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The Forbidden Truths of all Human Political Systems
24 ago 2008
A Forbidden Truth dissection of the genocidally evil, perverse, and lie-based ideological and operational structures of all political and governmental systems of the human species.
The Forbidden Truths of all human Political Systems:

What is politics? The primary dictionary definition of this word is: The science and art of governing a country. Is this a valid definition? No. Here is the True definition: Politics is a deceitful set of ideological notions, specifically created, designed, and marketed by governments to their citizens, for the purpose of creating an illusion of freedom, autonomy, and personal choice for citizens, in terms of the structure and path of their individual lives. If you wish to apply terms such as "science" or "art" to the definition of politics, such terms must be accompanied with other language that clearly reveals the fact that this governmental activity is utterly deceitful, and it's ideological props, such as "elections", are nothing more than invalid illusions.

According to popular notion, there are several different "types" of governments. There are democracies, totalitarian governments, communist governments, etc.. Each form of government claims to provide the best living environment for it's citizen-slaves. This notion of there being several different types of governments in the world, is structured along the same lines, and for the same malevolent purposes, as the insane god myth notion that there are numerous "different" mainstream religions. Each religion claims to offer the "best" version of god worship, the real and desirable god, while dismissing and outright condemning the other religions. Every form of government does the exact same thing, terroristically brainwashing it's citizen-slaves into accepting the notion that "their" form of government is more benevolent and superior to, other forms of government. Understand that the exact same malevolent principle is applied, for the exact same reasons, in both the insane god myth and the myth of differing governmental ideologies. Numerous mainstream religions have been created, for the specific purpose of allowing you pathetic creatures to feel superior to other humans via the notion that you are worshipping the "right" god, while the other people, those of a different religion, are worshipping the "wrong" god. In exactly the same fashion, numerous systems of government have been created for the specific purpose of causing you pathetic creatures to feel and believe that you live in a country and under a government that provides you with a superior quality of life, in comparison to people living in other countries, under governmental doctrine that are said to be different than your government's doctrine, and always decreed to be inferior to the form of government that you live under. Every religion instructs it's devotees that they are lucky to be devoted to this particular version of the insane god myth, because it is the best version, the only true version, the version that will result in the greatest degree of reward. Inherent within this perverse brainwashing is a demonization of all other religions, religions that are different from "your" religion. Every political system does exactly the same thing, it operates along the exact same principle, instructing it's citizens that they are lucky to live within and embrace the legitimacy of, the current, existing form of government that is in place, brainwashing every citizen and in fact every child born into the society from the first day of his birth, that their government and political system is the best in the world, the only true and legitimately proper form of government, and the form of government that will result in you, the individual citizen-slave, enjoying the greatest degree of reward, via safety, equality, freedom, justice, and benevolent treatment in general. Inherent within this brainwashing is a demonization of all other forms of government, designed to both enslave the mind/intellect of the individual to believing that he must support his government at all costs, and within this mindset, to accept the notion that even if he feels himself to be suffering greatly and unjustly as a direct result of his government, he must still remain a loyal, law-abiding citizen-slave, based upon the lie that every other form of government would inflict far more suffering and harm upon him, than his current government is inflicting. What we have here, as in virtually all aspects of human life, is a perverse shell game designed to cause you creatures to agree to accept suffering and injustice, and to remain devoted to a system of brutally oppressive malevolence, via brainwashing, lies, ridiculous claims of moral and ideological superiority by supreme leaders, and invalid, terroristic, demonizing threats that "your" government is not only a superior and good government, but that all other forms of government are totally inferior and evil, for the purpose of intellectually and emotionally terrorizing you into remaining loyal and devoted to the government, to the societal leaders, under whose fascist control you currently live as citizen-slaves.

I am now going two reveal two extremely important Forbidden Truths on this topic, so please read and analyze this paragraph very carefully. I will be discussing these Truths at great length below, but first let me reveal them both, in a detailed and comprehensive manner. #1: All forms of government that have achieved success within the Modern Era in terms of attaining and retaining power over a significant number of people, are identical in overall design, structure, and purpose. A communist government, a totalitarian government, is identical in design, structure, and purpose, to a "democratic" government. Since all governments are identical in this manner, the various labels, such as communist, democratic, totalitarian, etc..., that are used by governments to describe themselves as well as to label other governments, have no Truth-based legitimacy or accuracy. #2: Every governmental system is designed to achieve the exact same goal: To oppress, victimize, impose it's malicious will upon all individual citizens, to compel obedience and conformity to mainstream ideological doctrine that the supreme leaders of the government have chosen to decree as "sacred", and at all costs, to retain the loyalty and devotion of as many citizens as possible. Okay, now we can begin to flesh out these Truths in detail, beginning with #1. The christian god freak feels superior to the moslem god freak. He feels this way because the leaders of christianity have brainwashed him into believing that christianity is superior and that god will reward him for embracing the "right" religion, the true religion. The moslem god freak feels the same way, thanks to brainwashing by his religion's malevolent leaders. In each case, it is the leaders of the religion who benefit, they have power because pathetic, brainwashed, mentally ill sheeple are devoted to them, and obey them. In reality of course, every mainstream religion is exactly the same, operates along the exact same "omnipotent creature wants to be worshipped and obeyed, will reward you with a blissful afterlife" excreta. Government and politics operate on this exact same structure. You are told that there are several different forms of government in existence, you are told that one form of government is very good and highly superior to the other forms of government, and that you will reap great rewards in embracing the "right and good" form of government, and suffer great peril and pain if you betray or abandon this "right" government, or choose to embrace one of the "wrong and bad" forms of government. Guess what? It is always the government that already has you in it's toxic clutches, that you are already a citizen of, which claims to offer you the "right and good" form of government, while mercilessly demonizing the other forms of government, and trying to instill terror within you, of the demonized, "wrong and bad" forms of government.

