confess to
murdering women and children, pushing dope through the DEA,
and torturing the innocent to death for Satan. While
importantly to ourselves as all true free peoples, the
Taliban, have no real connection to the terrorist crimes of
the bushite liar's contempt of publicly pronouncing "no
question!, no question!", "bin Laden did 911!, bin Laden did
911!" enemies of the Republic. And, in addition, under the
Taliban, rape was considered a serious capital offense
warranting sometimes out right death! Honest to God. Now
bushite in Afghanistan are 'freely' marrying eight year olds,
while torturing the innocent kidnapped to death. And as if to
dare all godly men of every faith, ungodly zionist commanders
of NATO boast of their do gooding, by calling 60 dead of our
children, "Taliban", with dope sales by NATO at an all time
high, to bring in more life term prison sentences, in America
for Big Buck! slave laborers. Justice for all please.

speaking of murdering 60 children for NATO:

"I've seen the account stated from both the U.N. and
certainly from the Afghan government. I've also seen it . .
. discussed that, in fact, that didn't happen," Adm. Michael
Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in a media
roundtable at the Pentagon yesterday morning.

Why I beg you, do YOU refuse to speak for the countless
thousands lawlessly murdered? Why do you let this demon enemy
of all free men to spew such vile hatred for our suffering
condition? Do you form doubt as to what this bush whore nazi,
did to US in Afghanistan by disallowing the facts of our dead
to be heard from? The neoconned bushite nazi zionist dropped
a 38,000 pound (M.O.A.B.) bomb on Kabal to kill ANYONE when
starting this conflict against God and Humanity - so who of
those murdered by ungodly Zionists deserved so by American
firepower? Choose carefully for always Remember: a zionist
claims all Christians deserve to suffer and die in FEMA Camps,
deprived food and water, our Jewish homes and loved ones.
Just like the profitable pro-McCainiac Bush family nazi
traitors are today glorified on Your magic TV.

Taliban fighters are guilty of nothing but standing in defense
of the innocent victims of 911. Bushite anti-Christ forces
are the worst of religious fundamentalists. They refuse to
arrest "judges" who order the bushite dumfuk to murder those
who speak for women's rights through the Quorum. They refuse
to arrest "judges" who order bushite dumfuk to murder
Christians guilty of nothing but respecting Mohammed.

/ / Introducing competition into public education can only be
good for the children and for the taxpayers. \ \

FALSE. What time could be wasted in measuring the differences
of expert opinion, on the argument that 1 + 1 doesn't equal
too? "Experts" at all "anti-Cancer" Institutions, can't
muster the conviction that depleted uranium is MEASURED
radio-active, as an aerosolized microscopic particle that may
indeed wipe out the species, as is doing already, to more than
a hundred thousand dumfuk soldiers, and millions of our
friends and family of the Middle East. Never mind mercury as
a neural toxin, and fluoridation of our water works is a
criminal act of endangering children, as aggravated assaults
against Humanity.,. This is why Billing a thieving bushite
enemy evil is so rewarding. They target ourselves as the
innocent to steal our godly values, as the true enemies of
Christ in America. Murder, rape, torture, along with
celebrated random shooting ARE WAR CRIMINAL ACTS like illegal
dope pushing for life term slave prisoners is a crime too
AGAINST AMERICA, perpetrated by the 'lawless' bushite nazi
grunting cowards for the zionist ENEMY neocon. Think of all
those children who lives might have been saved, if every
bushite nazi commander was rightly in the brig awaiting war
crimes trial, for accepting the criminal orders of
indiscriminately attacking Humanity to benefit the traitor
zionist neocon? Again, Rumsfeld, Condi, Myers, Mueller, Ian
Blair, Peter Powers, Tommy Franks, Mullen, Mattis, Sattler,
Blount, and Allawi.. none of these "People" have ever been
democratically elected on a platform to murder ourselves for
criminal profit. None the less, they order the murder of
ourselves, and believe WE'RE going to let them get away from
US, a position that can be made theoretically impossible if
you give Humanity a try for the better as the solution.
Justice for All as measured is easy. As so God would will in

/ / 2005 Department of Education report. Her conclusion:
"charter schools....are less likely than public schools to
meet state education goals." \ \

