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Implausible Deniability - Neocon are Traitors
07 ago 2008
Only a traitor wearing an American uniform wouldn’t recognize
these substantiated charges as highly treasonous. Like, to
the extreme. The bushmob paid the informant 5 million dollars
in hush money, and, anyway, the bushmob had unrestricted
access to go wherever they pleased without delay prior to
bombing Iraqi women and children indiscriminately.
Implausible Deniability - Neocon are Traitors

/ / Iraq's intelligence chief Tahir Jalil Habbush told the US
before the war that Iraq had no WMD.

NPR asked George Tenet and the White House for comment, and,
remarkably enough, they both essentially admitted this was
true. \ \

Only a traitor wearing an American uniform wouldnât recognize
these substantiated charges as highly treasonous. Like, to
the extreme. The bushmob paid the informant 5 million dollars
in hush money, and, anyway, the bushmob had unrestricted
access to go wherever they pleased without delay prior to
bombing Iraqi women and children indiscriminately. A fact Ron
Paul will forbid you the knowledge of as cowards only
interested in getting your give away money for other matters.
Like, why doesn't he demand the rigged election be exposed as
such? (They swapped McCain's totals with Paul's] Ron Paul
received tens of millions of dollars now spent on anything
else but.. a fight for freedom through communications... no,
the money can be better spent where to address Mr. Bush's
direct criminality??? WE WANT ANSWERS beyond what Alex Jones
will even acknowledge as critical. Alex Jones is a
megalomaniac. Which is why he refuses to speak of Ahmad, iron
flowing like water from the towers, and the prior plan to
invade Afghanistan for Enron. Facts, facts, facts not
mirrored to Ron Paul the fifty times he's been on to tell US
without hesitation, the Iraq war is a police action, and that
911 was a big money maker for him too by not demanding
accountability!! Libertarians are consistently idiots, with
little of no knowledge of Justice's claim to treat all the
same for Freedom's reign.

Also, don't forget, the zionist demons also knew of Kamel,
regarding the facts that ALL WMDS were recorded destroyed.
Cheney is evil.

Exit strategy: Outlaw lawlessness. Murder, rape, and the
thieving of billions from America as STILL wrong.

Johnny America - Justice Will Prevail


Police Officers of the World

Bushite Nazi Grunts, dressed as al-Qeada, caught MURDERING Police Officers

/ / six British armored vehicles smashed into an Iraqi jail in
Basra to free two undercover SAS elite special forces commandos \ \

All Police Officers, understand, these two bush bitches
murdered police officers, planning to have blamed bin Laden
for more free American tax payer played give aways, but were
caught, arrested, then broke out of jail by fellow bushite
Nazis, to be immediately executed. UNDERSTAND, a bushite will
kill a bushite for our stolen nickels. they war all Good Cops
as OUR God and Humanity for the escape of the Zionist neocons
responsible for the crimes of 911. Example: It is the FBI's
OFFICIAL position that General Ahmad financed 911 through
Atta. Example 2: We have video of liquefied iron flowing
from the towers just prior to their imminent collapse.
Example 3: MSNBC reported that the Bushmob had a top secret
plan to invade Afghanistan, dated two days prior to 911,
premised on blaming bin Laden a terrorist, without a shred of
any evidence to back up allegations TO SECURE INVASION for
pension thievers Enron. Fight back for God, fight back for
Humanity, fight back for YOURSELF. CNN, and CBC WILL LIE to
our Sons and Daughters to have them die further for the escape
of the for real terrorists. Support my call to demand OPEN
DEBATE on Coast to Coast, with arrests of George Norry and Ian
Punnet for High Treason. Or donât and be forced to except
McCainâs strategy of bringing the âSurgeâ? to American streets
as a good thing to battle the bad guys blindly in evil tyranny

/ / Why don't YOU as an American demand George Norry's direct
criminal contempt for Justice in America be challenged? \ \

Again, just because 911 "truthers" whore for Georgie, doesn't
mean every American freedom fighter has to be that ignorant
for your forsaken lives given in laughs to that contemptuous
demon enemy. In fact, Alex Jones stated only days ago, that
he has been a guest on Coast to Coast, at least FIFTY times in
the last five years. More like seven. And in every instance,
General Ahmad, nor Bush Cheney Rumfeld and Condi's, prior
CRIMINAL invasion plan for Enron. Then worse, that we have
video of iron flowing like water from the towers that can't be
explained by his puppet theatre. He leaves us to blame the
NWO [NWO=Christ] without specifics, but for maybe what is
found as extremely suspiciously circumstantial, which for a
legitimate warrant, doesn't muster OUR convictions judicially

Alex Jones blindly loves George Norry for every thing he is,
including going ballistic against soldiers who refuse criminal
orders, along with the easily fifty shows in the last five
years regarding Bigfoot or aliens. (Not the real aliens mind
you, but the bullshit of dumbasses trying to sell away the
never mentioned fact that YOUTUBE has REAL NASA videos of
thousands of ufos - Why do they/we play dumber than needs be??
because to acknowledge the truth, you'd need to seek true
intelligence to attempt explaining it. Like MY thoughts on
crop-circles, And like 911's, 'bin Laden did it' peoples, or
the shadowy groups as all "We" know entirely, [according to
self indulgent Alex] apparently, can only be done without TRUE
open line calls on George and Alex's personal issues of
refusing the facts to allow US to decide for ourselves.

Example: Alex refuses to acknowledge the McCain vs. Ron Paul
Election was rigged, as an extremely easy to prove conspiracy.
CNN, CBC, and just about everyone else couldnât care much less
for a fairly measured democratic election, except for mostly
me, apparently, the King Of Creation as the for Real Creator
of Heaven and Earth. Disagree in my powers of observation?,
or my super Human abilities? Well, letâs hear ourselves on
OUR news then! Is being fearful that weâll make you look as
stupid as you truly are actually worth dying for? I think not.

