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Anarquistes arrestats durant preparació del G8
15 jun 2008
On the morning of June 4th, 2008, comrade Tabi Rounin, a squatter liberation activist, was arrested on the charge of "Illegal Address Registration" (in other words, living somewhere he is not registered to live at). His house was searched and more than 14 items were taken including his computer, his phone, resume and flyers. Clearly searching someone's house simply because their address is still registered at their parents' house goes beyond simple police work.

This is pre-emptive repression with one eye towards the economic summit being held on June 14th and 15th. He is currently being held in Koriyama police station in Nara prefecture and in 5 days will be put in front of the judge. There are hundreds of people every year who have their IDs registered to their family's residence. To be arrested on 'Illegal Address Registration' is unheard of beyond political repression.

Tabi Rounin had stopped his activity within Osaka city, where the high class apartment buildings of the rich stretch on for miles, and had been active around the working class cities and suburbs around Osaka and Kawachi, connecting to squatters with no organized political presence or assistance, connecting to foreigners working for low wages in factories around his area. He is a working class revolutionary from the roots who fought an isolated battle. There are many anarchists overseas who have found sympathy with his selfless style of activity.

We fiercely protest this repression against the movement that we have helped build! Police, release Tabi Rounin immediately!

June 6th, Anarchist Black Cross Osaka
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