If you are an american citizen, you are terroristically brainwashed into believing that "democracy" is the "right and good" form of government, and the other forms are demonized to you. If you are a citizen of Cuba, you are terroristically brainwashed into believing that communism is the "right and good" form of government, while democracy is demonized to you. If you live in Afghanistan, you are terroristically brainwashed into believing that a totalitarian regime based upon islamic interpretation of religion, is the right and good form of government, while all other forms are demonized to you. As a seeker of Truth, it is extremely important that you find the sanity within yourselves to recognize that not only does each government, america, cuba, afghanistan, commit an atrocity upon it's citizens that is absolutely equal in scope and measure, via it's own terroristic brainwashing, but even more importantly, there is in reality no legitimately valid distinction that can be made between these three "different" forms of government. Yes, there are some extremely noticeable "cosmetic" and cultural differences in terms of how citizen-slaves in these 3 societies live out their day to day lives, their rituals, hobbies, daily activities, as their governments have terroristically dictated. But there is still no genuine difference in the design, operational structure, and purpose of the three forms of government. Consider: Each of these three forms of government uses lies to win over the support and loyalty of it's citizen. Each government demonizes other forms of government. Each government has the overt goal of forcing it's citizen-slaves to embrace all of the primary ideological doctrine that the supreme leaders have decided to be highly important. Each government has and undertakes an overt agenda of oppressing and victimizing it's citizen-slaves, while at the same time using a terroristic threat to get away with their oppression and victimization, the very specific threat that if the person lived in one of the other two countries, they would suffer far greater oppression and victimization under that country's "wrong and bad" form of government. Each government is specifically designed and structured, in an identical manner, to victimize it's own citizens and to get away with/justify this victimization to it's citizens, by terroristically brainwashing them into believing that their particular form of government is the best form, while the other forms of government are "evil and terrible".

So, all forms of government that have managed to achieve and retain any type of a significant degree of power over other human beings in the modern era, are the same. "Democracy", communism, totalitarianism, religious fundamentalism, these are nothing more than demonizing labels that governments create and use for the purpose of claiming moral superiority and benevolence, as well as for the even more useful purpose of demonizing other governments so that their own citizen-victims perversely rationalize the brutality they are being subjected to, by believing that the other governments would inflict even greater brutality upon them. The christian feels superior to the moslem, and the moslem feels superior to the christian, only because these two invalid labels exist. If there was only one version of the exact same insane god myth, it wouldn't work, because you pathetic creatures are desperate to feel superior to fellow humans, especially in situations where you are being victimized, oppressed, forced to act in unnatural ways and to accept/endure harm/injustice. You must find a way to rationalize your suffering and victimization. The only ways to do this are to either refuse to accept the fact that you are being subjected to brutal victimization and unnecessary suffering, or to accept the notion that your suffering is somehow "necessary", and that other governments make their citizens suffer much more than your government makes you and your fellow citizens suffer. There have to be numerous different "mainstream" versions of the insane god myth, in order for the god myth itself to be so universally embraced and accepted as it is. In exactly the same manner, there have to be different labels for government, in order for individuals to universally accept the victimization and fascism that their government imposes upon them. If every government labeled itself as "democratic", and every government declared that all other governments were democratic, citizens would come to realize that they are being brutally oppressed and victimized, simply because the governments could not put out their demonizing propaganda lies that their form of government is "right and good", while the other forms of government are "evil and terrible", because all governments would carry the same label. The Truth would be revealed under such a scenario, the Forbidden Truth that all governments are the same, all governments operate under the exact same malicious and malevolent structure, design, and operational precepts. Societal and governmental leaders, with malice aforethought, deliberately create and popularize the notion that there are "different" religious and political ideologies, for the specific purpose of causing their own citizen-slaves/devotees to feel and believe themselves to be superior to others, better off than other groups of humans, to justify demonizing others, and to terrorize their own devotees with the threat that they had better remain loyal to their current oppressors, because if not, they will face the far more terrible wrath of a far more terrible religious or political ideology. But the Truth is that all religious and political ideologies are identical in every meaningful way, identically malicious and malevolent. Governments get away with brutally oppressing and victimizing their citizens only because they are able to hold out the terroristic threat, completely untrue and invalid of course, that other governments, real, existing governments, are evil and terrible and would inflict far greater, far more horrific oppression and victimization upon the person, if he were to fall into their clutches, as a citizen-slave. Seekers of Truth, let us now cast aside all of these invalid, demonizing labels, and embrace the fact that there is no legitimacy to such labels.

Now, I'm sure some of you are thinking to yourselves, "Isn't it a fact that some types of governments offer "more freedom" to their citizens, than other types of governments, and doesn't this mean that there is a fundamental difference between forms of government such as democratic versus totalitarianism"? The answer to this question is: No. To an extreme degree, "freedom" is nothing more than a state of mind. None of us are genuinely free, and the manner in which we perceive our day to day lives, is how we uniquely judge for ourselves whether we are free, or able to "enjoy our freedom". Freedom is an intellectual thought/concept, that is translated into an emotional feeling, and can be used by individuals to define a specific activity, but at it's core, it remains an intellectual concept. For example, people like to say that a prison inmate has had his "freedom taken away from him." This is not true. Freedom is an intellectual concept, it resides within the unique mind of every individual human being. If an individual feels free, an individual is free. Taking away a person's ability to do certain things, only affects the person's freedom if the person intellectually and emotionally believes and accepts the notion that his freedom is linked to his ability to do those specific things. Yes, the vast majority of prison inmates do feel as though they have had their freedom taken away from them, but this is only because they mentally, intellectually, and emotionally associate the concept of freedom, with being able to do certain specific things that they used to be able to do prior to being imprisoned. The Superior human recognizes that the only real freedom that an individual needs, the only freedom that is universally valid and therefore deserves to be called freedom, resides within the unique mind and brain of every individual. The unique manner in which you define freedom to yourself, is the only accurate way to measure whether you yourself are free, or can enjoy freedom. Superior prison inmates, even those in maximum security cells, can and do feel far freer than many multimillionaires, who are hopelessly chained to their jobs, enslaved to their families, and hopelessly trapped within other perceived "obligations" and toxic societal rituals. This "feeling" of freedom is in fact the absolute experience of freedom, since this concept is an intellectual/emotional one. In other words, being physically "free" to go wherever one wants, in no way constitutes freedom, unless the individual perceives himself to be free and to enjoy freedom, within his own unique mind. I will be discussing the topic of Freedom at great length in a separate essay later within this Manifesto, but on this particular point, governmental claims of "freedom", let it be clearly understood that no government offers any significantly greater genuine level of freedom to it's citizen-slaves, than any other government. Some governments, specifically those which label themselves as "democracies", devote more time and effort towards offering an illusion of freedom, and their most fervent form of terroristic demonization of other governments is their claim to "be free", and their threat that the other governments are not free and do not offer freedom. This is nothing more than a demonizing lie, designed and promulgated for the purpose of winning over and retaining the support of as many citizen-slaves as possible, for the existing governmental regime.