I, as the Son to God as man of Men, am one hell of a news
maker let US tell you free of censorship.. Wanna see some
magic my friends? Wanna know about life from the prospective
of an actual Godman, such as is myself? Make the effort to
pick up your phone to demand open communications for God and
Country as We will stand united together by Justice for any,
serves the interests of all. You need evidence to surmise
anyone's guilt or innocence. Bushite truly deserve to be
halted before being allowed to further rape, torture, and
murder our innocent brothers and sisters they deliberately
target as the lying enemy of Freedom for any individual.

As God is,

Johnny âthe law manâ America

P.S. I would encourage all police officers to watch the movie
"American Gangster" in your free time, and understand, there is
no honour among thieves. Peace be with you in everything you do.
Oh yeah, and can some lend me a few dollars to help cover my
costs for pity sakes?? I am seriously going hungry here. Later.

[Don't miss Johnny's "King_of_the_Jews.mp3" either]

U.S. Military Covers up Murder: Says Soldier Beat Herself to Death

ENEMIES OF THE AMERICAN WAY. We shall hunt the rapists down,
who wear the American uniform, try them, then execute them
gloriously for all Men's love for women and children can not
be denied, despite corporate TVs view, that such unanswered
action on your behalf is still warranted. Death to the
bushite, death to the enemies of Humanity.


TRAITOR Colonel Richard Iron needs to be arrested for Public Trial

/ / We released 120 of their prisoners and withdrew out of
town, but when we moved out, lawlessness took over. As 90 per
cent of the attacks were against us \ \ bushite kill bushite for
stolen nickels..

Monkey Business



/ / Right, of course it's not the government, that would be
too easy! It's really the zionist reptilian freemason
Trilateral Bilderberg cabal that's giving money to everyone
who thinks you're a fucking wack job. \ \


"Pentagon OKs over $10 billion in arms sales for Iraq"

"Two-thirds of the raw sewage produced in the capital flows
untreated into rivers and waterway"

Again, bushite grunts have made eight year olds run five
miles to 'earn' a bottle of clean water to save the lives
of their dying mothers. Who then after completing the run,
throw away the water, and laugh at the suffering children.
Available at youtube fifty times worse.

Death to the bushite, death to the ungodly enemies of
Humanity. I want these bushite murderers in the Octagon to
face a real man of courage and honor, prepard to fight to
the death to preseve my love for everyone. Johnny America
rules. One punch, bushite dead. Next.



These were some of the rules for speaking of Impeachment
against the lying demon evil enemy of God and Man, George
Walker Bush, given to all honorable speakers of freedom from
tyranny, (on threat of false arrest for not complying to
restriction) -


* calling the President a "liar" or accusing him of "lying"

* accusing him of "raping the truth"

* referring to him as "a little bugger"

We must refuse to except the un-elected President of the
United States of America is above all laws cause Alex Jones
puppets so irrationally without allowing OPEN DEBATE for
ANYONE to decide YOUR what rights actually are.


A Patriot Speaks Out for Freedom from Tyranny


Seconds? Where are the TENS OF MILLIONS donated to Ron Paul
going? For, I sure could use some seriously needed help here
to help cover the expenses of milk and bread.


Americans on Coast to Coast would rather die, than demand
justice for themselves as murder victims, such as we died on
911. George Norry will stay happy, as he does today over the
deaths of American teen soldiers dead for traitor demon LIARS.
George Norry. A monster America airs no concern over
continuing in our names. George Norry, (similarly like Alex
Jones) refuses to allow open discussions on the illegalities
of Bush, Israel, Iraq, of Afghanistan, and so on because, he's
truly puppeting under mind control for the principle actors
escape as directly criminally complicit in mass murder. Why?
Because is some ways, he is truly an idiot to Justice AS
Freedom IS.

How Come Everything has to be The Way that it is?

/ / I donât know which part of âwe the peopleâ? you donât get
but until you do, you are a never ending train wreck; a
repeating disaster of your willful desire not to know what
really happened and a continuing support module of the thing
that is destroying your own way of life. \ \

Example: Never mind US the knowledge of the DOCUMENTED plan
to criminally invade Afghanistan, using NO EVIDENCE to trump
up false allegations, dated two days PRIOR to the date of
infamy, 911. Reported by MSNBC, and now, re-written just
recently into a re-formed falsification, but still present!!
Seek and you shall find Happy George Norry not concerned for
our further victimization under the leadership skills of Our
Mr. Bush Jr. OR ALEX JONES! - specifically see..?, instead
they send US off to get lost on the countless serious
improprieties of shadowy characters in never ending supply on
everything else bedsides hiding beyond our warrants of arrest
for public trial. A Puppet of the Old World Order
illustrating the escape of the 'Global' masterminds blindly.
[RON PAUL does this politically on almost every issue, so I
suspect it might not even be conscious, or, he really is a bad
as he says he is.- examples: the LAWLESS 'Iraq War is a
police action by the UN' and, 'Socialized everything' is
always bad!, 'spoken on by true incompetents', so, let's
abolish ourselves while insuring the bad guys escape
un-accosted with our stolen scotch freely.' Alex Jones is a
good guy, yes.. However, VERY Importantly, he, in fear, has
not supported asking his listeners to phone in defense of
arresting the escaping treasonous culprits, because demon
enemy Norry is a good guy too, almost as great as him George
claims. So, instead, WE suffer his ego, which ends him
standing above your growing number of corpses championing, âI
told you so, I told you so!'.