PBS covered the issue in total, as a series titled something
about schools. Look, what we have here is allot of People who
like to pretend they know what they are an expert in, to
misappropriate our funding, or just role play for the lead.
[atheists will often tell you that if God was all-knowing,
then that would mean... blahblahblah] Who, to a real expert
as something like myself, expose themselves easily, as
documented in foolishness by science, through all on what
successful planning can bring to a house in order. What I
would suggest, is once we have rapped up the war crime trials
of every neocon sitting behind bars, and blinder than batty
Libertarians finally publicly admit as idiots that traffic
lights DO prevent death and ease congestion, we'll all sit
down, watch the PBS series, then have open free debate on what
some of the concrete solutions are to better our educating.
Not impossible we must tell all. An INTELIGENT plan of action
is required. Not impossible if we use measurements to draw a
conclusion. That of course is currently, forbidden knowledge.
We have a long way to go, and a short time to get there.
Donate to the cause to not leave me starving. I'm the good


Robert Isakson: Former FBI investigator of white collar
crime: "They asked me three times to assist in preparing fake
invoices and leases that they could then submit to the government.
The first time I told them no. The second time I told them hell
no. The third time, after telling them no, I told them they were
all going to prison. As a result of my continued refusals to
cooperate in their fraud they pointed machine guns at us and
seized our identifications."


The Good Empire (part 1 of 5).flv

/ / the Bush administration declined to take part. "The
government has not lifted a finger to get back the $50
million Custer Battles defrauded it of," \ \

Arrests of treason are required here to defend Justice in America.


Attention: Russians - Neocon Bushite are Enemies to Life

Alex Jones on Russia Today - *FULL* interview



NATO must prepare for nuclear first strike, report urges

/ / top military commanders from the US and its NATO
allies declares that \ \

"There is no longer any doubt that the current administration
committed war crimes. The only question is whether those who
ordered torture will be held to account."


Neocon bushite are enemies to Life. They do not support
defending America, but destroying Humanity to escape their
rightful arrests for the crimes of 911, among other things.
Please speak for Russians, in lawful action to demand the
arrests of those responsible for 911. General Ahmad funded
911's Atta.

Now or Never - One Peoples Rise to Power

J. Wizard "The fact that Bush gave you zero evidence can not be denied"

American Women Raped in Iraq by "Lawless" KBR Grunters

/ / Jamie Leigh Jones was gang-raped by seven fellow KBR
employees at Camp Hope in Baghdad. Jonesâ rape occurred
nine days after Lavena Johnson was found dead in a KBR
tent at Balad Air Base. Jones was drugged, raped and beaten \ \

See? As King I would call for the immediate execution of ANY
grunter who stood in our way to seek Justice against these
'lawless' bushite enemy forces of the demonic antichrist.
I don't know if there's anything I hate more than a
genuine thieving bushite rapist, a godless enemy of American
virtue who supports zionist McCain for a hundred more years
of lawlessness through warfare further against US Innocent,
as the yet to be even fairly represented minimally by honest
paper balloting.

/ / Remarkably, a rape test was not performed on the body
of Lavena Johnson although bruising and lacerations in her
genital area indicated assault. \ \

/ / the autopsy reportâwritten after the July 22, 2005,
autopsy at Dover Air Force Base and signed on Aug. 9,
2005 by associate medical examiner Lt. Cmdr. Edward Reedy
and by chief deputy medical examiner Cmdr. James Caruso \ \

Cmdr. James Caruso, and Lt. Cmdr. Edward Reed need to be
formally arrested and held in a brig for minimally,
dereliction of duty, perhaps accessories to murder. Remember
though, everyone in America's Military Intelligence is
TRUE dumfuk. They, are as always, deeply evil as cowardly
ignorant chauvinists, who hate the schooled in America Justice,
for that is why they sadistically advocate indiscriminate
bombings to pay off instead as murderous rapists and thieves.
They can't compete in a free market place of ideas that rule
our universes for a better future. For, that would require
a respect for the wise, for the Constitution, and to do so,
would reveal them as the sold out losers of Life they
are to Women, and our fellow brothers. (Never mind getting
the Son to God involved to complicate matters.) Torture

is ILLEGAL and warrants an immediate death sentence under
American Law. Bushite don't like that TRUTH because THEY are
OUR enemies. Enemies of Freedom for America, enemies of
the mysteries of Life given gloriously through Our
grantings of wisdom most fly. The bushite survive barely
thieving from our better Natures censored, swimming in
the sewers of Manhattan as crap most sickening. WE NEED to
demand the enemies of Liberty on the Coast to Coast radio
program except our challenge to explain their betrayal.
George Norry wants YOU to fear the uncertainties of life,
escaping evil doers from the power that Justice brings in
defense of the only understood as innocent. Now, who's
with ourselves to demand open communication? Not YOU?
Can't raise objections to dying as an innocent victim
in tyanny for evil doing? So be it.