The design structure and the overt goal of every government is the same: To rob all individual citizens of their freedom. To restrict, manipulate, guide, control the lifestyle choices and options of all citizens. To coerce and force citizens to behave in certain ways, to believe in certain things, to embrace very specific ideological notions, all of which serve to rob people of their freedom, personal autonomy, and free will. Every aspect of every government is specifically designed not to encourage freedom, not to even allow freedom, but to take away freedom, including the most important freedom of all: Intellectual freedom and the ability to live life based upon Truth. Take religion. The vast majority of governments, most especially so-called "democracies", terroristically impose the toxic myth of god existing, upon the helpless minds of all children born into the society, as well as adults. Simply in choosing to do this, the society robs it's citizens of the ability to enjoy intellectual freedom and the ability to make life choices based upon the simple, True fact that there is no invisible, omnipotent god creature with a fascist agenda of behavioral demands, to fear and to be terroristically obliged to cater to.

Perversely, you creatures who live under terroristic regimes which label themselves as "free democracies", are instructed to celebrate and rejoice in the fact that you enjoy "religious freedom". Your evil society tells you that you are so very lucky to be religiously free, allowed to worship whatever version of the insane god myth you choose. The reality of course, is that you enjoy absolutely no freedom from religion. Insane religious doctrine has been forcibly shoved down your throats, each and every day of your lives, beginning when you were a tiny baby, by your society and government. But you are too broken and brainwashed to recognize the fact that what you are told and taught constitutes a "precious freedom", in reality constitutes an utterly vicious and literally genocidal form of intellectual fascism, that your society terroristically imposed upon you, and outrageously continues to impose upon every single man, woman, and child born into and/or living as a citizen of, a so-called "free democracy" like america. A society/government that at least refrains from viciously imposing the insane god myth upon it's citizens, that does not stridently promote the insane god myth, clearly is offering greater "freedom" to it's citizens, than a society that does stridently promote the god myth. But tragically, a lifetime of brainwashing renders 99.9999% of all humans who are citizens of "free democracy" governments, unable to recognize even this most glaringly obvious Forbidden Truth. Let us understand that defining "freedom" is essentially impossible, on a general level. And it is the societies and governments which most stridently claim to offer freedom, that most often practice and impose the most viciously fascist and genocidally harmful forms of oppression upon their citizen-slaves.

Such societies proudly claim to offer "political freedom", when in reality their political system is specifically designed so that it is impossible for anyone who does not tote the same ideological platform as the existing leaders tote, to attain power. This will be discussed at length below. Such governments claim to offer free market "economic freedom", when in reality their economic structure is specifically designed to force people to waste their lives working as slaves, designed to keep the vast majority of citizens trapped within a cycle of either grinding poverty, or trapped within a spin cycle that involves the malicious use of artificial constructs such as interest rates, inflation, and cost of living increases that are carefully adjusted on a constant basis by the government, for the purpose of allowing people to believe that they have reached the "middle class" of economic achievement, when in reality they are wasting their lives spending all of the money they make, within an insane system known as capitalism which is specifically designed to compel all citizen-slaves to spend the vast majority of all the money they earn. There is absolutely nothing inherently freer or better for the typical human being, within any of the governmental structures of a society that labels itself as a "free democracy", in comparison to a society that carries a label of dictatorship or totalitarian. The specific methods of mass oppression and fascism that are employed by different societies, absolutely does vary. The end result however, is not only the same, but on average, it is the societies which carry the "free democracy" label which cause the greatest degree of harm and victimization not only to their own citizen-slaves, but in fact to other societies and governments and to planet earth as a whole. Free democracies are the greatest warmongerers. Free democracies are the governments most desperate to "convert" other governments to their design structure. Free democracies start most wars, by interfering in the sovereign activities and ideologies of other nations. Free democracies cause the greatest harm to the natural resources of the planet. Governments which label themselves as free democracies in reality offer slightly less genuine, personally useful freedom to their citizen-slaves, than do societies that label themselves as "communist" or refrain from constantly, desperately claiming to offer "glorious freedom", which is the primary propaganda lie that ultra-diseased societies like america are constantly putting forth, to retain the support and loyalty of their brainwashed citizens.

The Truth is, the vast majority of all human beings have absolutely no desire to be free, to enjoy genuine freedom. What you want is to be told that you are free, to pretend that you are free, even as you happily allow your evil governments to dictate every single significant aspect of your lives. The "free democracy" governments pander to this perverse desire of yours, telling you that you are free, making you believe that you enjoy freedom, providing you with the illusion of freedom so that you can lie to yourself, delude yourself into feeling that you are free, and they do this for the specific purpose of gaining your patriotic loyalty and devotion. Freedom exists in the mind of the individual. Genuine freedom can only exist within the embrace of Truth. Since none of you creatures are even capable of recognizing Truth, not only are you totally unable to recognize genuine freedom, but if somehow given an opportunity to be genuinely free, you would flee in terror from the genuine freedom, and ferociously cling to your invalid, toxic illusions of freedom. Again, religion provides the perfect example of this. You ferociously cling to the insane illusion of freedom offered by "democratic" societies, which tells you that you enjoy the glorious freedom of choosing which religion to addict and enslave yourself and your children to. And yet if given the opportunity to live under a government that offered you genuine protection from the insane god myth, that did not viciously impose religion upon all citizens, that offered you the genuine freedom of not being subjected to fascist god myth addiction, you would reject and renounce such a government, insanely declaring it to be "unfree", lacking freedom, even though it actually offers you far more genuine freedom, freedom based upon Truth, the freedom to make this particular life decision, whether or not to believe in/worship god, without the brutal brainwashing and terroristic coercion, that the religion-imposing "democratic" government inflicts upon you. So understand this Truth, that in reality, the vast majority of all human beings have no interest in or desire for, genuine freedom. They want their government to impose it's fascist will upon them.

