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Acción directa contra prisiones en solidaridad con los anarquistas europeo, Canada
10 ago 2008
"Sheriff Van and Police Cruiser Firebombed August 6th, 2008 Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver), Kanada
August 6th, Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver), Kanada - Solidarity Action with Hunger Strike August 1-7, Kanada.

In plain daylight in the afternoon of August 6th, we firebombed two vehicles belonging to the police. One was a sheriff van parked in front of the courthouse on Main st, located south of Powell st. The other was a police cruiser parked on the south-east corner of Main and Hastings st, it was empty because the pigs were in the middle of conducting an arrest.

That afternoon's gossip in the downtown east side was one of sheer happiness found in the shared appreciation of seeing a sheriff van burn in front of the courthouse doors.

What bliss must have been felt by the people locked inside awaiting their trials in that despicable house of injustice. Those who live in the downtown east side struggle together daily to survive beneath the booming development which continues to exclude them to an existence of poverty and prison.

Along with the police and private security; the courts, sheriffs, and judges continue to enforce the orderly and lawful circulation of commodities and money with limitless social control.

Their complicity is present in the example of development, police repression and prison. They should expect no less than burning vehicles and creative expressions of our contempt.

We hope this act will spark communication and create new relationships of collaboration in struggle.

Our choices move beyond run, hide and prison. There are endless possibilities to be found in the conspiracy of attack.

We chose to act between the days of August 1st-7th because of the call for solidarity by 500+ prisoners in German prisons and around Europe who are on hunger strike. Our love is sent to the comrades who continue to refuse the life of passivity and silence, inside and outside the walls of prison. For the freedom of Amadeu Casellas Ramon, Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, Marcos Comenish, Jose Fernandez Delgado! Freedom for all Prisoners!

May our willingness to revolt spread our crimes of passion through their quiet cities and into the solitude of prison! We are bound to annihilate their prison-world!"


This work is in the public domain
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