King Johnny America - President and CEO of Shareware Earth Co.


Truth Movement takes over Chris Matthews at DNC.flv

Nazi America murders 60 children by calling ourselves Taliban

WAKE UP AMERICA - murdering the civilian populace

What the hell is wrong with all you?

/ / The White House says the U.S. will use its veto power to on
the U.N. Security Council to ensure that the two separatist
provinces remain part of Georgia in the eyes of the world. \ \

Biden "I am a Zionist." [I wanna murder innocent Christians
for money, and give Saakashvili billions to kill more Georgians
too - ELECT ME!]

Saakashvili is a war criminal who ordered the indiscriminate
murder of our civilian populace, a crime warranting death
anywhere, just ask ourselves. It's called mass murder.

Another US War Resister From Canada Court-Martialed

/ / Also, the Harper administration is using the politically
tainted FBIâs National Crime Information Center data base to
deny entry to US citizens who have been arrested in the United
States for misdemeanor violations while protesting the war on
Iraq and torture. \ \

You can not hand over a prisoner for the crime of refusing to
commit a war crime. Otherwise, YOU'D be a war criminal like
now Harper is. A nazi appeaser. The government of Canada
already decided on this issue, and the vote was 137 Patriot to
110 neoconned bushite dumfuk. The Iraq War is a war crime.
These be demons that steal our democratic voices, by denying
freedom from a man who's capital offense, is that he tried to
be fair for all parties. See? Now Harper is a war criminal,
for the Iraq War is officially declared a crime against Christ
and Kofi. They, nazi forces have indiscriminately murdered
more than ONE MILLION INNOCENT PERSONS. Your Spouse, your
child, your family. All to thieve for multi national oil
companies, who's bosses, live anywhere far from war torn in
America. They, the bushite nazis, kidnap innocent males to be
tortured to death by the criminally sexually deviant faggots
of CACI. I ask all lovers to hunt CACI supporters down in our
streets for questioning. Remember, CACI employees KNOW they
commit these crimes against GOD as enemies of both YOU and me.
THEY DECIDE as private employees of CACI, they will stay to
torture ourselves as the godly innocent for our stolen values.

McCain on VIDEO Fire Bombing Children

The Hidden Massacre

America's "Hero" McCain on VIDEO fire bombing children as the
intro! McCain is one evil nazi son-of-a-bitch eh? The demon
fuck is aware that Americans were conned to die as the bad
guys, by his kissing cousin, and he speaks nothing but
contempt for our forsaken lives. Just as he did regarding
Nazi Saakashvili, for ordering the crimes of first degree mass
murder against the civilian populace of South Ossetia. He
immediately wanted to FALSELY blame Russia for the con of
first degree mass murders gone unreported in America. A
murderer committed to the crimes with his thieving money
briber, yet another, neoconner of ungodly origin. Obamma's not
much better. Obamma claims killing more women and children
in Afghanistan as NATO for heroin pushers, is what the grunts
should be ordered to do in mindless defense of the escaping
neocon traitors to Life. Not to war for Justice by hunting
the mass murdering torturers, rapists, and thieves.