At 195 minutes into this Alex Jones podcast, a regular
listener, and often caller, Peggy, points out that Alex
unknowingly could be playing into the market of disinfo, by
not supporting covering the fixed election of Ron Paul Vs.
McCain, then... he loses it, by calling her names, and
hanging up on her refusing still to this day dealing with the
millions donated to Ron Paul by those interested in Justice to
preserve Freedom for all. No, instead Obamma will consume his
chants against the NWO by replaying Obamma's comments on
respecting the rights of US, The People. And Jeeze, don't get
him started on Gary Hart! Alex Jones is a foolish
absolutionist. It's all one way, his way, and any other
conclusions, on what this means, is fearfully as shadowed
impossible, right? Alex Jones is a honorable fool, he's just
not qualified in KNOWING the principles of the American Bill
of Rights in the context of Real World scenarios. We must
demand open debate on the DIRECT criminality of Bush, Cheney,
Condi, and Rumsfeld the ENEMIES of Freedom. Like Peter
Powers, Bremer, Allawi, Negroponte, Sattler, Blount, Mattis,
and, the Haditha child killers who participated in the
indiscriminate murder of more than two hundred and fifty
thousand in Fallujah, starting the godless Satanic carnage
with NINE, two thousand pound bombs. Along with the Companies
of Aegis, and CACI. We must refuse to except the un-elected
President of the United States of America is above all laws
cause Alex Jones puppets so irrationally without allowing OPEN
DEBATE for ANYONE to decide YOUR what rights actually are.
Like he didn't regarding Ron Paul refusing to acknowledge his
nomination was blatantly rigged as Peggy claimed before being
cut off as Schizophrenically delusional, a megalomaniac.
[like think- what does puppet mean anyway?? Was Dalmer a
puppet?, how about Manson?, or the bushite torturers who state
they was just obeying Rumsfeld's orders to gleefully torture
completely innocent people to death because 'it's' fun?] The
Bush whores refuse this matter to be debated openly because,
THEY lose. Justice for any, is justice for all, We lose to no
one because I believe YOU have just as much a right to life
and liberty as anyone else does amongst the lawless bushite
enemy savages of the Humanely great as wisdom prevails.
Foolish Alex Jones is truly great often, he just lacks an
ability to set priorities due to his weakness in discerning
our meanings. Example: "socialized medicine = bad" is a
blind cop out of fear that his ideas can't be defended in open
public debate, because he would foolishly lose as
accountability measurements would dictate.] His discernment
however is likely greater than 99 percent of everyone in the
American world on magic TV or the radio. It's weird I know...
I'd like to see Alex Jones head up CNN, or something similar,
but where there is actually room to measure our disagreements,
like where Justice is advocated as understood in practice.
Along with mathematics, mathematics, mathematics. Currently,
Alex Jones doesn't grab his camera to ask the S.S., why don't
they support defending America from an un-elected tyrant who
closed 911 investigations, considering the mass murder was
funded by the bushmobster, General Ahmad, according to the FBI
No, instead, he stated on July 25th, 2008, that if Homeland
Security starts harassing himself again asking how can 911 be
an inside job, he'll sue them personally. TRULY Not freedom.
[even a rotten cop can be made a law abider] Like, who's Alex
to say every Cop can't form his or her own mind on the for
sure facts that make life worth living? Just look at me...

Video showing outright vote rigging with election numbers from Boston Globe

Yeah, but.. does "patriot" "hero" Ron Paul really care for
America to say nothing on fair elections?., maybe this is

Congress Unable to Scrutinize Spending

/ / depriving Congress the ability to scrutinize how the
Pentagon spends money \ \

High treason

More foolishness From Alex on July 22nd, 2008

Alex Jones "Pictures of Ronald Reagan. You can debate whether
Ronald Reagan was good or bad, but the point is, everything He
said he stood for, is being put to the sword by George Bush.
puppet. I refuse to live in this false reality with you. The
country is dying. Weâve been de-industrialized. Weâve been
strip-mined politically, economically, and spiritually."


He then went on to tell US EVERYONE that criticizes him serves
evil as unjust and delusional, incredibly dumb as extremely
unhelpful. I believe hiding from the crimes of Israelis
against innocent Christians/Muslims/Jews for free welfare cash
from thieving zionist neocons doesnât help our cause together
much either when speaking of the New World Order absent
yourself as heard from to counter. Like Alex says, America is
dying. Don't let the bushmob escape further all because you
refuse to speak out for real godly virtues; Justice on 911 to
start US off at. Then justice for Afghanistan, Justice for
Iraqis, Justice for US, the People. Not forsaken. Johnny has
arrived to challenge every American to public debate without a
foolâs censorship on these critical life and death polling
issues. It seems I out number his 50,000! Let's join

Demand open debate WITH THE FACTS on Coast to Coast to defeat
the enemy who loses to true, as just, causes for Liberty.

Johnny the law man America


Bush Doesn't Have the Right

/ / The federal Appeals Court in Richmond, Virginia,
ruled 5-4 on July 15 that Bush had the right, while
prosecuting the "war on terror," to hold Qatari citizen
(and Peoria, Illinois, resident) Ali al-Marri indefinitely
as an "enemy combatant." \ \

No, he doesn't have 'the right'. Justice is reason. To hold
someone without evidence to surmise our authority, is to
imprison ourselves in tyranny. George Walker Bush, the
un-elected dictator is the enemy. Why? Because he closed 911
investigations right after WE learned that General Ahmad
financed the terror op to kill Americans for cash profit.
The Whitehouse doctored the NIE on Iraq to con Congress to kill
Americans for cash profit. The bushmob is currently pushing
heroin into American streets for life term prison sentences
according to the DEA, who are ORDERED NOT to touch the
bushite crops defending by the mindless grunts of lawless evil.
Evil in the terms of refusing to speak out for innocent
Christians persecuted for their beliefs in the Koran.