As you know, Truth is the very essence of this Manifesto. Everything good and valuable in life, on an individual level, must be rooted in Truth. All governments maliciously lie to their citizens, as a matter of core policy and design structure. The very structure of government itself, is such that it can only exist as a ruling force, if it is totally rooted in lies, deceit, brainwashing, and manipulation of reality via the artificial creation of invalid illusions which are masqueraded as constituting Truth. Based upon this Truth, as well as the Truths revealed throughout this essay, it is obvious that no government currently in existence, and in fact no government that has ever existed throughout the modern era, deserves to exist. There has never been a government that existed within a framework of morality, decency, benevolence, or Truth. Every government has been overtly, supremely, malevolent in design, ideology, and the specific doctrines that it has imposed upon it's citizens. This having been said, lets also realize that different forms of government do rely, at least on a surface level, on slightly different methodologies when it comes to retaining the devotion and loyalty of their citizens. Governments that label themselves as free democracies rely extremely heavily on brainwashing and lies, while governments that label themselves as communist/totalitarian rely more on overt physical threats of imprisonment, torture, death. "Religiously fundamentalist" governments are in the middle, relying very heavily on brainwashing and lies regarding the god myth, while also using overt threats of imprisonment, torture, death. In point of fact, america is a religiously fundamentalist form of government, although this would never be admitted to of course, by the evil leaders. The Truth is, afghanistan is a religiously fundamentalist government that employs one specific version of the insane god myth within it's core ideological structure, while america is a religiously fundamentalist government that employs numerous, slightly different versions of the insane god myth within it's core ideological structure. The end result is identical, both of these governments are literally soaked and saturated within toxic god mythology, and deserve to carry the same "form of government" label, I would use the label of "religious fundamentalism".

Nationalistic versus Humanistic orientation: I have begun this paragraph with red lettering, because this next point is extremely important. The design structure of all governments, which I have already revealed to be so perverse that no currently existing government has a moral entitlement to exist, is such that citizen-slaves are brainwashed and compelled to adopt a nationalistic, as opposed to a humanistic, outlook on life. What do I mean by this? Nationalism is defined as a "devotion to one's country, patriotic feelings or efforts". In reality of course, it is a devotion towards the government of the country. Nationalism is an invalid ideological construct, partly because no government currently in existence deserves to receive "fervent devotion" from human beings, but even more so because the very premise of nationalism is designed and destined to split the human race into feuding, warring, demonizing groups. Every government wants it's citizen-slaves to be nationalistic. This nationalistic orientation involves an irrational, illogical devotion to and loyalty for, the government. Once a government establishes a nationalistic mindset among it's citizens, the next step is to exploit this invalid ideology by demonizing foreign governments, nations, and ideologies, and to get citizen-slaves to direct all of the rage and hate they feel at the suffering and injustice that their own government is responsible for causing them to suffer, onto these demonized foreign entities, that in reality have had nothing to do with causing their personal suffering and enraged distress. This nationalistic brainwashing is primarily responsible for a great deal of the inter-governmental war, violence, feuding, and misdirection of rage, that humans engage in. It also serves all governments very well, in terms of allowing their malevolent and genocidally victimizing regimes to remain in power.

The antidote for toxic nationalistic orientation, is humanistic orientation. In Humanistic orientation, human beings would be able to recognize the Truth of how they are essentially identical in species nature, to all other human beings on the planet, and that all of the ideological differences that exist have in reality been artificially induced and created by governments. Governments get away with brutally victimizing their citizen-slaves, primarily because they create the illusion that other groups of people, living in other nations and under a declared "different" form of government, are completely different in nature, mysteriously different, extremely dangerous, and pose a threat to the citizens living under this government. This creates the illusion that the citizen has to embrace, obey, honor, and support "their" government, under the notion that their government is a good government that will protect them from the bad "demons" and the mysterious, bizarre foreign governments that wish to kill, destroy, torture, them. In Humanistic orientation, we recognize the Truth. We recognize that if in fact a citizen of afghanistan wants to kill complete strangers just because they are american, he does so only because he is a victim of the perverse brainwashing that his government/society has undertaken and committed against him. If an american is terrified of falling under the rule of the cuban government, he is only terrified because his government has invalidly demonized the cuban form of government for political and fascist control gain. We recognize and embrace the fact that all human beings, all across the world, are born with identical needs and traits, and that all of the political and ideological differences that arise within the perceptions of reality of individuals, are 100% the fault of the malevolent, brainwashing, lie-based, toxic governments and societies that human beings are enslaved by and raised up within.

Embracing this Truth would be a first step towards breaking free of toxic nationalistic orientation, in favor of personally empowering Humanistic orientation. What makes Humanistic orientation empowering is the fact that it allows the individual to at least begin to break free of the insane devotion to their own government, the government that is directly and primarily responsible for and guilty of their life victimizations. By recognizing that every human being is born identical, that every government is overtly malevolent, and that every government is completely responsible for creating all of the so-called "political and ideological differences" among individuals, Superior people, those capable of sane thought, would also begin to realize that it is completely irrational, illogical, and in essence a betrayal of self, as well as a betrayal of Truth, for the person to embrace nationalism, patriotism, loyalty to government, or any type of demonization of foreign nations or governments. In a nutshell: Every government brutally victimizes it's own citizens, far more than it victimizes the citizens of any other nation, and therefore to embrace nationalism constitutes a betrayal of self, you are pledging your loyalty and devotion to the one government/society on the planet that has victimized you far more than any other government/society has victimized you, or wants to victimize you. The "enemy", those foreigners that you are instructed to demonize and hate, are identical to you. They are victims just like you are a victim. Their government/society has committed literally the exact same type of brutal atrocities upon them, that your government has committed upon you. And as far as the "different" forms of government that your government instructs you to be terrible, evil, lacking freedom, etc..., you recognize the fact that you are being manipulated. Your "fear of the unknown" is being mercilessly exploited. You recognize that all forms of government are in reality the same, that all forms are malevolent, and that all governments victimize their own citizens far more than anyone else. Once you embrace all of these Truths, you can begin to decide what to do, how to live, whether to allow your government to exist, to rule over you and dictate your life path, whether to be loyal to your government, etc..., from a Truth-based perspective.