The Public Trial of Treason for Mattis

Death to those who murder INNOCENT Americans wantonly, or
don't speak, and die by the words of Bushite nazi dumfuk
enemies like TRAITOR Military "Judge" Mattis, a war criminal
now promoted to General, who's into murdering our innocent
women and children for fun, like those accused he has so far,
acquitted without any legal basis known whatsoever. Acquitted
of crimes they formally confess as guilty for. Stay tuned to
fucktwit murder merchant General Mattis, the demon enemy
traitor 'hidden in the shadows' as Neoconner, as soon to be
vying for Supreme Court Judgeship, a naked zionist bush bitch
liar, who didn't even school it out of elementary. Look: the
demons say the accused is innocent until PROVEN guilty, Right?
so, who was guilty for ordering soldiers to murder every
innocent man, woman and child in Fallujah, a city where all
were forbidden to leave, on the argument that it would be
easier to capture Zarqawi? (*of whom Kimmitt, and everyone
else familiar with the facts would confess, a total psych-op
run by pro-McCain traitors who kill kids, to stear the deaf
and dumb Niggers away from the true Master Cons responsible)
Have no fear! it was trumpeted to the toddlers, and old men
in wheel chairs of Fallujah - we come for freedom!. Soldiers
of then, waited outside the city until the antichrist secured
another fixed election (3 months without a shot fired), were
then, ordered in by billionaire Sattler to murder every
innocent family hidden away in their quiet homes, deprived
food and water, medicine or bandages. While the (19ish old)
military Chaplin Satanically told the grunts of BRAVO Company,
that to murder every innocent women and child, would be a
greater success for fellow grunters committed to George W.
Bush in the eyes of the Lord [as reported in CNN's "Anvil of
God"]. and.. they... extremely importantly,. didn't KILL
THE CHAPLIN INSTANTLY as any real, god loving man Serving in
the Military would. Death to the evil lawless bushite
traitors of Humanity, who refuse as godless cowards to this
day, to defend America, and on all of which WE stand as
Justice for all, and instead as the bush bitch enemy willingly
take war criminal commands as traitors to these here lands.
Death to the enemies of Freedom for Christ in America as
Justice Will prevail.

Staff Sgt. Frank D. Wuterich was acquitted by General
Mattis, who freely confessed, to murdering countless innocent
peoples, Peoples Wuterich granted no provision of the Law to
defend, nor importantly did Mattis in our fairer judgment for
Justice. Wuterich just shot them in the back at random for
nothing but the absent excuse that he's not guilty of what he
freely confesses. And those of whom he murdered denied a
defense, Wuterich claims, as a murderer of We, The People, do
not deserve the protections God grants all free peoples.
Innocent until PROVEN guilty. Now, he's going to likely be an
american cop, to walk freely down Americans streets pushing on
how greatly profitable lawless wars against GOD as Humanity
are. There is no 'God' who'll come down and destroy the
satanic bushite thieves, one by one. There is too many in
league with the neoconner evil doers, and not enough courage
in the deadening hearts of corporate america's TVed "Men", to
risk saving themselves from plunder for the ungodly criminal
betrayer. Themselves. Prosecute the first degree murderer
Wuterich, and all his defenders such as Mattis who claim his
innocent murder victims have no rights to be heard from. We
will bill bushite until the end of time if needs be. Death to
the bushite, death to the enemies of Christ in America.

A quote from NEWSWEEK while bushite enemy attacked everyone
alive forbidden to leave in our cities: "the city's 200,000
residents can be excused for expecting the worst." [the
population of 350,000 wasn't warned that bushite meant they
were going to murder all Peoples as liars, when stating they
were after Zarqawi - so - stay in your homes to be murdered
later by the evil antichrist forces of the demon antichrist.
[the number of 250,000 murdered is conservative]]

/ / "Fallujah was declared a âfree-fire zone' in November 2004
and we told the civilian population that they had to leave
because the entire city was going to be deemed hostile
territory," \ \ [deemed "hostile territory" does not magically
grant all bushite grunters the right to murder every living
Innocent person Loved in GOD]

No, didn't happen, and this demon liar needs to be tried and
executed for treason. Sattler told soldiers, The People were
not allowing anyone to leave, for any reason, because America
had plans to murder US all, but told the populace, and the
main stream media, they were there to get fellow bushite
Zarqawi, and WE would then, have nothing to fear from the
antichrist forces of "liberation". (The leaflets dropped by
grunters attest to this fact.) Bushite enemy started the
indiscriminate mass murder campaign after the fixed amnerikan
election, by dropping nine two thousand pound bombs on a city
2.5 km by 4 km, while using white phosphorus all over the
place, war crimes that in of itself, deserves the firing squad
TODAY. Then, after the toxic WMD settled, went house to house
grenading every inhabitant chanting "Whore yeah". with 666
emblazoned on their tanks, and memorized wordings about how,
"Heaven Won't Take Marines and Hell Is Afraid They'll Take
Over." While Allawi ordered that every People Person that
tries to assist any wounded civilian, be we man, woman, or
child, would be executed publicly by soullessly loyal bushite
grunters, the monosynaptic lifeless enemies of Humanity. The
Cowardly dumfuk grunts who do not shoot instantly any nazi
commander of the air force who issue criminal orders for the
escape of the neocons responsible for 911, and instead bomb
our families in Afghanistan indiscriminately as the enemies of
Humanity. Hunt a war criminal down for our deaths why don't
you Now while you still have a Life to live my friend?