/ / Bushâs â?pre-emptiveâ? pardons provides us with a list of
names for the guillotine. \ \

/ / a number of masked [UNGODLY zionist nazi criminal] Israeli
settlers, carrying clubs, savagely attacked elderly
Palestinian peasants and shepherds near the town of Yatta in
the southern West Bank causing them grievous injuries. \ \

Last Call To Action

A Patriot Speaks Out for Freedom from Tyranny


Front group associated with Cheney calls for Bush to be dictator... for life...

And remember, these bushite nazi grunts will, as per usual,
speak nothing for the defense of the great Human race. Happy
George Norry is their Hero for going ballistic against any
soldier who refuses criminals orders. Oh, and by the way, did
you hear? The bushite grunters, who after murdering more than
two hundred and fifty thousand innocent souls in Falujah with
Nazi Commander Sattler, have now decided to seek out even more
innocent victims in praise to the demon anti-christ enemy of
all human will. Die bushite Die.

Radioactive Waste From Iraq Wars Dumped in U.S.


Pakistani ISI General Ahmed met with Centcom Commander General
Tommy Franks just before 911... top secretly...

Reminder: Ahmed funded the murder of 3000+ in New York City
on 911. September 11th, 2001.


God Damn the Corporate News American

I DEMAND a public debate with Americans on the FACT that
George Walker Bush is a war criminal. Example to Humanity:
the Iraq conflict has no cause. Period. Despite demon Bush
repeatedly LYING that Saddam wouldnât let the inspectors in.

The Whitehouse Doctored the NIE as a act of high treason to
CON Congress as America tricking American sons and daughters
for death in war crimes against God and Man.

Saddam wasn't found in violation of 1441. VERDICT: No reason
to murder more than a Million Innocent People indiscriminately
to thieve from for the zionist neocons liars responsible for
911. Soldiers who war GOD for Mr. Bush are enemies of
American Liberty, and deserve to die before the innocent they
target as 'no cause' war criminals.

Demand coast to Coat radio hosts except OUR calls for open Debate.


The Murder Trial of George W. Bush

Bush May Give His OK to Pre-Emptive Israeli Strike on Iran's Nuke Facilities

/ / Remember. what is being talked about here is a power plant.,
not weapons. And Iran has a legal right to build power plants,
by virtue of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, signed by
both Iran and the US (but not by Israel). \ \


/ / Do devaluating Americans really not care about doing
business as victims for criminals? \ \

Yup. George Norry broadcasted across America early on July
10th, 2008 that Iran denies the holocaust, is as near as a
year to nuking everyone, a terrorist state, and Israel is
"Jewish" as a LIE over and over and over again. Took two or
three pre-arranged callers, then as per usual, laughed, joked,
and was as happy as shit that americans continue to refuse to
demand open communication with the facts. Americans on Coast
to Coast would rather die, than demand justice for themselves
as murder victims, such as we died on 911. George Norry will
stay happy as shit, as he does today over the deaths of
American teen soldiers dead for traitor demon LIARS. George
Norry. A monster America airs no concern over continuing in
our names. The day George Norry the liar dies, (a demon who
claims to go ballistic against ANY soldier who refuses criminal
orders to commit war crimes for neoconners,) will be marked an
official holiday for all Humanity ourselves in my book.


WE DEMAND all real American soldiers to WAR for open dialog on
911, Afghanistan, and the thefts of innocence in Iraq. George
Norry is an enemy of Freedom in America by refusing the facts
of America to allow US to decide for ourselves. CNN, CBC, and
FOXNEWS are of persons who lie, cheat and steal our rights to
be represented fairly. Example: we have video of iron
flowing like water from the 911 towers moments before their
imminent collapse. Teen Soldiers are DYING for the escape of
the neocon terrorists responsible for 911. Such as General
Ahmad who financed 911 according to the honorable in the FBI.

CNN: âTop secretâ weapons to be used at political conventions

These be evil people warring democracy for godless zionism.


Here Google tells US that the word "Jew" is offensively
represented with facts they argue not a word against. Then, I
swear, suggest a hard core godless zionist whore house to
visit.!! More naked than the BBC's hit piece against truth
seeking Justice lovers for Americans murdered on 911 as worth
laughing at. Mocking US as foolish for speaking with such
truthiness as Christ would... BBC... hmm.. It is nuts in
Britain today.. ALL because Peter Powers did the 7/7 London
bombings, and the Brits, as a People, are too weak as cowardly
to speak up for The English.. Like Alex Jones too would
probably tell US, the for sure guilty party is just a puppet!!
(..blame shadows instead, or âSocialists.â?, and oh yeah,
âimmigrantsâ?, of whom heâll tell US what he thinks of them all
as a for sure racist/bigot. Not just once, or twice, but
repeatedly, like almost everyday.. He needs help with his
faulted ideas, but refuses ourselves the right. Like when he
has to lead with the thoughts of not supporting a recount in a
rigged election, just to defend WELFARE STATE Ron Paul's
donated millions gone elsewhere. Or as Texans who receive as
much a 500,000 dollars a year in WELFARE to NOT grow crops on
land that never ever has be capable. Demand open debate Coast
to Coast beyond what Alex Jones excepts as worthy our time and
space to deliberate.)

Here's the "Google Team", redefining the Word, "Jew", as a
anti-Semitic favorite. Encouraging zionist ENEMIES to use
THE stolen religion for unearned favors too!!]

