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Sponsored bikeride passport boycott
31 jul 2008
Passport boycott to protest unfair arrest,
Sponsored passport boom bikeride boycott

Hi guys,
I have now finished the sponsored bike ride. To recap, the intention is to boycott ID cards in the uk alongside NO2ID Campaign. I did this to protest against my unfair arrest by the red leaf corporation, unfair dismissal being too light a word (as the police were caaled) and unfair employment being closer to the truth (if you're going to hire someone without a passport, please do not use that as an excuse to dismiss, sorry arrest them because you do not like the creative initiatives (theatre) that they are engaging in.)

I did this with no money, to further boycott the global corporate capitalist system of agression, hatred and opression. I survived eating leftovers that I found outside restaurants, supermarkets etc. I also did this as an excercise in solidarity, so that I could bring myself closer to understanding the daily pain, suffering and hardship of the majority of the world's population (the global 'south' living on less than $2 a day). I am tired and hungry, yet exhilerated.

Something magical happened on the portuguese border. After recieving a gift of a sandwich from a bar, I was riding along thinking how I could repay this kindness. As I wondered 'what CAN I give'?' I found an interesting looking piece of bark, and a leaf. I kept thinking, wouldn't it be amazing if I were to find a piece of string so that I could tie the leaf to the bark and and make an ornament for the lovely young lady behind the bar. A long shot, yet as I was thinking this I found a wire, and thought ah, my prayers have been answered. I kept wondering how I was going to tie the knot so to speak, and just as I approached the bar, some string appeared before me. I was therefore able to turn the apparently valueless items into something very meaningful, which made the girl a lot happier than any amount of money I believe would have. In this way I came to understand the meaning of Gurudevi's words that:
'We're in transition from a global monopoly to self empowered love currency'-
See: gurudevi, 2012;

who would have thought that the full beauty of the universe could be exchanged for food in a motorway service station?

I am still open to recieving donations which can be made via the link or sent directly to my adress, which I will send to you on request.

Peace, Love and Synchronicity,
Matt (Owl) Reinhart

This work is in the public domain


Re: Sponsored bikeride passport boycott
31 jul 2008
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