/ / Who Gave the Orders?

Who made the decision that all civilians who stayed behind
after the evacuation order would be treated as the enemy? \ \

Sattler. And there was no evacuation, but dropped notes about
how Zarqawi was the target. A small band of no more than
hundreds were staged for a photo-op, that were alleged
murdered further up the road 'because' soldiers were told,
Zarqawi might be dressed as a woman. It was also alledged the
carnage to also be on video; that they, the bushite, targeted
the women and children that had already been checked for
weapons earlier. Realize: it was just some demon enemy fuk
at the migration desk of the UN, that made up the fraudulent
total of thousands fleeing to camps no one on the ground found
in news reports, pictures or postcards. And the bushite
grunts were murdering Everybody, so as a consequence, no one
was allowed in or about for as long as it took to hide
football fields with corpses of our innocent families left
forsaken by corporate news america. A corporate news agenda
to watch American kids slaughtered for their person
indifference to YOUR sacrifice. Ian Punnet mocks as though
your whole life, is just some failed punchline, leaving your
concerns to die victim for war criminals through godless
cersorship. Don't let them do this to us. WE DEMAND Coast to
Coast radio hosts except our calls for freedom from lawless
tyranny, or be arrested for treason against America. NOW.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

/ / According to Stars and Stripes on June 22 [2008], US
troops were ordered last Tuesday to detain all Iraqi men they
encountered. A US company from the First Battalion, 23rd
Infantry Regiment detained four [ten year old] teenage boys,
cuffing their hands with plastic flex and took them away for
interrogation. [likely to be tortured to death by the
sadistic sexual deviant faggots of CACI] \ \

'A military judge ruled last week that Watada cannot base his
defense on the war's legality.'

Telling US what?, that it is a crime to not commit a crime?
American Christian Soldiers must execute bushite commanders
who order the grunts not to arrest every neocon liar for
public trial on the crimes of 911. A crime committed in NYC,
where thousands were murdered with the backing of General
Ahmad. Commanders who cowardly refuse such facts, deserve the
death sentence before another innocent man, woman or child
is conned by American trash for murder. Torturers deserve the
death sentence immediately under current American Law. The War
Crimes Act. Order the grunts to war CACI and Aegis.

To a bushite enemy, in 2008, all males between 10-55 are
worthy a death sentence as US, The Innocent, to defend bushite
enemy from harm as continuing unabated for tyranny. Death to
the bushite thieves!, Christ proclaims louder than words can
say, death to the bushite, so deems from Son to Man at all of
God's loves: Justice shall prevail.

/ / Everyone knows that there are many more dead buried under
the rubble. U.S. military leaflets ordered everyone to
remain in their houses. But then, during the attack itself,
U.S. troops used infra-red "thermal sights" to detect bodies
and other "hot spots" inside buildingsâto be targeted and
destroyed. \ \

Monkey Business


/ / They [, the godless bushite nazis,] celebrate the dropping
of seven million land mines on Lebanon to murder Jewish
children for decades. \ \ Why? for all the stolen values
they can further steal from the American Patriot Warrior. The
bushite grunts are enemies of all free peoples.

Iraqis Missing Billions


Jeff Wood is declared innocent on the charge of murder.

Rick Perry, the TRAITOR, will be tried and executed for
Capital Murder in this specific case if Jeff Wood is not
acquitted by his State party. Under Texas law, those who
willingly participated in what would be a state sponsored act
of first degree murder, would also be guilty. "Law of

Death to Rick Perry by Texas Law, for the lawless act of first
degree murder committed in our names. Nv t b slncd.


Bushite Enemy Military Covers up Murder of Female American Patriot:

Says Soldier Beat Herself to Death

ENEMIES OF THE AMERICAN WAY. We shall hunt the rapists down,
who wear the American uniform, try them, then execute them
gloriously for all Men's love for women and children can not
be denied, despite corporate TVs view, that such unanswered
action on your behalf is still warranted. Death to the
bushite, death to the enemies of Humanity.


FBI wants power to investigate citizens âwithout any basis for suspicionâ?

Hey! can THEY get away with doing this to US my friend?