/ / We apologize for the upsetting nature of the experience
you had using Google and appreciate your taking the time to
inform us about it. \ \

Zionists are NOT Jews in the sense of worthy reverence to G-D
Almighty as something incredible as wise an' Just to EVERYONE.
Zionists hate freedom and promote war crimes for torture and
death against the innocent Human race. They celebrate the
dropping of seven million land mines on Lebanon to murder
Jewish children for decades.

The Next Level - Rise of Power in a New World Order

911 Was An Inside Job Official Music Video



Treasonous Covert Operations of Terror

/ / Late last year, Congress agreed to a request from
President Bush to fund a major escalation of covert
operations against Iran, according to current and
former military, intelligence, and congressional
sources. \ \ This IS terrorist activities warranting
immediate arrests for holding at leastly, Guantanamo
Bay (without the child rape and torture of the
Innocent though. GODNOTE to Christians: Kill a
bushite torturer, and save some lives for ourselves
as the godly and just man. We'll getcha back later
for it better. Torture IS Illegal and Warrants the
Death Sentence in America by Standing Law - and the
dumfuk sadist bushite enemies feign ignorance on
Intelligence ruling Our Universes, like godless
Zionists proclaim by Raping Jews their true title as
God's Chosen.) [Did I tell you yet, we are of
timeless ideas of old that work even still here today
where we are yet not gone from completely too er.. to
er.. Two?. hmm.. To be or not to see, that is a
question for Johnny Star alone...]

/ / Abrams' [THE CONVICTED TRAITOR] last involvement
with attempting to destabilize a foreign government
led to criminal charges. \ \

Synagogue of Satan

Revelation "I know the blasphemy of them which say
they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of

/ / Israel passed a new law forbidding Christian and
Muslim Arab men between the ages of 16 and 35 from
traveling between Gaza and the West Bank, or into
Israel \ \ Synagogue of Satan Our Bibles call these
demon enemies of Life and Love for the Us of Anyone
as Innocence in We is True. (Including Johnny, the
King of the Jews!) Demand Justice for All including
themselves as Our false Accusers. Who says? We do.
Who dies? You WILL as "American" deservedly for
speaking nothing but contemptuous silence for
America, as the Oath every Soldier takes for GOD and
Liberty. Demand real Justice, a justice beyond the
Honorable Alex Jones' struggle against his fragile
ego. (he claims to know not of me.. absolutely
ridiculous..) Mr. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfled with Condi
are traitors. Traitors directly complicit in the 911
mass murders of American citizenry. "Puppet"
trumpets? or Justice by evidence to form anyone's
conclusion as a matter of fact? Chase Shadows of
unknowable conspiracies of conspiracies in shadow
they hide, never revealed - as Masons M-A-S-O-N-S
mimic 'unknowingly' through back before 1883..
B.C.? Or HEY! Bush and Cheney worked diligently to
close outstanding investigations on the 911 questions!
immediately after the crime of mass murder in America
occurred on September 11th, 2001, without yet still,
real arrests. Leaving US defenseless in a godless
world where we never showed as complainant. Take it
from me:

Bankers Do Everything

Look, if the Bilderberg Group did 911, the first
thing they would want you to do, is blame the
Bilderburg Group. How could Alex form a warrant if
he ever tried? Condi, the demon witch, is a member
of the Bilderburg, and yes indeed, she needs to be
arrested without bail immediately for her part in 911
(MSNBC: Invasion plans came from HER very desk
directly!) BUT, that doesnât EQUATE all of
Bilderberg, CFR, and Rockefeller too as the NWO
'puppets' trumpet, (like including the bartender?)
are just as so, complicit. Typical from
circumstantial Jones Towners who claim George Norry
is anything but enemy. A demon who claims on going
ballistic against ANY soldier who refuses criminal
orders given by unelected neoconner. Treasonous
orders as UNAMERICAN. Recorded with America,
broadcasted internationally when Alex bored as per
usual to this day still for Great Georgie continuing
without insult in his willful silence of rape and
torture against US, The People going unrepresented for
further BLATANTLY CRIMINAL plunders. Just wasting
days of demon lies about UFOS, AREA51, hypnosis, and
as most grievous, unchallenged teachings of
outrageous misgivings on Life's True Greatness as
Johnny's Will to be fair as Just with everyone. As
YOU should too I might add..

"Iran's Nuclear Weapons"

Real criminal it is to go unchallenged publicly as
tyrannically TREASONOUS, waging war aggressions with
FALSE ACCUSATIONS. Death by public trial to the
capital false accusers [NO EVIDENCE] for high treason
against OUR worlds, death to the bushite dumfuk
enemies of Life and Man. We Decide.

All American men, Christians, celebrate the rightful
prosecution of bushite traitors, over the saved lives
of our innocent families defended from indiscriminate
warfare. Death to the bushite, death to the enemies
of Liberty for Humanity.


State of Talk Radio in America


Bush signs citizenship bill for foreign [EVIL DOER] soldiers serving in US military,0

Give US your rapists, your thieves, for as bushite, TV
news amerikans will label dum heroes for ungodly Israel.


American soldiers are being terribly mislead by the Bush
administration to undermine freedom for Americans, by
suggesting an effective war strategy is to ignore all the 911
evidence, and go off instead to blindly blame bad Afghans or
badder Iraqis, as an insult to all honorable police services.

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad"

Bush undermines freedom for America by not supporting US
following the crimes scene leads at the real 911 murder scene.
Instead, blinded soldiers are being led to undermine the
apprehension of the actual terrorists, by suggesting the
Taliban's demand to bring forward evidence to form Mr. Bush's
conclusions on who is good or evil, is a freedom stand they
don't have the real courage or strength to uphold. So, they
lie to God as enemies of Man; unholy are, the bushite enemy.