As you might imagine, the notion of you creatures even considering adopting a Humanistic orientation towards life, fills the supreme leaders and other empowered agents of all governments with immense dread. It would signal the beginning of the end for all currently existing governments and governmental design structures. But guess what? Your supreme leaders are not concerned with this notion, at all. If they thought there was a possibility that even one person in 5000 might embrace humanism over nationalism, they would be in terror. But they know better. They know just how pathetically inferior you creatures are. They know that you are nothing more than blind sheeple. They know that the only way you can cope with your own pathetic lives, is to embrace only lie-based ideology, to demonize fellow humans, other religions, other governments. You cling to the insane nationalism that your governments feed you, like a drowning man in the middle of the ocean who cannot swim, clings to a life preserver. To embrace Humanistic Truth would require you to face up to the overt malice of literally all of the fundamental structures, government, religion, delusions of freedom, that you base your entire lives upon. No chance of this ever occurring, and believe me, your evil societal and governmental leaders know this to be the case. They sleep well, no worries that their completely artificial, lie-based regimes will be exposed for what they are.

It's fascinating to look at the issue of how and why some governments, like america, are obsessed with luring people who live under other governments, to reject their current government, embrace the american government, and emigrate to america. Truly this is an ideological obsession, for the american government. Most governments do not actively and constantly solicit immigrants. Many governments absolutely refuse to allow immigrants into their country. But america obsessively solicits immigrants, and uses their arrival to ridiculously proclaim itself to be wonderfully free, overtly benevolent, and "better" than all other governments/societies, as proven by the fact that people from other societies and living under other governments "want" to come live in america. The Truth is, the american government maliciously lures and entices people living in other countries, using false claims, false promises, and invalid, brainwashing ideology, into believing that they will enjoy a "better quality of life" in america. Once in america, these immigrants are forced to assume the worst possible jobs, usually treated as being even more subhuman than blacks born in america, and continue to be brainwashed with the ridiculous notion that they must be very grateful to have been "accepted" into the country of america, because they now enjoy wonderful "freedom", that they did not enjoy under their former government. This is utterly ridiculous! What types of "freedom" do they enjoy? The freedom to addict themselves to the insane god myth of their choice? The freedom to work 10 hours a day, 6 days per week, for the rest of their lives, just so they can afford to feed and cloth themselves and their children with the incredibly overpriced fashions that american society dictates, as well as buy items, like VCR's and pools and fancy furnishings that they do not need and never would have thought of buying if they had remained in their former country? The freedom to sacrifice their own lives under the bizarre notion that it is their duty to help their americanized children to enjoy a better quality of life after they themselves die? The freedom to vote in elections, to pretend to be "choosing" their governmental leaders when in reality there is no such thing as a free election or any genuine political choice, under the democratic system? This is not freedom, this is slavery, a form of slavery that more often than not serves to greatly decrease the actual quality of life that the immigrant experiences, in comparison to the quality of life he would have enjoyed had he remained in his native country. Of course very few immigrants can consciously recognize the fact that their quality of life has in reality decreased, thanks to the constant brainwashing mantra of american society, that it is the "best", that it offers glorious, unmatched, invaluable "freedom", etc...

Let us understand that governments which obsessively solicit immigrants are inferior to governments that bar immigrants or greatly restrict immigration. The slave underclass within a government like america, is absolutely brutal in scope and breath. Throughout american history, there has been a desperate effort to constantly bring in new supplies of human slaves, by the mainstream, middle-class population. The kidnapping of african blacks worked for awhile, until insane moral justification eroded, and in the wake of this erosion, coerced immigration via brainwashing and lies, has been and continues to be employed by the american government. If the american government can convince people to "voluntarily" emigrate to america, the slave/kidnapping angle is diluted, and moral justification can be maintained, in a way that the kidnapping of blacks from africa, could not maintain moral justification for more than two hundred or so years. You creatures embrace the notion that the immigrants "want" to come to america of their own free will, they must be grateful that america accepts them in, allows them to come in, and so they "naturally" must accept subhuman status and devote their lives to endless labor, engaging in employment that the typical, mainstream, middle-class american, and even slum-dwelling native americans/descendants of kidnapped africans, refuse to engage in. The Truth is that just because a person is tricked, brainwashed, coerced into believing that the american government is better than his current government, and "chooses" to emigrate to america as a result of this deceit, a deceit that is deliberately and specifically undertaken by the american government, in no way means that the person came to america of his own free will, or that the subhuman, essentially slave status that these people are condemned to, can be in any way morally, ethically, or benevolently justified. "Established" americans, those who have been citizen-slaves of america for their entire lives, currently morally justify this to themselves, in exactly the same invalid, perversely hypocritical manner that they used to justify the kidnapping and "official" slave status of african blacks. "We are not forcing them to come here, they come of their own free will, seeking the glorious freedom that only we, the superior society of america, can and does offer", this is the excreta that americans embrace, even though it is nothing but an utter lie and sham. You are forcing them to come to america, by luring and enticing them with utter propaganda and lies. And you have no glorious freedom to offer, only perverse, sham illusions of freedom, illusions that you shove down the throats and minds of foreigners specifically because you are on a constant, desperate mission to acquire new, dirt poor slaves, as well as desperately trying to maintain to yourselves the illusion and personal delusion that your society is wonderful, superior, freedom-based, a heavenly nirvana compared to the horrors committed by all those demonized, "bad and wrong" governments that you are constantly initiating and provoking wars against, to satiate your collective homicidal rage at the undeniable distress, victimization, brutalization, that you are in reality experiencing, at the direct hands of your very own society/government.