Traitors in America

/ / NIST has looked at the application and use of thermite and
has determined that its use to sever columns in WTC 7 on
9/11/01 was unlikely. \ \

Huh? We have photographs of columns severed at 45 degree angels,
with remnants of once liquefied iron, locked in it's timeless
release, a recording if you will,, of the action that transpired,
captured also on video. I think these people should be arrested
for questioning as traitors in America. What say you where?
Demand Coast to Coast take our concern for Justice seriously.

"The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs
is to be ruled by evil men.â? - Plato

Peaceful World Ruled Justly

Johnny America "No stolen monies from US when The People in a
peaceful world ruled justly."

A person accused of a criminal offense, without public
evidence to form our opinions, is an innocent person deserved
of our protections. A bushite demands that smarter people
wane against it's falsehoods of criminality through
censorship, because it is truly an ignoramus torturing
ourselves as The Enemy. Realize: CBC, CNN, and FOXNEWS KNOW
the bushmobster General Ahmad did 911, and look at how they
treat ourselves for further sacrifice? All smiles.
Criminally trying to capitalize on our murders, by blindly
supporting the heroin pushing. FALSE ACCUSING war criminals
of NATO. NATO targets ourselves as the innocent for mass
murder as Zionist dominated. Demand the arrest of those who
perpetrated 911 who deny we are really pissed off about this
matter of dying for ignorance as tyranny.

Son to God as Man of Men,

Johnny 'the law man' America

/ / after seven years, children in the vaccination group had a
26 percent higher risk of developing diabetes than children in
the non-vaccine group. [...]

"Our results conclusively prove there is a causal relationship
between immunization schedules and diabetes," \ \

Never mind all the other horrors that squarely get blamed by
myself for not finding the words to express how near
unbelievably serious this issue of true incompetents ruling
our existence for extinction is.


Ron Paul Vs 9/11 Truth

I mean, jeeze, the guy claims he defends Constitutional
principle, but yet, doesn't support impeachment of the
unelected dictator enemy of civilization. Not only that,
but claims the CRIMINAL iraq war is a Police action, and
"We" shouldn't support such fights for Justice in this world.

But still, a perfect man to demand open debate on our personal
flaws; to take our money donated to use instead, on anything
else but our demands of accountability.? Now, why does Alex
Jones support him over Americans in anything he does?.. nomatterwhat?
Considering Ron Paul knows of what he denies gives him
'justification' to remain neutral on the FACT that 911 was an
that what all those who donated tens of millions were
expecting for their investment? Perhaps, cause Libertarians
are a sure glag of dillywackers.


"It didn't take that long for the Russian forces to get in
and it really shouldn't take that long for them to get out,"
[death pang] Rice said.

Well, hopefully, as long as it takes to arrest, try, and
execute Saakashvili for ordering the crimes of first degree
mass murder against the civilian populace of South Ossetia.

The Taliban Rule Man

Those were not the words of the Taliban. Omar the Just would
simply ask Canadians to stop dying cowardly for Heroin pushers
who insanely hate women because We are more intelligent, and
instead, as Real Men would, support the arrest of those who
actually committed 911. Like General Ahmad according to the
FBI. And while they're at it, fix everything that the evil
bushite dumfuk broke. BUT SEE? TOO COWARDLY AS NAZI WIMP
ASSES... CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS refuse Americans and Canadians
to know of iron flowing like water from the towers, and that
bushite Ahmad funded the terror op to murder US, the People.


Loose Change 3 Final Cut

/ / Daschle said the most compelling evidence to him is the
odd, extended hours that the Army scientist kept shortly after
the Sept. 11 attacks. "He had no real explanation for the
significant increase," Daschle said. "His only response was
that he wanted to hang out there, which was not a very
compelling reason." \ \

Hmm... indicating a recording where anti-war Ivins was
questioned on these matters of unsolved murders, that for some
lost reason, they haven't yet released for public interests
because "we" refuse to demand account for Yourself as included
for further victimhood. Because Ivins died, doesn't mean
answers aren't still needed. The accused doesn't need to be
alive, to discover, somebody here doesn't want to do our job
in protecting US, the Public as accosted. A terrorist
threat.. Fuk I do hate the bushite dumfuk enemy

/ / The West backed independence of Kosovo from Serbia. The
peoples of South Ossetia and Abkhazia have as much right to
secede from Georgia. \ \

As like to say also regarding Georgia herself. What sets the
borders anywhere, but where agreed upon? Nazi Saakashvili
forces targeted innocent People for murder he calls
"Georgians", as a stupid pawn as the evil neocon for larger
zionist aspirations by demonically lying. Traitors to All.
Like look at that demon witch Condi, talk about no concern for
the innocent murder victims, left censored by her zionist
enemy private media managers. Alljezrra even reported that it
was uncertain that NATO is a criminal organization that
profits off of supporting tyranny, by bombing civilians
indiscriminately, pushing dope, and never yelling for Justice
as ourselves truly committed to freedom for Johnny. See? No
stolen monies from US when The People in a peaceful world
ruled justly.