Johnny Jesus, "Can't have freedom without justice, sorry."


State-Sponsored Terror: British and American Black Ops in Iraq

/ / Let's say it again: Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney,
George W. Bush and the other members of the unelected
regime in Washington plan to deliberately foment the
murder of innocent people--your family, your friends,
your lovers, you--in order to further their
geopolitical ambitions."[4] \ \

911 Perpetrators Escaping!!!

/ / As you can see based on the government data that
was released on August 28, 2007, Urban Moving Systems,
whom the FBI suspected was an Israeli espionage front
company tied to the September 11 terrorist attacks,
was awarded federal funding in the amount of $498,750
and non-federal funding in the amount of $166,250 for
a total of $665,000 \ \

TREASON. But bushite are enemies of Liberty for
America and beyond, so, what can Humanity expect from
the godless enemy thieves on defending themselves?
They refuse to support Justice, and as a consequence,
they're going under over tyranny by blatant stupidity.
Not geniuses as Alex Jones would sell you, no. It's
that George Norry refuses EVERY American the Right to
DEMAND evidence to form a conclusion. Are you as an
"American" going to leastly, pick up your phone?
Unlikely... Be a man, not a bush whore slave dying in
ignorance on your true potential to create something
better. Do it now.

- but for exclusive sale!!!] [[name YOUR price!!]]

"How can you instil Democracy, when your political
position is that of indiscriminate warfare?"

Deal me in.

"Admiral Mullen - US Will Stand by Israel for Next 1,000 Years"

As a continuing zionist nazi state against all Jews
everywhere? As not yet executed for high treason as a
bonafide war criminal? Who voted in America for mass
murdering nazi enemy Admiral Mullen anyway I ask YOU
as anyone?

Now or Never - One Peoples Rise to Power

J. Wizard "The fact that Bush gave you zero evidence can not be denied"


Proud bushite enemies of God and Man state:

"Heaven Won't Take Marines and Hell Is Afraid They'll Take Over."

See? A bushite is an enemy of the Family, who rapes
and murders for the demon anti-christ thieves.
Dishonorable to the core of what it means to be a free
man, they die in cowardice, too afraid to defend
what's right as true. A liar, a thief, a murderer,
that is what a bush whore nazi grunt who states life
must die for as lawlessness. They war Humanity as
bush whore slaves for the escape of the neocon liars
of 911. (General Ahmad funded Atta) They support
torture by silence, they support raping women by
silence, they support robbing The Peoples by silence,
and they support killing themselves for FOXNEWS to
continue LYING to America about what it costs to be a
bush bitch who chants routinely, "whore yeah, whore
yeah" Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of
freedom in Johnny's America to talk openly with the
FACTS absent Coast to Coast hosts Demonic censorship
of American voices as True Liberty we shall proclaim.
I wrote that because I am King.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers


Find a Soldier

You can not find a single soldier on Earth to publicly
support George W. Bush without immediately being
recognized a traitor, a liar, an enemy of freedom for

Demand American National Radio Except Our Calls for Open Debate

In response to Google doing evil for the neocon enemy:

See these demons? They LIE to kill our families
because they are enemy savages, into raping and
murdering to steal our purpose, because truly, they
have little of no talent, or manhood. To compensate,
they "hide" their intent by alleging writers of
uruknet are extremists, with all those facts and
figures they mention no disagreement over. I would
suggest all peoples of Earth, phone talk radio
stations in bushite america and demand OPEN PUBLIC
debate on these life/death issues that NEED immediate
remedy. Or don't and die we presume.

Look, my friends, these be enemies. we have been
deleted from Google groups by devote godless zionist
enemy mutes, almost on a daily basis, for, NO ONE can
dispute my documented scientific findings on WHO war
crimes Humanity. According to the FBI: General Ahmad
funded 911 to murder Americans for neocon profits.
The General has NOT been arrested. WHY? Because he
was working with the bush administration on their
invasion of Afghanistan strategy two days BEFORE 911

Lying Our Nations to War

Kucinich "This isn't golf. We don't get a 'do over'.
We can't let this President wage war and kill more
people in violation of international law, and
violation of the Geneva convention. His conduct is in
violation of the Nuremberg principles. We need to
hold him to account, and if we do that, there won't be
an attack on Iran."

I wish Iran would hire us on as foreign diplomat.


Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

911 was an Inside Job; say it till they hear It!

Gang Members Get Trained in the Army

Bush Vetos Anti-Torture Bill, Says Torture One Of âThe Most Important Tools In The War On Terrorâ?


Treason warranting Death

Page eight of the NIE clearly stated Saddam was no
threat, so, the Bush administration SECRETLY removed
the offending Words on intelligence in America as
bonafide war criminals. CONNING Congress to trick The
People to die as EVIL DOERS. Treason warranting death
by trial of Public Jury. All Rise.

The Enemy Anti-christ

Comments recorded of the demon enemy antichrist, while
bushite nazi thieves, rape torture and murder
indiscriminately to war "terror" as "Heroes" for the
escape of the neocon Zionist enemies of Humanity who
truly carried out 911 by blatant false accusation(s) -
in a nation of lifeless illiterate cowards too busy to
even raise their princely phones. (let's change

Bush "Laura and I are having the time of our lives. It's
going to be a perfect day. I'm in a great mood."

Demand coast to Coat radio hosts except OUR calls for open


Calling for the Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder!