Time to say a few words about Defection. What is defection? Within the context of this topic, it is defined as: To desert one's country, to abandon allegiance to a government. Every government has it's defectors, and every government deliberately tries to cover up, conceal, hide, and not allow their media to report upon, defections undertaken by their citizen-slaves. Every defector represents Truth. Every defector represents a case of an individual, subjected to pro-governmental brainwashing and propaganda, who has somehow found the personal independence and insight to break free from and reject the legitimacy of, their government's patriotic coercion efforts. Even though governmental leaders know, intellectually, that the vast majority of their broken citizen-slaves are almost certain to remain blindly loyal, there is still genuine concern within the leadership that even a single defector, if he is vocal enough and his True story is revealed, could help at least a few of his formerly fellow citizens to find the sanity, insight, and intelligence to realize that they in reality owe absolutely no allegiance to their government/society, as well. At the same time, governments do realize that if someone defects to them, this provides a great, extremely useful propaganda coup. The government can and of course does, proudly proclaim: "Look at this, this human being chose to defect to our nation, he chose to abandon his former government and to embrace our government, at peril to himself. This proves that our society, our government, and our form of government, is truly, undeniably superior to all other governments and worthy of unquestioned support and patriotic loyalty from all citizens." Of course nothing could be further from the Truth, but Truth does not matter, all that matters is that the defection by a tortured victim creation of one government, to a different government, can be gloriously exploited by whatever government the victim has chosen to defect to. Because of this, a brutally fascist and completely hypocritical standard of information dissemination as well as news reporting, occurs with regard to the issue of defection and defectors.

Consider: Within the american media, you hear quite often of cases that involve citizens of many different countries, cuba, russia, china, asian, african, middle eastern countries, defecting to america. It happens, these people, deluded into believing that america will provide them with a better, freer lifestyle, defect to america. In some cases, where the individuals have chosen to actively defy, challenge, and express condemnation of their governments, it is even True, that on an overall basis, the person might well be physically safer and better able to continue speaking out against the government that they hate, the government that is most responsible for their own personal victimization, after they have escaped the malevolent clutches of that government and defected to america. They will not enjoy greater genuine freedom in terms of a direct government to government comparison, but because their former government had an extreme, vested interest in stifling their freedom since they may have been actively speaking out against and/or trying to foment a revolution against the government, that former government obviously would have been likely to try and take away more of the specific person's freedom, than the american government is likely to do, simply because the person has not and is not speaking out against the american government. The american government is very happy when people defect to it from any other government. They publicly announce the news, instruct all media venues to report upon the defection, providing a great many details on the defector, his claimed motivations, etc..., even though such revelations do in reality pose a safety and security threat to both the defector and his family/loved ones, especially if he has family or loved ones who remain in his native country, as most defectors do.

Now, lets consider the reverse situation, a citizen of america defects to another country. It is the exact same event, isn't it?? It's a defection, exactly the same in terms of what occurs, regardless of whether a person defects to america, or whether a person defects from america. Surely a defection from america is just as newsworthy as a defection to america, isn't it? There is no rational, Truth-based reason for why defections to america would be considered major, newsworthy events, while defections from america would be considered totally insignificant, unimportant incidents that do not even deserve to be mentioned, much less reported upon or discussed. And yet this is absolutely what occurs in fascist america. It is clear to any student of Truth that at the very least, hundreds of american citizens renounce their citizenship and overtly choose to defect to other countries/governments, each and every year. More likely, the figure is in the tens of thousands, during most years. And yet think about this Truth: There is literally not an iota of news media reporting, and not a single official statement made by the american government, on any of these defections! This is why most american citizens, if asked whether they think/believe that thousands of fellow american citizens defect to other countries from america every year, would say No. This Truth has been hidden from them, by the american government and it's puppet media. If you were to try and obtain information from the american government on how many people defected to america last year, this figure would be provided to you. But if you inquired as to how many american citizens have defected to other countries, no such information would be provided. It is obvious that in terms of Truth-based journalistic purpose, the media of a society should focus much more on why people defect from the government that they represent, rather than focusing on why people defect to the government that they represent. Why? Because focusing on the defectors who abandon patriotic allegiance, would serve to reveal Truth. The defector could, and very likely would, explain why he has grown to hate his society/government, the faults, the lies, the malevolence that he has experienced and that he has come to recognize, within the society that he has chosen to desert and abandon. As always, your evil societies will stop at nothing to prevent the revelation of any type of valuable Truth. This is why the american government, as well as every other government, refuses to make any official statements on citizens deserting, abandoning, and defecting from their society, refuses to inform the news media of these defections, refuses to tell the news media how many people defect from their government/country, and terroristically coerces the news media into not reporting upon such defections. It is utterly outrageous, a brilliantly clear display of true fascism, engaged in by the american government to most likely an even greater degree than other governments. Think about it, you idiots: When an american citizen defects to a foreign country, the american government has a sacred obligation to provide as much information as it can to the american media, regarding the defection. It is a major, extremely newsworthy event, and it directly involves the government. Unless the defector chooses to overtly contact the media himself after defecting, or his remaining family members in america choose to contact the media, which is unlikely, the media will literally have no way of knowing that the defection has even occured, much less be able to provide even the sketchiest type of reporting on the event. The government shamelessly preens over defections made to it, making official statements, holding press conferences, overtly courting the media, instructing the media to report at great length on those defections, while at the same time not even informing the media of any defections made by american citizens to other nations. In fact the american government overtly hides, suppresses, and I am convinced will even directly lie about, such defections. This alone should be enough to prove to all of you citizen-slaves that your government is evil, lie-based, maliciously manipulative, and completely unworthy of your loyalty, allegiance, or patriotic support.