To Russia with Love

Saakashvili must not be allowed to escape a rightful death
sentence for ordering nazi Georgian forces to attack civilian
targets in South Ossetia for the enemy neocon media liar. All
of Humanity supports Johnny's contention that Saakashvili must
be publicly executed for the crimes he is for sure guilty for.
Those who say no, are those who refuse the facts to allow US
to decide for ourselves. Saakashvili ordered nazi soldiers to
MURDER innocent civilians. Just because zionist CNN, CBC,
FOXNEWS, and PBS with MSNBC speak nothing for our concerns,
changes nothing on who was targeted for murder by Saakashvili.

ZIONIST SAAKASHVILI: ...Human Rights Watch reported it.

Marc Garlasco of HRW: Russians drop cluster bombs in Georgia

/ / Garlasco previously worked as a senior Pentagon analyst
and was responsible for recommending Iraqi targets for bombing
in the 2003 invasion. \ \

/ / Before coming to Human Rights Watch, Senior Military
Analyst Marc Garlasco worked as an intelligence officer on
Iraq [..] He did a battle damage assessment for the Pentagon
in Kosovo. \ \


Realize, Garlasco has quoted nothing more than a blurb about
the tens of millions of land mines dropped in residential
school districts of Iraq, and only given two seconds to the
seven million dropped on 140 towns and villages in Lebanon to
murder JEWS at Condi's order of no cease-fire. If Marc has no
evidence implicating Russia directly, as so alleged to the
discerning reader in the, no questionable article, [remember:
Saakashvili nazi forces WILLINGLY murdered "Georgian" woman
and children for public support from war criminal McCainiacs
who "think" the Vietnam war was worth the American sacrifices
for colonizer FRANCE!] he will most guaranteed be publicly
tried as a war criminal by the True American Patriot Warrior.
Just look at the true contempt for Human life as so expressed
last week regarding the murder victims of South Ossetia, by
LOU DOBBS, CBC PBS and FOXNEWS, as they pretend Our Lives have
no meanings to a zionist enemy like Condi, who with NATO, will
push heroin, while enslaving our species by demon lies to kill
Yourselves. Die bushite die instead, how about it my friend?

/ / [Marc Garlasco of] HRW did not attempt to quantify
civilian deaths in Iraq. \ \ Example: more than 250,000
innocent women men and children were murdered in Fallujah by
nazi grunting savages who today, as the godless enemy, want to
steal welfare over America's truly destitute.. Marc Garlasco,
no comment.. Nor on the 100+ bushite "suicides" a week on OUR
American streets. A bushite is a traitor to God as Freedom in
America. By the way, PBS monsters reported that near 110
suicides took place in 2007. CBS reported, with death
certificates!, more than 100 A WEEK as measured earlier. Who
are YOU going to believe is dead at the hands of the
honorable? Again, bushite have raped American women, and
escaped arrest, all because American "men" portrayed on magic
TV, are cowardly enemies of the Family. Godlessly dying
zionist amerika refuse to even raise their phones in anger to
happy zionist demon enemy of GOD George Norry.

/ / Bush wants 50 military bases, control of Iraqi airspace
and legal immunity[=tyranny] for all American [NAZI] soldiers
and contractors \ \

Torture deserves the death sentence to all bushite at
Guantanamo and elsewhere for willingly imprisoning ourselves
as THE INNOCENT for sadistic godless enemies of Freedom. That.,
according to PRESIDENT REAGAN in his War Crimes Act.