It turns out the demon enemy DOCTORED the NIE to trick
Congress into a NEEDLESS conflict where American Teens
die daily for years as godless thieves! (Maybe a
hundred!!) Who cares? Do zionist nazis care to have
Americans pick up their phones to phone George Norry
to demand public coverage with open debate on the fact
that Iraqis were never found in violation of UN
resolution 1441? Remember: George Norry is into
going ballistic against soldiers who refuse criminal
orders. Orders such as raping or torturing The People
he stays America silent on as... An enemy, or friend
to the cause of Liberty? You decide.


Stewart Howe of We Are Change L.A. Takes Neocon Frum to Court

/ / Replied Howe, âI will not go away. I will not
turn off the camera. We are in public. Are you
worried, perhaps, about the criminal liability of
being a partner to mass murder after the fact? You
know that is a real concern because the truth is
coming out.â? \ \

Hitler Youth in the West Bank

/ / B'Tselem released video clips showing masked
Jewish settlers ganging up on and severely beating
ELDERLY Palestinian peasants \ \

Video: What you donât see on CNN: IOF Shoot Live Ammunition on Peaceful Protest


General Thomas Hartmann "they will see every piece of
evidence that goes to the finder of fact, whether
classified or not, I want to make that very clear."

Who's 'They' Kemosabe?

General Thomas Hartmann WILL be formally charged for
this demon charade of obscuration. It is firmly
established by EVERY finder of fact, that there is not
a single piece of evidence connecting suspect 'KSM' to
financing 911, to planting the thermate explosives
into building seven, nor negotiating directly with the
Bush administration to MURDER AMERICANS for the
ungodly neoconners to push heroin in America for life
term slave labor prison sentences.

General Thomas Hartmann is attempting to escape the
true culprits, by giving US nothing to form our
conclusion by fact, but for to say, we'd believe it,
if we only knew what the truth was as 'unknown'. But
he's not telling himself to know you so, as respected
first party in a REAL democracy. A treasonous
ignoramus as true enemy of Liberty, an evil fascist
nazi puke, whoring America's soul for the escape of
Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Condi and Myers for the
criminal deeds of 911. I DEMAND a public debate with
America on Justice preserved, speaking coast to coast
to seek remedy.

General Thomas Hartmann "The charges allege that
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was the mastermind of the 9/11
attacks by proposing the operational concept to Osama
bin Laden as early as 1996, obtaining approval and
funding from Osama bin Laden for the attacks, "

If the money came by Laden through General Ahmad then
Atta, then therefore, George Walker Bush and his
neocon partners in ungodly war crimes are true
al-qaida in phony disguises!

Second lieutenants!

Nor, interestingly for some back ground, is KSM in
anyway, connected to doctoring the NIE to trick
Congress into war crimes by sacrificing Americans kids
for the FALSIFING belligerent accuser General Thomas
Hartmann . [no relation]. Every Americans soldier's
Duty will be to ensuring a public challenge of debate
regarding TRAITOR General Thomas Hartmann and Co., the
capital false accusers, for this, the ultimate
betrayal to God, and true American values.

"Taliban fighters are guilty of nothing but standing
in defense of the innocent victims of 911."

Canada's Mission in Afghanistan - March, 2008

John Manley - Former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister
- Chair, Independent Panel on Canada's Future Role in Afghanistan

"The Taliban may have been a lot of things, but they weren't corrupt"

- speaking on bushite nazi forces abusing women and
children, oppression Christians, stealing humanitarian
aid, pushing heroin, and denying our children an
education on who is TRULY good or evil. All the
while, bombing our families indiscriminately as the
demon anti-christ forces responsible for the crimes of
911 in New York City. Bushite of the nazi air forces
are enemies of Freedom for Americans. See the
bushite, bill the bushite for We, the People, is the
truth, the light, the way. A bushite nazi soldier who
refuses to phone Coast to Coast talk radio to demand
Americans support the public arrest of General Ahmad
who financed the terror attacks of 911, is an enemy
worth billing to defend our dying freedoms held in
contempt by censorship. You can not find a single
soldier on Earth to publicly support George W. Bush
without immediately being recognized a traitor, a
liar, an enemy of freedom for Democracy.


/ / So there you have it.

Al Qaeda's contact person is Aaron Wilson (or whatever his real name is.)

Al Qaeda's address is 17216 Saticoy St., Van Nuys, Los Angeles, Ca. 91406

Al Qaeda's phone number is (314) 221-1554

Al Qaeda's email address is nawsuat ARROBA

Anyone want to write, or phone, or email Al Qaeda and
give 'em what for? Maybe yell at them for daring to
operate in the good 'ole U.S.A.? \ \


/ / US negotiators are using the existence of $20bn in
outstanding court judgments against Iraq in the US \ \

What?! When? Who? Bushite bullshit to hide bremer's
THEFT of 19 billion with Greenspan. Death to the
bushite, death to the enemies of America. And
besides, a bushite steals your money, and then demands
if you want a tiny portion back, you'll let it, the
bushite, rape your wife, or torture your child as
lawless demon enemies of Christ. Death to the
bushite, death to the enemies of God Johnny proclaims.