When was the last time any national TV, newspaper, magazine, or wire service company, based in america, conducted an in-depth interview with a defector from america, in which the defector is allowed to express and outline all of his reasons for having chosen to defect from america?? I do not recall having ever read or seen such an interview, not even a single one, even though there have been hundreds of in-depth interviews with people who have defected to america, in which they gush on about how happy they are to be in america, how they feel free and safe now, etc... CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, Time magazine, Newsweek, National Public Radio, PBS, US News & World Report, USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Associated Press, not a single one of these news organizations, despite having massive resources and manpower, has ever undertaken an in-depth investigative report upon american citizens defecting to other countries, or even conducted an in-depth series of interviews with such defectors, asking them point-blank to explain exactly why they chose to defect, and publishing their replies in complete, unedited form. Does any media reporter even know exactly how many american citizens defected from america in the year 2000? I think not, the government would either refuse to provide this information by claiming it does not "keep this statistic", or else lie outright. All the while, the media continues to gobble up government propaganda and patriotically reports upon the defections of people to america. This is the government/society which claims to be "wonderfully free, open and gloriously democratic, with freedom of religion, freedom of the press, etc..." How pathetic! Your fascist rulers won't even allow you to hear the voices of your fellow torture victims, those who have found the personal courage and initiative to desert, abandon, and reject their american citizenships. People defect because they hate their society, because they have been personally victimized by their society. Out of 5 million people that a society victimizes, perhaps one finds the courage and insight to choose to defect. Every government refuses to allow it's defectors to gain any type of media attention or coverage, because every government is terrified that if allowed to speak out to his masses of fellow victims, the defector might help some of them, a handful at least, come to the realization that their very own society/government truly has brutally victimized them, and that they owe this victimizing entity absolutely no allegiance.

Lee Harvey Oswald was an american defector. He defected to the soviet union. To the best of my knowledge, not a single national news organization in all of america, ever bothered to report the news that a young american citizen, Lee Harvey Oswald, had abandoned and rejected the american government and the american "way of life" via a defection, until after he returned to america and carried out the infamous act that now guarantees him a permanent place within the historical record of human events. And yet if a citizen of the soviet union had defected to america at that same time, even on the exact same day that Lee Harvey defected from america, given the ongoing war mode of the late 1950's and early 1960's, it would have made front page news on every national newspaper, and been a lead story on both national radio and national television news. There ya go, the hypocrisy is mind-boggling, and once again I claim Game, Set, and Match, via yet another incredible demonstration of the power and the glory that is the revelation of Forbidden Truth.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America; and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. There it is folks, the pledge of allegiance. Read it, feel the fascist, the malice, the lies, behind literally every single one of the thirty-one words that comprise this pledge. Understand that helpless children, who have no possible way of intellectually analyzing the validity of such a pledge, have been and continue to be genocidally forced by adults and by the american government, to recite and embrace this fascist pledge, literally being forced to place their hand upon their heart, as part of the terroristic coercion process. This pledge is horrific. It is saturated with malice. It is designed to terrorize people into blindly agreeing to live as slaves, blindly agreeing to do whatever the american governmental leadership tells them to do, including sacrifice their lives. It insanely creates a fetish out of an ordinary piece of cloth that has been woven into a three colored, stripes and stars design. It has the audacity to include the word "liberty", when in reality it's entire purpose is to deny all human beings born into or living within america, the liberty and freedom to make a mature, adult, rational, unbiased choice and decision as to whether or not american society and the american government deserves their devotion, allegiance, support. It has the gall to proclaim that america offers "justice" to all, when the Truth is that america genocidally murdered native indians, genocidally enslaved blacks, genocidally discriminates against it's citizens, genocidally murders womb-trapped children, genocidally murders it's own tortured adult victim-creations via a death penalty, and has a judicial system that in every sense of the word, and from every possible angle, can only be seen as being utterly and completely unjust. "We sponsor the genocidal torture and victimization of our children, then we dispense justice upon them by punitively punishing them for reflecting back upon other human beings, the torture and victimization that we subjected them to." This is your "justice", and how any of you can even imagine, in your wildest dreams, that either you or your society has ever delivered a single moment of justice to any living thing, is utterly astonishing to me, and should be astonishing to any sane seeker of Truth.

Amazingly, the original version of this perverse pledge did not include any mention of god. The author must have figured that american citizens were so broken, so terribly addicted to, brainwashed by, the american government, that there was no need to invoke a terroristic threat from god, at the time he initially authored the first version of the pledge, back in 1892. This original pledge had several other minor differences from today's pledge, and read: I pledge allegiance to my Flag and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. But guess what? Societal and governmental leaders soon realized that even the dumbest of the dumb can eventually begin to recognize an evil hoax when they are confronted with it's malevolent consequences on a daily basis, unless it carries with it a supernaturally terroristic threat and appeal from the invisible, omnipotent god creature. And so, in typically shameless fashion, your evil leaders changed the pledge in 1954, via a new law, enacted and voted into law by your elected congressional whore/representatives, that specifically added two words to the pledge, inserting these two words directly after the "one nation". The two words were "under god", so that the new and current pledge would read "one nation under god". Yes indeed, your leaders wanted to make sure you always remained too terrified to even think of rejecting your patriotic obligation to america, so they informed you that beginning in 1954, you are pledging your allegiance under god, which clearly is meant to inform you that god not only wants you to remain a loyal, patriotic american, but will punitively punish you if you dare to ever reject or renounce this "holy pledge" that you are reciting. The addition of these two words turned the pledge of allegiance into a holy document, adding an extremely major and useful layer of terrorization, and thus greatly strengthening the impact of the malevolent doctrine expressed within this brief text. Until 1954, you were not under a terroristic threat from god when you agreed and promised to pledge allegiance to america. But after 1954 you were under a terroristic threat from god. And given the fact that 99.999+% of all american citizen-slaves are genuinely addicted, to one degree or another, to the insane god myth, the impact of adding a terroristic threat from god to the pledge, was extremely significant and greatly added to the overall degree of utter fascism that has always defined the True nature of this pledge. Make no mistake, your supreme leaders knew exactly what they were doing, in adding these two perverse words in 1954. They added these words for the very specific reason of increasing the terroristic strength of the pledge, upon american citizens, in such a way as to brainwash citizens into believing that god himself wants them to remain loyal to the american government, and god himself will punish them if they violate this "holy" edict. Prior to 1954, the insane god myth was of course already being used by governmental leaders as a terroristic tool of nationalistic, patriotic coercion and oppression, but as regards the specific issue of the pledge of allegiance, there was clearly no type of a direct attempt to use the god myth within the pledge, until your evil leaders decided it would be terroristically useful to add this holy threat, in 1954.