/ / [Marc Garlasco of HRW suggested] Air attacks on leadership
targets, like those launched in Iraq, should not be carried
out until the intelligence and targeting failures have been
corrected. \ \ Sattler ordered the murder of every toddler,
pregnant woman, and old men in wheel chairs by no accident.
Similarly like Franks killing of Security Guards at the
Museum, âMad Dogâ? Mattis, Saudi Blount, Russell, and Allawi.
Marc Garlasco of HRW speaks nothing but silent praises for
these REAL demons who war GOD for the escape of the ZIONIST
neocon LIARS who truly committed 911 - like bushmobster
General Ahmad who financed 911. How stupid are YOU expected
to DIE for a zionist's contempt for God as Just is?

Again, identifiable bushite sing on Youtube ["Hajji Girl"] to
murdering defenseless innocent Christian children while
cheering, "whore yah" for the, for real demon antichrist enemy
of all Human Love as free willed.

/ / "as the bullets began to fly, the blood sprayed from
between her eyes, and then I laughed maniacally." [, then were
heard the cheers of godless bushite dumfuk traitors obscening
to God and Man as the unholy enemy.] \ \

Cpl. Joshua Belile "I am planning on recording and releasing
a professionally produced and engineered version of 'Hajji
Girl' which will be aired on the Mike Church [radio] Show, and
will be available for sale through their Web site within the
coming weeks." - performed by the band "Young Americans", and
sold already to countless grunts who'll kill YOUR CHILD, or
rape YOUR WIFE as 'lawless' disciples of the for real demon
antichrist. enemies of Justice for Humanity. HUMANITY!

FREEDOM SONG: I DEMAND all MMA/UFC fighters support MY demand
to fight this demonic child killer of Christians, and all his
Public supporters of tyranny in the amerikan air force to a
quick death match in the octagon.

/ / When Cpl. Joshua Belile picked up his guitar and
performed his original song âHajji Girlâ? for [his nazi]
buddies in Iraq, nobody was offended: He received only
laughter and cheers from his audience. [over the death of an
innocent child loved in GOD] \ \

Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of The Father.

Trust US, bushite deserve to die by Public Trial and Jury,
before more innocent People fall victim to their godless
treachery of ignorance in our power of discernments with the
facts on our grounds. Read the HRW report, and while doing
so, THINK FOR YOURSELF about how uniformed you'd have to be to
believe so assuredly, as the news reports attest in the title.

Here, HRW quotes of an officer of the South Ossetian forces,
who captured three armed nazi grunts IN! South Ossetia:

"Two of them didn't do anything to us so we just let them go"

We need demands of explanation, then WAR CRIMES arrests of HRW
officials who speak nothing for US, the innocent peoples shot,
bombed, raped, or tortured to death by bushite nazi grunt
savages, or of them, who had their homes burned to the ground
in South Ossetia by DEMON LIAR Saakashvili's zionist nazi
soldiers. Where is HRW concern for TRAITOR neocons on FOX
news spewing Iran is a holocaust denier?, while denying the
companies of Aegis, and CACI are war criminals who of all,
deserve death sentences today, to save the lives of their next
innocent murder victims? Again, on CNN, Aegis' Tim Spicer
freely confesses his company to desecrating Elvis, while
shooting Iraqi Peoples on the street indiscriminately for
neocon pleasures from the Pentagon, all to receive huge
american paid for cash bonuses. While CACI admits freely to
kidnapping innocent people, then torturing ourselves to death
for lawless nazi enemy pleasures in monetary praise from the
antichrist enemy of God and Man. Death to the bushite, death
to the enemies of Christ in America.

Marc Garlasco: A Cluster of Excuses

How is it possible to be professionally paid on this issue,
yet, be so unbelievably uniformed? YOU spend an hour in
research, then wonder, how is it possible that CNN/FOX/CBC
too, couldnât care much less for the indiscriminate killings
performed by bushite nazi grunts for LIAR zionism?

The picture of the bushite soldier gleeing in the
horrors of secretly committing rapes and murders in
America's name, is the same illusion when the demon bush
liar spews "his" America is bringing freedom to the
Iraqi oil-rich nation by murdering, raping, and OPENLY
pillaging as the godless evil war mongering anti-Christ.
See? - I would give anything to see Lcpl Boudreaux dead

The Christian Bible "I know the blasphemy of them which say
they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."

The King of Earth as Son to God,

Johnny America

P.S. Mr. Putin, invite me on to speak for Justice ourselves.


Dick Cheney âRussian aggression must not go unanswered. Only
an idiot would tell Saakashvili anything other than âto cease


This work is in the public domain
Sindicat Terrassa