A Soldier Wars for God and Country



Loose Change 3 Final Cut

George Norry, enemy of God and America, asked Americans to
pray for soldiers who war Humanity for the escape of
the neocon traitors who committed 911 like Genral Ahmad.
BUT by George Norry forbidding Americans of knowing thus,
leaves our efforts unrepresented to defend Justice as
freedom wills. He told the NWO puppet Alex Jones to never
mention General Ahmad, and Alex hasn't near EVER. (Burmas
on the other hand rocks) George Norry told Alex Jones he'd
go ballistic against any soldier who refused a criminal
order, and Alex Jones, the puppet, only heaps more blind
ignorant praise for the demon continuing unabated. Alex
Jones won't tell you the trillioniare bankers aren't
covering the loans, not because it isn't true, he just
doesn't want US to REALLY succeed, for, his "socialist"
dogma can't stand in a free to speak forum where The
People learn to count: Americans pay twice as much per
capita, and get near half the health care coverage Canadians
receive. While Halliburton is a middle man front group,
that stands no reason for being there but to rob the tax
payer their cause completely. Alex Jones wants a world
of People who don't have the concern for life we
triumphantly proclaim, real freedom as justice measured
for all to speak. We want to speak for public challenge
on Coast to Coast.

What do we got to do to get CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS to play this
today as an intro for Johnny being present as company
accepted? Or, are we all suppose to accept to be the outcasts
instead, shunned with the, we don't care attitudes, so
prevalent in the corporate for greed establishments of
plundering our resources for stolen profits through mass
murder? Ahamd funded Atta.

Soldiers who war GOD for Mr. Bush are enemies of American
Liberty, and deserve to die before the innocent they target as
soulless war criminals SACRIFICING as COWARDS for thE GODLESS
neocon traitors responsible for 911.

CNN, and CBC are enemies of Civilization, to forbid US in
knowing, the neocon traitors did the crimes of 911 with
General Ahmad to con our kids to die for tyranny as.


Demon enemy of AMERICAN GIs KEN, complained that I was an
anti-Semite, SO, MTS, has now banned all 1.1 million of
Manitoba residents from using Google groups at any community
access center. Humanity will sue MTS for aiding in the crimes
of 911 as high treason. My posts are CLEARLY factual, and to
punish all of Manitoba is sick twisted Nazi Zionism of hate
for GOD as ENEMY Ken brags. ENEMY ENEMY ENEMY. Help US to
speak freely , or don't. Goodbye for now Google 'Groups'


Canada to deport first US deserter of Iraq war

These are war crimes, for, the Iraq war is officially declared
a war crime by the UN, and by US, the Human body of facts that
trump zionist nazi propaganda. But SEE? CBC refuses to report
the facts to allow US to decide for ourselves.

Congratulations, America ... They're Torturing Children in Your Name


/ / Google keeps lying but, as bad as this surely is, itâs not
even the worst part in this Orwellian e-mail. The Google Team
now would like to engage Uruknet as its informer????????????? \ \

Bushite NAZI totalitarianism. Anything to escape the demon enemy
zionists responsible for the treasonous crimes of 911.


"Lord, if only I could have talked to Hitler"

He DIDN'T SPEAK to Hitler! - He DIDN'T SPEAK to Hitler!

/ / "We have heard this foolish delusion before," Bush said in
remarks to the Israeli Knesset. "As Nazi tanks crossed into
Poland in 1939, an American Senator declared: 'Lord, if only I
could have talked to Hitler, all of this might have been
avoided.' We have an obligation to call this what it is â the
false comfort of appeasement, which has been repeatedly
discredited by history." \ \ What? that the bad guys win?
Not in my comic collections I'll tell you.

The Bushes and Hitler's Appeasement


Ask all soldiers to witness these three demons, and ask yourself,
what are high treason charges for, but these lowly lying traitors?


Bush gave up golf for the wars against God and life, and as it
turns out, he lied about that too. Who cares you as a nazi
amerikan could die for this is silence. Speak up for Justice
in America on the Coast to Coast radio program, or die unworthy
the cause of Man.


Canadaâs Ignorant Prime Minister

/ / Harperâs equation of opposition to Israelâs policies its actions
with anti-Semitism and "hatred of Jews" would be as outrageous as
claiming that opposition to the Third Reich and its crimes and
genocidal designs emanated from intrinsic hostility to the German
people and the 'Aryanâ race. \ \

KEN - Enemy of God and Man "Fuck your god, fuck yo mama and double fuck yourself"

How is it that Google lets this zionist demon enemy of truth to post
without restriction - but silences my voice because no one can dispute
my FACTS, but to look the fool, or extremely evil like Ken, the enemy
of both me and you in San Francisco.



[godless bushite enemy] Marines ignore Afghan opium so as not to upset locals

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad"

How dare CNN and CBC suggest the enemy bushite nazi
forces aren't OPENLY pushing heroin out of
Afghanistan into America to serve life term prison
sentences to the neoconned masses for slave labor
wages. How dare CBC and CNN suggest that nazi
America didn't give AIDS to black AND white gay folk
for the nazi enemy pleasures of doing so for anti-GOD
Zionism. How dare CNN and CBC suggest children of
HIV parents aren't TODAY, kidnapped in New York City,
then poisoned to death for corporate bounties of
greed through mass murder. Save American children
from murder?, or no because John would then be
allotted a space to speak freely for open public
challenge through lively debate internationally.
Demand Coast to Coast except our calls for clarity,
or don't.


/ / President Bush told millions of Americans the
exact opposite of what the CIA was telling him -a
monumental lie to the nation and the world. \ \

Doctored the NIE to trick Americans by LYING CONGRESS
into a needless conflict.. High treason



/ / EXCLUSIVE: Fmr. Military Intelligence Officer
Reveals US Listed Palestine Hotel in Baghdad as
Target Prior to Killing of Two Journalists in 2003 \ \


US confession: Weapons were not made in Iran after all

Then shouldn't the false accusers be put to death as traitors?


The King has Risen in Comic Book Fictions

Another [bushite demon evil] massacre of civilians by [dope pushing, Christian hating] NATO


Google demon enemies of freedom to be just, refuse to
allow my words heard. I will sue them for every
dollar they hav

This work is in the public domain


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