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Anunci :: @rtivisme : un altre món és aquí : educació i societat : altres temes : pobles i cultures vs poder i estats
"A summer camps tour 2006"
18 ago 2008
A "Do It Yourself" roadtrip-video-tour
A "Do It Yourself" roadtrip-video-tour, into differents activist/anarchist summer camps ("A-camp" in Kautzen/Austria - "D.I.Y. against the state" in Freiburg/Germany - "Camp Inski" in Heiligendamm/Germany - "P.G.A." in Lyon and Dijon/France), during the summer 2006...

"Holiday as a concept originates from the separation of work and leisure time. In this sense, an anarchist camp is not a holiday: the camp is an opportunity to meet, get to know each other and be active together, in a context which is free from pressure. It gives us room to try and combine anarchist theory and praxis and to live free from authority."

You can watch the trailer here:


You can download in better quality, the original long version (01:09) in ".torrent" format, directly from here:

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