One of the most incredibly blatant of governmental lies, at least with regard to america, a lie so obvious that even a monkey should be able to figure it out, is the utterly bizarre claim by american leaders, that there is a "separation between church and state", and that the american government operates as a secular entity and under secular ideology. That is ridiculous! It is such a bizarre claim that even I have trouble believing that you pathetic creatures can possibly consider it to be valid. There is absolutely nothing secular about the american government. It is totally saturated at every level, with insane god myth ideology. The government of america is religiously fundamentalist, just as afghanistan, iraq, etc... The insane god myth is used by the government as a tool of oppression and terrorization, to compel loyalty, patriotism, and the like, within religiously fundamentalist societies. Certainly america has constantly done this, and continues today. The notion of god existing is also overtly legitimized and promoted by religiously fundamentalist governments. America does this to a degree that may well exceed that of the Afghanistan or iraq governments. Every piece of monetary currency invokes the name of god in america. Every public speech by the supreme leader invokes not only the word god, but a demand/decree that god "bless" the government, via the "god bless america" excreta. The government promotes religion, changes the texts of extremely popular and influential governmental edicts to specifically add mention of god, as was done with the pledge of allegiance. The government rewards people who promote the insane god myth, by decreeing that churches and other houses of worship are not taxed, or at least have their tax amount greatly reduced. The government gives citizens the right to refuse to work at their job on the "holy day" of Sunday or Saturday, while restricting the ability of their boss to fire them for refusing to work on that day. At every turn and in every way, the american government overtly and terroristically imposes, sponsors and legitimizes the insane god myth to it's citizen-slaves, and I really cannot envision any genuinely valid way that any other government, afghanistan, iraq, or the like, can be said to exceed the immense level of religious fundamentalism that the american government operates under and within. The claim that those other governments "restrict" their religious fundamentalism to one specific version of the insane god myth, while america at least allows numerous different versions of the insane god myth to be "embraced and practiced" by their populace, holds absolutely no validity, since the Truth is that all versions of the mainstream, societally promoted god myth are identical in design, nature, and malicious scope. To declare and celebrate the right to embrace different versions of the insane god myth as constituting an "important freedom", is akin to declaring and celebrating as an "important freedom", the right to choose whether or not you are killed and eaten by a 350 pound lion, as opposed to a 400 pound lion. It is ludicrous on it's very face!

I could easily spend an entire page outlining the hundreds of different Truths that prove that the american government in no way deserves to be labeled as a "free democracy", and is in fact a religiously fundamentalist fascist dictatorship. But space and time are both limited, so I will limit myself to providing just one example of this proof. In america, there are five primary pledges/anthems/hymns/songs that are most commonly used by the american government to implant, maintain, and stir patriotic loyalty and devotion among the citizen-slaves. These five are: The pledge of Allegiance, America The Beautiful, The Star Spangled Banner, My Country 'Tis Of Thee, and God Bless America. Unbelievably and amazingly, each and every one of these governmental anthems, created, popularized, and promoted by a government that claims to be secular, not only overtly mentions god, but overtly uses the insane god myth within it's text, for the specific purpose of terroristically imposing the myth that god exists and that god likes the american government and wants citizen-slaves of america to support the american government. I have already discussed how the pledge of allegiance perversely had the words "under god" added to it, by the american government, in 1954. Next we have "America The Beautiful." This governmental anthem contains the lines: "America! America! God shed his grace on thee. America! America! God mend thine every flaw. America! America! May god thy gold refine. America! America! God shed his grace on thee. America! America! God shed his grace on thee. America! America! God shed his grace on thee. America! America! God shed his grace on thee. America! America! God shed his grace on thee." This governmental anthem is saturated with insane god myth promotion. The line "god shed his grace on thee" is repeated a total of six times within the singing of this anthem!

The complete version of the Star Spangled Banner, which is the official national anthem of the american government, includes the lines: "Blest with vict'ry and peace, may the heav'n rescued land, Praise the Pow'r that has made and presrv'd us a nation, And conquer we must when our cause is just And this be our motto: "In God is our trust." And the Star-Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave." The message here is both that "god made, preserves, and loves america", and that all citizen-slaves must trust/believe in god. The anthem "My Country 'Tis Of Thee" includes the lines: "Our fathers' God, to Thee, Author of Liberty, To

Copyright by the author. All rights reserved.


Re: The Forbidden Truths of all Human Political Systems
24 ago 2008
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unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 19099
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 19098
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 19093 /tmp/.esd/socket
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 19092
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 18620 /tmp/orbit-warty/linc-1454-0-362186ab8ee6c
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 18619
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 18618 /tmp/orbit-warty/linc-1267-0-6f3de27c925d
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 18617
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 18616 /tmp/orbit-warty/linc-1454-0-362186ab8ee6c
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 18615
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 18612 /tmp/orbit-warty/linc-1221-0-5403ea177afa9
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 18611
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 18609 /tmp/.ICE-unix/4631
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 18608
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 18603 /tmp/.X11-unix/X0
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 18602
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 18336 /tmp/.ICE-unix/4631
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 18335
unix 2 [ ] DGRAM
Re: The Forbidden Truths of all Human Political Systems
24 ago 2008
Active Internet connections (servers and established)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State
tcp 0 0 ubuntu:ipp *:* LISTEN
tcp 0 0 ubuntu:ipp ubuntu:32798 ESTABLISHED
tcp 0 0 ubuntu:ipp ubuntu:32799 ESTABLISHED
tcp 0 1 SYN_SENT
tcp 0 0 TIME_WAIT
tcp 0 0 frmdvip2.doubleclic:www ESTABLISHED
tcp 0 0 TIME_WAIT
tcp 0 0 frmdvip2.doubleclic:www ESTABLISHED
tcp 0 0 lwva063.servidoresd:www ESTABLISHED
tcp 0 0 lwva063.servidoresd:www ESTABLISHED
tcp 0 0 ubuntu:33330 ubuntu:ipp ESTABLISHED
tcp 0 0 ubuntu:33317 ubuntu:ipp TIME_WAIT
tcp 0 0 ubuntu:33316 ubuntu/orbit-warty/linc-1267-0-6f3de27c925d
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